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President Trump Declares Opioid Epidemic A National Emergency – WPBF

December 16, 2019

Meanwhile President Trump has declared the opioid crisis a National Emergency. It’s a designation that would offer states and federal agencies more resources and money to fight this growing epidemic in a statement the white house said the president has instructed his administration to use all appropriate authorities to respond to the crisis. President Trump’s Declaration is resonating back here at home the owner of one local treatment center says he is quote encouraged by the Trump’s announcement That’s a first step. It’s not an end-all. It’s not a solution, but it is an absolute first step. From there we need to talk about increasing services. What does that look like? What’s the most efficient way? Lyle Freed is the CEO at The Shores Treatment and rRecovery in Port St. Lucie He’s been in the treatment business for decades ever since he was treated for substance abuse himself. Fried hopes Trump’s declaration leads to more funding and more services.

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