Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Diagnose Your Fish’s Ailment

December 24, 2019

Hi, my name is Chris from Aquatic Central
here in San Francisco and on the web at and today I’d like to talk to you about how
to diagnose your fish’s ailment. There are numerous ailments in aquaculture that afflict
fish, albeit a fungal, parasitic, bacterial. There are usually some common indicators which
can distinguish the numerous ailments. Fungal are usually in the forms of white, cottony
growths on the body, cloudy eyes, rotting or decaying fins. Bacterial ailments will
usually be a loss of coloration, red or red streaking or blotching. Parasitic will usually
be in the form of some kind of animal that’s either growing on or protruding from the fish.
There are also internal parasites in bacterial ailments which are a little bit harder to
diagnose but sometimes may be identified by a lack of appetite, difficulty in breathing,
lethargy, difficulty in swimming. Again, it’ll be very helpful to know what fish you have
and because usually there are specific ailments that will afflict a certain specific fish.
For example, this Flowerhorn is commonly plagued by hexamita, which is an internal parasite.
Now hexamita has two forms being identified. One is head and lateral line erosion and the
other is hole in the head. Now this is a fresh water fish, it’s a Flowerhorn and it is commonly
identified by hole in the head. Head or lateral line erosion is more common among marine angels
in tanks. So it is key to know what kind of fish you have. That will really help you in
determining what ailment your fish may be suffering from. My name is Chris from Aauatic
Central here in San Francisco and on the web at

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