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October 20, 2019

F: Hello to everyone! Today we are going to make a reaction video! But before that, Kunduz want to say something. F: It’s Turkish time now K: Again, we’re going to make a reaction videos of Pentatonix We can’t make reaction cause we don’t make time for that It’s weird, whenever we’re free, Pentatonix publish their cover We thinking about to change our channel name that “Pentatonix Reaction Club” 😀 just kidding We thinking about to change our channel name that “Pentatonix Reaction Club” 😀 just kidding K: Are you going to say something or shall we begin? F: Nope, let’s start! K: What are we watching by the way? The song named Perfect F: We don’t know, who’s song is that They published yesterday, right? K: Yes, about 20 hours ago K: Shall we begin? F: Yeap F: ED SHEERAN! K: Yeah! K: I didn’t understand at first K: Oh my god! I really like the place K: It’s really good! F: We didn’t like to much the other video’s style, could they hear it? 😀 F: I agree with you! It’s really looking good! and also I wondering which version did they do? With Beyonce or solo. K: Probably the solo one Cause solo one it’s the original right? It’s like… The singer sing their song with other singer F: Yes, might be K: Shall I continue? F: Play it K: Ah, that’s great! F: Who is she? K: I think for the first time they using extra (figurant) F: Maybe she’s gonna sing? I don’t know? K:No, I don’t think so! She’s not even member of Pentatonix! K: I’m really surprised F: Yeah me too K: I like the outfit of Scott K: Just Scott singing, why? F: I guess, he sang so far F: Others didn’t sing yet right? K: Didn’t catch, they do back vocal F: didn’t finish yet, maybe they sing K: It’s kinda different this one, I don’t know how can I describe this feeling but in a good way F: Yes, it’s not bad just playing enstrumant, maybe cause of that it feels different K: I don’t think like that, they played before I guess K. Ah, I can’t find that word K: I don’t know but I love this different thing a different taste, I’m gonna find that word in the end F: Hahaha, that’s it! F: Wasn’t the transition (I’m not sure this word) very good? F: I’m waiting something from her K: Probably, she’s gonna dance She’s like a going to dance with this pose and her clothes K: But I’m just wonder This cover is for something or not? Like for someone or some event (If you know, you can write to us) This cover is for something or not? Like for someone or some event (If you know, you can write to us) It’s like they telling a story to us F: Explain, didn’t catch that K: It’s like a special video of something, for a night event, for… I don’t know, you know I mean? K: It’s like a special video of something, for a night event, for… I don’t know, you know I mean? or just cover it K: If someone’s know, write comment – probably our foreign friends going to write ^^ It’s the first time I saw a figurant I can’t remember at older covers K: It’s like a level up! (Gamer boy was here) F: like alteration K: Yes, definitely! K: Lights, old stuff, their clothes! Just awesome! F: All singing now F: They’re American, right? K: Yes, why? Ed Sheeran has British Accent as you know It’s also feel different when you hear it some words That’s why I want to ask K: WHAT I SAID? YOU SEE! I TOLD YOU! SHE’S DANCING! F: I’m waiting for her voice! Yes, I see K: Why she’s sing? F: I want some duet! K: I think something but I’m gonna say it later BUT I’M BLOODY SURE SHE’S GONNA DANCE F: She’s really fit with her costume, right K: I UNDERSTAND WHEN SHE’S SITTING IN THE CHAIR! F: SHUT UPPP! OKAY, YOU KNEW IT! CONGRATULATIONS! K: (I knew it, just me. ME! lol 😀 ) K: The dance really fit this song, really F: I agree! (Actually we are singing right but just tiny montage mistake) F: By the way, I’m really listen this song a million times from Ed Sheeran This song is really really good and they’re really do it good K: For me, If someone listen Ed Sheeran, who must be listen this song Cause Ed Sheeran has a couple hit song ( I mean knowing for everyone) F: I think Ed Sheeran’s all songs are hit K: No, I’m not saying that I was trying to say When you going to outside or shopping centre or wherever you can hear a couple song of Ed Sheeran not hearing all of them (I’m considering just Turkey) K: It’s finish I guess F: Yes F: Yes? K: YEEEEES! It was nice! K: I really like it! I don’t know why am I obsessive about place or scene I’m focus on it first before the people F: I think It’s because, we know the song, we listening before the video and we wondering scene or decor It’s totally normal, actually K: No, It’s different way I’m not saying just for Pentatonix All video clips all performance in everything Scene is really important for me Cause according to my thought for example, it’s not the same thing for me that if you recording a video with empty background the song may not give that song’s emotion but a story, a scene like this video you can feel the emotion (saying same thing) K: Empty background not attractive for me this video has affected me very much That rooms, places they stay One of them sitting in a old chair the other one was standing in front of the column I really like it, don’t know why F: It’s like complete the song K: Yes, like a missing jigsaw piece K: That was amazing with a great performance K: That’s all I’m saying What you think? F: You said everything! You’re totally right actually I agree with you F: But this situation that you talking Sometimes it’s blocked your imagination but sometimes it’s give a great taste It’s just my opinion But video is really important I really didn’t like simple scene F: When they doing simple stuff, I can listen without the watching that video (By the way, we’re not talking about Pentatonix, talking all singer and video clips) For example, there are some video clips. It’s enough to watch one time. You don’t need to watch it again But there are also some clips, you can watch a multiple time Cause sometime, it’s feel like a movie this feeling is really good F: I really like the video! They keep make video, we make reaction. K: We talk to much (Mostly me) We don’t want to bother you. Thank you guys for watching F: Take care!

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    I've been speaking English for 38 years and your English is still better than mine.

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