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PASSION Week 4 – Yoga For Strength

March 4, 2020

welcome to toddler yoga and welcome to week 4 of your passion series and today is called strength now we don’t necessarily mean strength as in building muscles but to find some inner strength and power as well that we often need in life so it’s time to nourish and rebuild some strength so nourishing your body and rebuild a little bit strengthen in your body it’s not an easy fast it’s not for the faint-hearted but hopefully the tools that we learn on the map getting through tough planks getting through top postures we were able to take off the mat and use in our lives ok so when you’re ready I’d like you to come into a nice standing position just you know we have to warm up whatever we are good we do and we must warm up especially under naps really important so I’d like you to come into Tadasana relaxing your body relaxing your shoulders and you’re going to take a look over your shoulder tummy pull in how big floor lifted water Boulder is engaged come back to the center and take a look over your shoulder come back to the center and drop your chin slightly having a little rock from side to side and then bringing your chin up to the ceiling I’ll be looking ahead dropping your chin Chuchu great on Anatomy your ear to your shoulder and then come back up to the center do the same on the other side and take a nice deep breath bring your arms up and bring your hands all the way to your heart and just pause for a moment here and at this point I’d like you to set attention for your class I would like to build some strength in my body well I would like to cultivate some inner strength and stamina whatever that is I’d like you to set that intention and make it absolutely crystal clear the outcome by the end of today’s class I would like to feel stronger cultivate these positive feelings in your body so you’re influencing your body mind and spirit to take a nice deep breath in and this way we can block unblock stagnant energies and again take a nice deep breath in and bring your hands to your heart and come up right up onto your tiptoes and come down and come again up onto your tiptoes squeeze easily come down and this time up on to the tiptoes hold head it’s fine to wobble just makes you stronger in your ankles and you’re going to come down into a squat but not just okay look at us on a chair pose you’re gonna come all the way down all the way down and then all the way back up you don’t do it like you do it like this next one that I’m gonna do come on to tiptoes and you come all the way down and you probably found that you what wall the first one you often do and come all the way back up keep up on tiptoes so you’re going to do this one last time come all the way down good find your focus and come all the way back up there you go and you drop your heels facing the lengthways of your mat and relax your shoulders now I often find with stronger yoga practices like hashtag or today’s or my 5 minute plank session that you jog Rath is good so if you giraffe is part of your yoga practice then you might want to bring that in otherwise just like steady deep breathing so come to your mat and you drop your chin and roll down pull your baby in your arms reaching the ground just easing the hands to the floor and dropping the top of your head down and you’re just stretching all the whole back of your body it doesn’t matter if your hands up right where your knees are they’re flat to the floor it’s not how it notes it’s how it feels and then I’d like you to come down onto all fours and your hips to square on and your hands are underneath your shoulders and you can just use this opportunity to move in a way that feels good for you so you know we’re going to do some hard work you might know that your hips are steer for that your shoulders are stiff and therefore they need a little bit of TLC and that’s what this time is for be creative you know really tune in to what feels nice good swaying your hips from side to side circling your hips round and round and then I’d like you to come down onto your forearms hands flat to the floor okay knees are still remaining under hips if your hands flat I’d like you to drop your chin just beyond your fingers and then drop your nose just beyond your elbows and you’re gonna do the same game so dropping down we’re warming up our shoulders here ready for some cracking planks and down dogs and dolphins don’t turn off drop forward back feel the heat in your belly start to churn a nice bit of agony with a cleansing fire so warm up the shoulders loosen them up ease your hips back and get deeper every time you’re working your triceps your biceps rock forward and rock back hold you so here hold us up all the way back keep your hands there you’ve been coming up to all fours taught myself in because I know my top boys ends up round on deck with your hands in all fours position again you’re gonna curl toes up and lift your bottom and enjoy hanging out in dolphin hands down gripping the mat bottoms high don’t interlace your fingers to have your hands back to the mat bottoms up to the ceiling really point the tailbone to the ceiling and then you’re gonna rock forward into plank hold yourself here tummy in and then back to dolphin you might need to just readjust you can see I’m readjusting my feet it’s gonna say adjust till it gets comfortable but that’s just not likely to happen come forward into pack hold yourself steady and plank listen that little triangle that you’ve made between your hands breathing bottoms back up again taking your lovely dolphin position such a charming little creature and such a desperately difficult pose to do and then rub forward again for our plank and then from here you’re gonna come into down dog so use your deep deep Incredible Hulk strength then push your hands into the floor and come into downward dog settle in take your nicely for him and as you do that bring your weight forward hold it bring your bottom up down with dog and rocking up bring your weight forward into pack and either way my body’s flowing into this everything’s leading from the core pull the belly in rock forward pull and rock back pull the belly in come forward to plank pull the belly in hips up to down dog we’ll do that one more time pull the belly in Rock forward pull and drop back wonderful your shoulders are probably just about had enough now so drop down to your knees ease yourself back and take the little rest in child pose extend your power chocolate walk your hands out reven walk them out head to the floor no pain never take your hands to the side so bring your