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PBS Hawai‘i – HIKI NŌ 02/13/20 | Maui High | A Son’s Love

February 14, 2020

OK, now look up, look up like you’re Miss
Universe. Kahului resident, Maryann Calibuso, thought
she had the perfect family. However, after her unexpected separation from
her husband, her divorce was finalized in November 2018. Never in my dreams that it would happen to
me. Everything blew up into proportion, like,
I fell down. They said, I didn’t even notice that I fell. Calibuso was desperate to find ways to cope
with her depression and the pain in her heart. So, as days went on, I went turn to alcohol. I’m not a heavy drinker, but just to get
my relief, I drink one bottle each night and I knew it wasn’t doing anything good, but
it relaxed me. And I haven’t eaten like, for a month or
something. I don’t eat like how I used to eat. Her poor diet took a toll on her health. Eventually, Calibuso’s drinking led to acute
kidney failure, which required her to have dialysis. Although, after four nauseating treatments,
she found out she could not handle the treatments. So, they made other options, like medications
like that, but I still have to go try dialysis. Calibuso hit rock bottom. I texted my sister and I just told them, please
take care of Kyson…and I was ready to go. And I almost committed suicide because of
the stress that I’m going through. Luckily, Calibuso held on with the support
of her family, especially her son, Kyson. I always try my best to do things for her,
to always be with her, you know, sometimes I always held little concerts for her. We’d always cook together, dinner, breakfast,
lunch, whatever, watch TV together, eat together, and ever since my dad left, I sleep with her
just so she feels comfortable. This bond helped. Now, Calibuso is staying sober, eating better,
and enjoying her new life. Life goes on. Don’t dwell on the past, just look to the
future and that’s what me and Kyson is trying to do. This is Christine Alonzo from Maui High School
for HIKI NŌ.

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