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PASTOR DELIVERANCE | Lucifer says “I gave him mental illness, schizophrenia” | (Must Watch)

December 22, 2019

come out come out how are you good good
Jesus name every hindrance just stay there every hindrance be released
every wicked spirit come out come out Dont worry, it’s evil spirits
leaving you, you’ve been having some bad dreams hey, okay have you have pain in your legs in this leg here okay all right okay okay
and from your heart there’s somebody that you just need to
release okay okay you know them here okay just come forward a bit okay so in
Jesus name you Devils come out come out come out go release him release him
release him thank you lord thank you Jesus, okay so don’t worry okay don’t worry everything is fine okay
his spirit is with us and Jesus loves you okay and then there’s been a bit of
back pain okay alright and you find that that when you wake up at like 2:00 or
3:00 in the morning and like excruciating pain yeah okay so let’s get
rid of that right now in Jesus name and you find that that are you working
you’re working okay so you looking for a job okay all right
okay so come out come out you evil spirits come out I break your power thank you Jesus
so you stay there in Jesus name so you can have a seat thank you Jesus
Father bless her and Jesus a blessing or in Jesus name thank you Jesus amen
no no wait wait wait GO, thank you Lord come out come out just come forward a
bit you evil spirit tormenting his life, who are you in this
body who are you in this body Satan okay and now what have you done to him he
can’t sleep at night mental illness schizophrenia for how long have you been
in this body for a long time and who else have you put the sickness on in his family who else have you touched
in his family his brother died because I put mental illness on him. He committed suicide. I am Satan, no one is bigger than me, oh please Jesus is greater you put mental illness on him and his
brother dad what did you do to him, I caused him to have mental illness, schizophrenia, I made him mentally ill so he didnt know what he was doing He committed suicide, I am Satan. we’re not done yet okay you will come
back up here have a seat there sir your spirit of death how did you as a
spirit of suicide enter him, actually I want him to commit suicide like his brother. I want him to kill himself because God has given him a great destiny I want to disturb the destiny that God
has given him I don’t want him to succeed I want him to fail, please dont
deliver him, I am going to deliver him whether you like it or not for greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world you’re gonna get out of him who else is there spirit of suicide
spirit of death who else is there I just want to kill him, I j just want him to die, who else are you in, in his family? who else have you entered in his family
his his his uncle on his mothers side was mentally ill as well, but now he’s
dead I was disturbing his family with mental illness What is this man’s destiny, what is his calling he is a preacher I am disturbing him because he will preach the gospel, he will travel the world, so you are trying to discourage him I don’t want him to travel I want
many souls to come to hell, I want him I want them to come to hell with me, I dont want people to go to heaven I’m an enemy of God
I hate God but this man loves Jesus I love Jesus I love Jesus. He has just been
defeated you said you’re an enemy of God but you love Jesus, its him he says he
loves Jesus okay so what gives you the right to stay here in his body, Iwant him to die, what gives you the legal right? I dont have the right, I have been tormenting him. but Jesus is greater than me I’m afraid of him he will kill me I’ll go to hell because of
Jesus defeated me on the cross I didn’t know that by God sending him on the
world he was going to defeat me oh oh please forgive me, please oh God, I believe in God as well, because I was Lucifer I was an angel of God but then I fell because I wanted to be God then I
fell from heaven I had pride because of my beauty because
of the way God created me I had pride I thought I could rule the world in
heaven with the angels of God but they fought me and I’m defeated now I’m
defeated but I want people to go to hell with me I want them to go to hell with
me now listen to me this man has got the same destiny as me whatever you’ve put
on him you gonna take off of me as well get out get out no you are going right now, please dont deliver him, no I will deliver him in the name of Jesus and he
will travel around the world and he will be preaching the gospel he will open
orphanages he will do so much for the Lord in the mighty name of Jesus we
living in the midnight hour and your time is up and you know that we are
living in that season when Jesus is coming back so now i want you to release
him whatever else you put on him who else is with you please dont deliver him I’m going to
deliver him please im begging you, ive been tormenting him, I want him to die. He loves God so much, he spend time with God listen to many teachings yes yes grown over the years but now I’m afraid that he will
destroy my kingdom my kingdom I want many people as many people to take with
me to hell and he will do deliverance as well and he will deliver many people and
the mighty name of Jesus Christ I’m gonna help him, I am the devil, I am Lucifer, I don’t care who you are Jesus is greater your time is up you go thank you lord thank you Jesus father we thank you for his deliverance
Jesus name sir yes sir how are you sir how are you how you Sir hello my pastor
how are you you’re a pastor he preached the gospel and your your brother died of
suicide yes okay and and the Lord has called you to travel all around the
world ministering the gospel with signs and wonders flowing
you’ve been delivered from a spirit of suicide that that was tormenting you
Satan was speaking out of you I want to pray an impartation into you right now
okay so I want you to do what the Lord has called you to do and don’t let
anybody stop you okay Lucifer’s defeated amen thank you Father
So father right now in the mighty name of Jesus Lord we thank you Lord as
I do the Impartation the gifts of healing and deliverance ask
that you would use this man mightily to bring many souls into the kingdom in
Jesus name fire fire fire thank you Lord how are you what’s that
you’re doing fine now do you feel lighter, yes I do feel lighter. thank you Jesus that’s awesome
so you get out there and you preach the word and you don’t let any devil in hell stop you from doing what God has called you to do okay all right my
brother god bless you so thank you to Jesus
thank you lord thank you Jesus

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