Pneumonia Almost Took My Life – April 2018

November 12, 2019

hey everybody out there I didn’t want
you guys to think that I disappeared off the map because I’ve made videos for a
couple of days but there’s a reason for that I’m gonna have to take a few days
off from doing the YouTube things do the fact that I’ve had pneumonia since last
week and actually had to have an ice bath to break my fevers it went up to
105 so I’ve been really really sick and let me tell you something nothing hurts
more than that damn ice bath it was probably one of the most painful things
I’ve ever experienced I still can barely even talk my throat box is still
completely blocked up my lungs have started to clear up a little bit I can
finally breathe my temperatures finally broke but I’m not completely out of the
woods yet and you guys can hear it I can barely even still use my vocal box kind
of really worried that I’ll even be able to sing anymore because I said I did
such extensive damage and I’ll tell you I certainly put the puppy on the ground
here cuz he seems not to really be relaxing that much I usually don’t eat
too much spicy food I like it but I usually don’t eat too much because when
I do sometimes my stomach doesn’t really you know work very well with it and it
started out with me just eating some spicy food in the middle of the night
one night I woke up and I started throwing up extremely hot hot throw-up
the bile it was bright orange bright yellow and it literally just pure acid
and when I did that acid excuse me and when I did that I totally burned up my
entire esophagus my throat my mouth I had sores in my mouth that just
completely burned me up from that stuff and from there it just progressively got
worse for two days I thought okay you know I’m gonna have a sore throat and
but it’ll be okay on Thursday I started really getting sick and by Friday my
temperature was a hundred and four I was sweating balls like no tomorrow and was
freezing cold all at the same time so it’s been really hard for me to do any
videos or keep up with the channel like even today my camera came to work but
I’m actually you have to send him off to go do some guitar stuff for me just to
keep the day busy because as much as I really want to bring videos to you guys
right now I honestly have to take a couple
break from doing all these videos and get healthy because let’s just face it
if I don’t get better I’m probably going to die many people that are you know in
an older age bracket myself included I mean I’m not over the hill totally yet
but you know I’m 53 years old almost 54 and my body just really can’t handle
being this sick and continuing to working on a full-time basis at the same
time that I’m the sick now when I was younger if you guys followed me a
motherboard side or guy even made videos in the hospital when I had operations
even when I got the PICC line in me and they killed me I made videos for you
guys all that time even while I was in the hospital and since I’ve talked to
you guys I still get a lot of questions from people ask me why I shake so much
well when I had my left foot amputated and they couldn’t get the IV in my arm
anymore it just wouldn’t take so they did this thing called a PICC line
Pik a PICC line well when they put the PICC line in the very first thing that
they make you do is sign this waiver that says though you know no matter what
we do to you we’re not responsible well when they put the PICC line into me they
pierced my heart with the PICC line completely unprofessional and my left
side of my body from here all the way down hurts all the time I mean it hurts
so bad that it feels like someone stabbed me in the chest so they’ve had
me I’m pretty hefty pain pills for a while just to deal with that and a lot
of times the pain is so bad that I just constantly shake so if you’re wondering
why shake that’s what it is I don’t have Parkinson’s I mean maybe in the future
I’m going to get Parkinson’s I mean who knows I probably will because I am
starting to shake in my other hand as well it’s possible but the reason I
shake so much in my left hand is because of that PICC line it really messed me up
I’ve had serious health issues ever since I’ve turned 40 I don’t really
understand why before 40 years old I had honestly only had the common cold twice
in my life sounds unbelievable right yeah but it’s true I was never sick and
then I got 40 years old and I started getting sick all the time there’s been
nothing but a deteriorating down hill thing for my help maybe you guys would
have seen me back before I did youtube I was really really heavy in fact even my
earlier videos you guys can see in those videos how heavy I
and as I’ve gotten sick or a lot of people like you know hey great diet
well when me and Jonathan Morrison from TLD we were going to the gym a lot back
when John worked for me I lost a lot of weight doing that but in going to the
gym so much that’s how I ended up actually giving my other foot amputated
because I enjoyed running on the treadmill more than anything else
putting on my headphones listening disturbed and rocking out for 45 minutes
on a treadmill was honestly my joy I came off completely sweaty every day I
felt great but then all of a sudden there was a hole in my foot that got
infected and then I got my foot amputated so the whole thing of going to
the gym and getting healthy and all that in the way was a good thing but it also
backfired it’s been really painful because Jonathan had to keep up with his
work workouts and everything and moved on without me and it was honestly very
painful for me because like John is kind of like to me like a son he’s helped me
more than anybody else in this life I’ve learned more from him probably than any
other person I have and like it was kind of really really painful for me to like
all of a sudden like lose my best friend everything because I could even go to
the gym anymore so all these health issues have been very painful to me and
have caused me not to be able to do the things I like to do in life and this
last bout of pneumonia I actually redid my will because I didn’t even know if I
was going to make it I was so sick the room was spinning I couldn’t hold
anything down every inch of my body hurt I’ve never been this sick before ever
I’ve been sick but not to the point where I was like okay well if I die
it’ll kind of just be relief to get away from all this pain and that’s not
suicidal thought it was just like god I’m hurting so dang much my whole body
my head everything I just want to just stop because it was so bad
hopefully once I get past this though I know not to eat any kind of food that
alert made me throw up like that ever again so my diets gonna be more strict
now than it’s ever been before but really the main message I want to impart
you guys is I’m not going anywhere the channel is not going anywhere I just
need to take a few days heal up so I can actually bring you guys a video where I
don’t sound like Kermit the Frog or anything so thanks for being a fan of
checking tomorrow I appreciate you guys we’ll be back here in just a couple of
days with more videos so hey don’t go away cuz we’ll be back really soon thank
you guys all for being here I appreciate your support god bless you all

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