hand all the way to one side with your furthest hand on top so you get the waist stretch which is lovely after that hard work good do the same on the other side so the furthest hand comes on top hmm secondly stretching the waist and then come back to the center hands rooted curl the toes push the heels away stretch through the soles of the feet always good when you get the chance to stretch through the soles of the feet and then lift your bottom lift your knees slowly hovering above the floor slowly Amaker but you’re keeping your tummy in contact with your thighs and then this gives you a really nice downward dog stretch heels down spine long and walk your feet to your hands all the way to the front of your mat and then pull your belly in and roll up and coming through the whole front of your body nice and strong and stand proud bring your hands to your heart bring your focus back to your own letting that manifest through your body wonderful and then from here you can come into sandal balance so we’re going to come into Eagle first just fold the left leg right round the right now if you find that it doesn’t you can you balance doesn’t work today and that can be for any reason you have your toe to the ground so you have the toe to the ground to age of balance or hook white white black black home is the little tongue twister and have your right arm and then your left arm on top and bring your palms together so you Totti in a knot or forearms which might be more suitable for your shape hold yourself in eagle remember it’s fine to wobble don’t have to look amazing it’s feeling amazing that counts squeeze in squeeze your inner thighs together hold it hold it hold it wonderful then bring your knee up bring your arms hold yourself here find your steadiness slowly step the foot back reaching up and then folding forward you reach forward and hold yourself in extension lovely then bring your hands to your heart back to that nice and lifted knee and then hold yourself in extension a bit like a variable dress on the three need to chest hold back point the toe and then drop drop your foot reach your arms up and open warrior two nice and why you more – let’s challenge those Alexius this is about strength and from this position you take your hands behind your back in the reverse namaste like so lovely holding it nice open chest hands all the way up the spine if you can if reverse namaste this is not comfortable hold your elbows few tubes nice wonderful posture good as well to practice if we’re addressing two with our arms sometimes so you can reroute down and then straighten your front leg and as if you’re going into tricking asana who’s looking up really using the strength in your body then looking down and then unraveling your reverse namaste and reach your arms up and then take the hand all the way behind you reach reach reach it’s far back behind you as you can and see if you can grab hold of the thigh see my other fingers peeking through here and look up when you release that arm take it to your ear and then bend your knee and bring your hand to the floor lovely bring your hands down and you’re in a nice low lunge here so you can have a little rock back and forward or little play with that front leg bringing your hands down maybe bringing your forearms down this is your yoga this is for you to find strength and freedom so you choose where you want to be you can stay in that for as low as feels good maybe have a little rock back and forward again as you come out your hands to the center of front foot and then lifting the knee increasing your rock and then bring the feet to the front of your mat and roll all the way up to stand it so chest lifted feeling strong lovely and then would come and do all of that on the other side so come to you change sides I’m going to come this ways because it’s easier for you to follow me but we start in Eagle nice and strong standing and cross the leg round squeeze the inner thighs then you’ve got your left arm your right arm toggle those arms up and squeeze the inner thighs together find your steadiness brilliant bring your arms up knee up high reach up and then you can stretch and extend back behind you point the toes spread the toes and then bring the knee back up squeeze the knee high to your chest good and then you’re gonna extend all the way back point the toe doesn’t matter a few bubble do do as I do notice as I say point the toe and then bring the knee up squeeze it up and then here is your leap back reach up open spread your arms all the way out know me and then you take your reverse and Emma stay in behind you fingers up the spine towards the nape of the neck open through your chest nice and wide and the knees let’s challenge those legs great pull belly and lift the pelvic floor two then straighten your leg and you’re coming into triangle you can ask now look up lovely slowly pull it down and then uncurl your arms reach up stretch your arms all the way around the bag open your chest take hold of the thigh let the fingers peek through and then soften your front leg released your arm do your ear lovely sink deep sink nice and deep and then bring your hands down drop your knee and here you are your nice low lunge you can rock back and forth and maybe staying here on your hands coming on to your forearms doing what feels good and easing all the way back toes to the ceiling lovely walking forward and then instead of coming in straight into Tadasana we’re going to come into a wide leg position toes turned in slightly and you’re just gonna ease from side to side just nice and gentle ease from side to side let’s stretch out and then you’re gonna bend your knee and ease down and come down low so maybe you can bring your forearms down toes to the ceiling include those legs two active toes good then push all the way up we do the same on the other side of the final nice big stretch toes to the ceiling try bring your forearms down or maybe you’re here and that’s totally cool – forearms down toes to the ceiling lovely all the way nice wide legs and then 1 2 3 snap in and then pull your belly in strongness big breath in Oh bring your hands all the way to your heart I hope you do your Tabitha yoga and nourishing the soul and building strength [Music]

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    Want to feel strong on the inside and generate a power from within? Then STRENGTH – the fourth yoga class in my Passion Series is designed to do just that for you. Just 20 minutes of practice but it will leave you will the long lasting effect of being able to take on anything in your day 🙏🏻🌸💕

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