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Precision Immunization: NASA Studies Immune Response to Flu Vaccine

October 21, 2019

[ Music ]>>The immune system is really important to
everyday life, fighting bacteria and viruses every minute, every second. And it’s going
to be essential in space to be able to fight bugs and bacteria when people are coming in
and out of the station. So it’s going to be very important to find ways to prevent infectious
disease. And the best way to prevent infectious disease is definitely vaccine. So we elected
to use the flu vaccine. So the way vaccine work is you basically inject a piece of the
virus that’s harmless or bacteria and this is recognized by specialized cells that are
called T cells that then are going to prepare the immune system to react faster. So next
time you encounter this particular virus or bacteria, it will completely block you from
really developing the disease. So there is two aspects of this investigation. One aspect
is just to see, if the immune system is going to react the same way in space versus on the
ground in a preventative way, you know? It’s a number of T cells that’s going to be recruited.
So the second aspect is to look at the qualitative effect of this vaccination. Look at the specific
T cells that are recruited by the body to fight against the flu only. We are using the
latest technology for sequencing these genes in these particular T cells to really identify
each T cells in Mark and Scott and try to see how they react to the flu. The importance
of this research that we are doing with the twins is really to show how the immune response
is different on space versus on Earth, and also to find a way to personalize vaccine.
To study specific immune cells as they react to the vaccine, and one day, we hope to be
able to do a vaccine that will be specific of each individual — Scott, Mark — and will
have less side effect. [ Music ]


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    Why so many dislikes than likes ..? Not able to understand wats wrong with video.

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    Who do they think they'll be exposed to in SPACE?   DUH!

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    NASA Studies Nothing!They waste billions of Dollars fooling the public.They should be prosecuted, charged with fraud and forced to pay back every red cent to the hurting Americans.

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    I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL…86 dislikes and counting

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    71,000 subscribers but only 1,000 views??

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    Needs Another Space Actor = NASA

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