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Pneumonia Overview

November 4, 2019

Pneumonia is inflammation of the lung commonly
caused by an infection. When a serious infection occurs, fluid and pus can collect in the lung
causing breathing difficulties and worsening infection. Symptoms of pneumonia include:
High fever Chills
Cough Shortness of breath
Chest pain when breathing or cough While pneumonia can happen to anyone who is
severely ill, certain patients are at a higher risk than others. These include the elderly,
young children, smokers, and patients with a history of airway diseases or weak immune
systems. Many germs including bacteria, viruses, and
fungi can cause pneumonia. The first step in treating pneumonia usually involves resolving
the initial infection which may include antibiotics, antivirals, or other medications used to eliminate
disease causing organisms. Managing and minimizing the severity of pneumonia
involves plenty of rest, proper hydration, and a speedy recovery from the initial illness.
Avoid smoking and always make sure to get an annual flu shot.

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