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Pneumonia: Three common types

November 6, 2019, Pneumonia pathopedia CV Pathopedia E-book available for purchase in The Dr. Nurse Shop! What is pneumonia? Inflammation and fluid within the ALVEOLI Pneumonia risk factors Decreased LOC Intubation with mechanical ventilation: At risk for ventilator associated pneumonia Ventilator bundle protocols are intended to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia Elderly Smoking Decreases the action of the cilia within your respiratory tract Chronic disease Diabetes, CHF, Chemo, Organ transplant recipients, COPD, anyone who is immunosuppressed for any reason Three main types of pneumonia Lobar pneumonia Most common type and easiest to treat It’s also called pneumococcal pneumonia Caused by a bacteria called Strep pneumoniae Rusty colored sputum is unique to this type of pneumonia WBC and RBC leak out of damaged alveolar capillaries and cause the rusty colored sputum Bronchial breath sounds are unique to this type of pneumonia Consolidation within a lobe acts as a sound magnifier You will hear deep, bronchial breath sounds where sound is magnified Consolidation on CXR Bronchopneumonia Most common cause is aspiration Multiple types of bacteria are aspirated Sputum will be yellow-green Interstitial pneumonia Most at risk are immunocompromised patients HIV, AIDS, Organ transplant recipients Cause is opportunistic fungus Pnuemocystitis Carinii (PCP) Non-productive cough is unique to interstitial pneumonia The fungus actually causes alveolar necrosis CXR will show ground glass appearance SUBSCRIBE Thanks for watching!!

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  • Reply VALENTINEproductions November 27, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    I hope you'll be able to help me here, on thanksgiving day, I spent the entire day cleaning. After a while I felt my chest heavy and my breathing felt off. So I stopped for the night, went to bed like an hour later. I woke up at 2am not able to breathe. Felt like an asthma attack. I had asthma as a kid but this also felt different. I couldn't control it. I freaked out a bit and luckily found an asthma pump left by my cousin. It helped but it all came back hours later. I waited a few days to see if maybe my lungs would clear out but nothing changed. I finally went to the e.r. They started treating me for asthma and then took a chest X-ray and said they didn't see anything and just prescribed me steroids and a new pump. It's 2 days now since I went to e.r. And I feel the same but now my chest feels congested and is going up to my throat. I still am not able to breathe properly. I feel weak and my heart rate goes up after walking for some time. I get small coughs but mainly because I try to breathe in deep and I can't. So I haven't had any flem come up. Could this be walking pneumonia? I don't know what to do. Thanks.

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