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Postgraduate programmes for research careers – Medicine at Imperial College London

December 17, 2019

I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to be
a scientist: even when I was a young kid the most fascinating thing for me it was
just to be able to run outdoors and explore the world around me; I just
happened to like exploring and learning Here at Imperial College London
I’m studying how we can apply machine learning to understand genomic data.
My greatest dream is to build this world of genomically guided medicine so that
instead of reacting to every disease that comes up we are avoiding it
preemptively so that we can guide our whole world to a better and safer
lifestyle. Imperial has provided me with all of the groundwork that I needed
to make that happen both academically in my classes in the
genomic medicine program, through my research with faculty all across campus
and perhaps most importantly through the enduring connections that I’ve built to
students at Imperial that when I’ll go off across the world and provide this
global network that I can collaborate with through the rest of my life, to
bring about that kind of change not just in London not just in the States but all
around the world. When you’re doing the kind of
research that I do, you need two things: you need enormous computational power
and you need tons of biological sequencing facilities that allow you to
gather the data that underpins all your research. Thankfully here at Imperial we
have both, we have numerous sequencers all throughout campus that allow us to
do our research right here and the computer power right here on campus
allows us to carry out our computations whenever we want to when we need to. One of the most appealing things about coming to a place like Imperial is that
the faculty and the mentors you encounter here are the top of their
fields in particular one of my professors Professor Michael Lovett has
worked in basically every aspect of the biology and biotech industry and so
whenever I have a question whenever I want to know anything about where I
might want to go where I might want to work I can turn to him – that’s a kind of
incredible openness that you don’t often see in world leaders but I’ve definitely
found here at Imperial. Coming to Imperial has done far more for me than
just fulfilling career ambitions, being in London has also enabled me to learn
how to fly and that’s been an absolute dream come true.
Before I came to the UK I was told that London would be the most exciting city
in the world and I can say that without a doubt London is by far the most
exciting city I have lived in I live in a graduate student dorm with people from
a hundred and twenty other countries and that’s one of the things that’s
incredibly enriching about this place is that you have people from every walk of
life and they’re all concentrated in one city and you get the talk with them and
interact with them and that makes London incredibly exciting.

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