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PCOS and Acne

September 3, 2019

Hey everyone this is Dr. Gretchen Kubacky
from PCOS Wellness and today I wanted to talk to you about acne.
Acne, zits, pimples, ugh. Women with PCOS tend to have a lot
more acne than usual. Why is this? Well, because of the excess
androgens or testosterone, male hormones in our bodies, we tend to get acne and acne is also
something that is quite typical of course in the teenage years, and sadly
and a little bit surprisingly, it’s also very common when you are going
through menopause because you’re going through a huge hormonal upheaval again. So the best ways to deal with acne of
course are keeping your skin clean, using any medications that are prescribed
or topical treatments that come recommended to you by your dermatologist, and of course keeping your diet
in good shape as much as possible, an anti-inflammatory diet that’s
good for all of your PCOS symptoms. But psychologically, how
do you deal with this? Because it can be really brutal. I’ve seen women who have horrible cystic
acne that is impossible to stay away from popping, scratching,
rubbing. It can bleed, ooze crossed over. It’s embarrassing,
sometimes even humiliating, sometimes keeps you
from leaving the house. And even if your problem is really
just one pimple here and there during a particular little hormonal
spike, it can be uncomfortable. Know that we all get acne at some point. It’s going to be better in some
people worse in other people. That’s also partially just due
to your genetics in general, but it is something where
the psychological effects
of it are lessened if you know for a fact that you’re doing
everything good that you can in terms of, like I said, diet, cleanliness, any
medications, that sort of thing. If you’ve tried all that,
get to a dermatologist, they can definitely help you and try
to practice some stress reduction. Try learning how to use makeup in a
way that disguises some of the worst symptoms for you if that’s something
you’re comfortable doing or want to do. And try focusing on the other
important aspects of your life, your facial outbreaks, your
acne, your zits, they’re not you. I know they’re a part
of you, I know. I know, but they are not all of you and
likely they will pass over time. But if you can just act as if
life is relatively normal anyway, this is just part of life, most
of us at different times get acne, and then let it go as much as possible.
I know this is a really big ask. I wish I had better answers for you. One of the prescriptions you can ask
your dermatologist about is called spironolactone. It tends to reduce hair growth as
well as improving the acne situation. Beyond that, sometimes they treat with
antibiotics. I’m not in love with that. So again, practicing stress
reduction, keeping it clean, and getting on with life. Okay.
Take care. And I’ll see you soon. Tell me what you liked about this video
and tell me what you’d like to see next also. Thank you.

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