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Pregnancy Symptoms ??| New #Symptom | #Flu Symptoms | Tired Uterus?

December 2, 2019

hey guys welcome back to my channel my
name is Kacy for those who don’t know so I just wanted to come on here and do
a one through 1/3 today DPO and I think today would be 12 or 13 I don’t I don’t
know but just of the symptoms that I was having this month this month this is
cycle 3 and then later I will post a pregnancy video so watch out for that
okay so so my past cycle was 35 days which is not normal but like I said
before in a previous video I’m pretty sure the prenatal pills made my cycle
longer the usual Bob ulation date was November 19th this month I had positive
opk tests on the it says 17th and 18th but I think I think I took it on the
18th and the 19th so of course you know we did we had to do on the 18th and the
19th we didn’t actually do what they do too much this month we did it two days
before ovulation a day before ovulation no we did it
a day before ovulation and the date of ovulation and then like the first
fertile day and that was it so I wasn’t really expecting you know too
much to even go down so one through five dpo absolutely nothing that’s normal but
six dpo actually woke up with a sore throat and
I had that throughout the day and I had enough fever or anything but I
guess I kind of got hyped about that because I know flu symptoms are our
pregnancy symptom or you know your immune system weakens when you’re
pregnant and I had been doing everything in my power not to get sick so
Germanicus wash my hands you know all that good stuff so when I got sick I was
just like wait six nope 7 DPO I actually didn’t feel bad like my throat had
stopped hurting my throat hurt for like a day and a half and I felt bad because
I took some theraflu but I could not deal like I couldn’t ideal so just there
from that night the next day I felt better but I was still sick it was like
congestion you know eight dpo stomach aches and diarrhea so
I’m pretty sure that their flu just gave me the bowl guts because it’s happened
before so that’s what i’ma chalk that up to I had slight cramping but that also
could have been just must it felt like my uterus but it could have just been my
stomach left breast soreness I always have left breast soreness it’s always to
let the left breast I don’t know why never the right one and I was still sick
I was a dpo non dpo pressure and stomach I don’t really remember that but I
already down so it must have happened the stomach was still messed up but I
was still taking theraflu I had back pain and I had noticed that I had I was
actually urinating more specifically that day and for me to be sick because
you know usually when you’re sick you’re dehydrated you don’t urinated that often
but and usually I got to the bathroom like four times a day which is probably
terrible I’m probably just dehydrated all the time anyway but I went to the
bathroom like six or seven times that day cold I was cold like it wasn’t like you
know how you get fever and chills cold it was like no I was cold like just cold
I didn’t feel sick I was congested I was stopped up but I just felt that my body
temperature was lower than what it what it should have been so I had this little
heater blasted in here in the living room slight cramping around 2:00 p.m.
and my uterus felt tired so it’s might sound weird to some of y’all but I have
bad periods so when I say my uterus feels like tired I really mean that like
it just feels like it just went through a lot which it probably did so tired
uterus let me know if you can relate to tired uterus sour taste in the back of
throat that’s more than likely just from me being sick in the mucus training and
everything no diarrhea because I did not take their
flu that day so mmm and what else stretching feeling I don’t know what that was about either being I was pretty much it nothing too
significant nothing life-changing nothing that made
me think like oh my god this is hit still not taking any prenatals yeah still not taking any prenatals I guess somebody tell me this so when
you started trying to conceive did you develop new PMS symptoms so like I don’t
really piss I don’t really try to symptom spot for the most part I can
tell when something is a PMS symptom but I’ve actually had new feelings going on
in my body since I have been trying to conceive like the first month I had
these but twinges right and the only time I had that was in my first
pregnancy that I actually miscarried and so I thought you know oh this is it
first try you know you know everything’s great but it turned out to be nothing
and that period was actually still really bad but it was also different you
know cuz I had those constant but twenties I was I don’t know the second
month what happened the second one I think
my back and my hips were just aching really bad like really bad and oh and I
had um sore nipples for like three days and then that was it and I don’t I’ve
never I haven’t had sore nipples since I was taking birth control and I’ve been
off birth control for years so that was weird but it’s like your body is like
trying to play tricks on you or something it’s so unfair but comment
down below if you have like picked up extra symptoms I try to think of it as
my body’s like preparing you know for a baby this videos gonna be super short
but oh well make sure y’all watch out for the cycle 3 pregnancy video coming
soon ok make sure you like share and subscribe this video and I thank you
guys for watching


  • Reply Ask ThirtyOne January 1, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    I started having new PMS symptoms when I started taking prenatals.

  • Reply Perla Alvarez February 20, 2019 at 4:47 pm

    I definitely relate to tired uterus lol

  • Reply Almighty Ne June 1, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    Which Prenatal Pills where you taking ?

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