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Paul’s Linx Story

November 25, 2019

The first time I put the Linx on it felt a lot smoother than anything I’d used before. What makes it different — it has the foot which actually talks to the knee. It’s basically they chat with each other and say, “Look, we’re going up a hill. We’re going down a hill.” They just communicate with each other so it’s more intuitive with the way you walk and what you’re actually facing in real time. Instantly you notice the lock system. You put it on and it’s set up and all of a sudden you stop to talk to somebody and you’re nice and relaxed. You don’t have to tense your stomach muscles or pull your leg back or anything just to keep you stable. There are different modes. You got a lock mode, you got a cycling mode. The lock mode locks at different degrees depending on the user, depending on what you want to do with it. In the gym, my main activities — I do lifting and pulling, planks and stuff for the core and everything else, or hanging leg raises or simply just cycling. Depending what I’m doing, I’ll change the mode to suit what I’m doing at the time. The thing about the Linx is that it really gives me a much more natural walking experience. When you’re ready to put your foot down you want to make sure your foot’s in front of you and ready to be planted on the floor, not that when you’re ready to put your foot down it’s not come through yet. The Linx, you stop thinking about your days, because you do not have to worry about slopes, you don’t have to worry about stairs, you don’t have to worry about all these things, because you learn to have a confidence in the Linx, because you approach them on the first occasions and everything goes well. You feel secure. I think once you get that sense of security, if you feel relaxed and secure about its performance, then you won’t really question trying something new.

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