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PASSION – Week 1 – Yoga For Peace

February 11, 2020

welcome to tapioca and welcome to our passion series over the next four weeks I’ve designed and created four wonderful plans dedicated to you dedicated to all the things that you told me you were really passionate about all the things that motivated you to get onto the yoga mat whether it be something you needed a little bit more of something that you felt like you are lacking or something that you absolutely love out of yoga so today your first class is Yoga for peace so if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga so I’d like you to start just getting comfortably finding your seat now I’m using and use this before and I use it quite a lot for my meditation so beautiful Maya moon meditation cushion and you don’t need one just an ordinary sofa cushion just work when just under your bottom for comfort and I’d like you to find a nice easy pose for you relaxing your shoulders maybe taking a little roll of your shoulders and today’s class all about peace talking about finding a little bit of peace inside you a little nugget of fabulous magic that you find on your mat on your yoga mat and the joy with finding inner peace is that we then can promote that peace to the people that we come into contact with and that’s when we have our impact on the world we spread our little bit of peace one person at a time ultimately changing the world and changing the happiness of everybody so I’d like you to if you feel comfortable to close your eyes or just bring your gaze down and focusing on your breath here find for all complete brats so taking a nice deep breath in through your nose and filling your belly rips and chest so filling the whole body with breath hold for a little pause at the top and then take nice deep slow steady breaths out hold for a pause at the end of the exhale and then again just dives deep breath in belly rips chest pause and then a nice slow steady breath out thinking chest ribs babe so this is your three-part breath and take a few more breaths like this just a few moments so a few minutes spent in conscious breathing invites peace and stillness into your body it starts to slow your mind down take a few nice steady breaths as we invite peace and contentment as Patanjali call santosha inviting contentment and happiness and peace into ourselves so now when you’re ready you’re just going to take a look over your shoulder maybe open your eyes even look at what’s behind you come back to the center deeper look the other way come back to the center and drop your chin to your chest you might want to include your neck in this as well just roll forward and then rolling everything we’ll all the way back up bring your chin to the ceiling stretching your neck coming back to the center and you’re going to roll down again coming down with a bit more roll down again a little bit more and all the way back up from your chin to the ceiling or sky if you’re sitting outside and then bring your chin all the way back rolling down on a little bit more bring your head toward the floor come all the way back up bring your chin [Music] then looking I had soft shoulders just focus on those areas you know you can maybe habitually store your attention so maybe in your jaw your brow and just check that they are loose smooth still like brown skin smoother silk jaws slightly dropped shoulders and neck nice and loose and take your hands behind your back squeeze your shoulders together lift your heart dudes and then you can do the same in front interlace and drop your head wonderful and then sit all the way back up okay so finding a nice comfortable seated position so removing your cushion if you’ve got one and you’re going to take a twist so looking over your shoulder come back to the center gently though there’s plenty of time to get deep into these stretches coming back to the center now looking over your thigh and I’d like you to rest over the thigh so bring your hands down and rest and you can feel a nice stretch in your opposite and your lower back it feels really good a nice deep stretch but stuffing forward and then you’re gonna walk all the way over to the other side all done very gently taking care of yourself looking after yourself remembering that hems are being kind to your body and you’re gonna come all the way back to the other side again rest over that leg and all these moves are soft and gentle then we come back to the center and walk your hands in sitting up nice and tall again but moving into a nice side stretch so reaching your arm over good coming all the way back up nice and smooth take it the other side good come all the way back up we’ll do the same again reach over and this time look at your top elbow I mean just a change your gaze can really make a huge difference to the sensation in your body coming all the way back to the center take your hand behind your head and then drop to the side and elbow points to the ceiling this time and then reach across take your hand behind your head elbow to the ceiling and then reach across you find another inch of space in your ribs my favorite you’re just gonna come forward let your head dangle give you a hair a good old shake and I’d like you to bring your hands to the back of your head and ease it so you’re stretching your lower and your scalp and your neck you’re not pulling you’re just drawing your hair down combing through your hair maybe taking hold of your hair if you’ve got half and giving it a little pull and again pulling your hair together and giving it a little pull and another little stroke because it feels so nice and final drawing your hair away having a good stretch through the back of the scalp and then enjoy my back looking really daft adjust your hair wonderful so from here just relaxing the shoulders and just living movement the meditation cushion to the side and I’m going to sweep myself around so onto my knees and bringing my arms forward and extending out in in half puppy so I’m letting my chest drop head drop knees under hips and find the stretch that feels good for you so dropping an opening through the chest you bring your forearms down to the floor and enjoy that nice easy position that in the heart melts bottom to the ceiling barely resting and take a few steady breaths from here coming all the way back up and coming to you all fours position so finding a good comfortable position for you on all fours making sure you are nicely neutral and you’re going to round your back and with your eyes closed moving smoothly through a cat power flow and you know I practiced this a lot like a flow because it’s really good to maintain a healthy spine so flexion and extension is really important but you know what you’re doing in this so I can’t tell you what to do but you add your own color to it so if it feels good to bring your hip to your shoulder and a little sway then do or maybe you want to thread underneath and stretch up then do you add your color be creative just moving away that feels nice maybe a little circle of your hips you know and release oh yeah release the clicks and the stick and make me do this with your eyes closed so you can really connect in words and find your piece digging deep and discovering who you are and what you enjoy doing maybe a little circle the other way only lifting your water really high and stretch out in downward-facing dog even your head a little shake to release any tension in your neck and hang out here so you can ease yourself into down dog you will know how to do down dog it’s a wonderful full body stretch so ease into it and you’re a little bit of color to it so if you need to paddle or tiptoes drop or maybe add a little side stretch adjusting and back that or another help twice the other side so PIM it ease into it enjoy a full down dog stretch tapping into that deep breath and then just pausing for a second or two and dipping your toe into little bit of stillness and then we’re gonna walk up II just didn’t leave one step at a time to the front of your mats and hang out here as well so the fingertips are dropping like a rag doll the head comes to the floor feel nice and long in the back in fact grab hold of your bottom put it to the ceiling and take a deeper fold and again just like before just pause for a few moments find your peace and then going to come up halfway with a nice straight back and lifting your head and chest and then folding again head toward the floor out breath in come up nice straight back and folding head toward the floor flop in town inhale lift nice straight back and closing tummy to thighs look into your knees and then soft knees pull your tummy in and curl all the way up to today sauna rolling and uncurling your body nice and straight strong shoulders away from your ears pull your tummy in and find some height top of the head reaching for the sky and your heels are rooting down to the earth lovely we’re gonna come into Tadasana so you are in a nice balance of samastitihi which is balanced pose so equal on both sides rooting down through the feet lifting your chest rolling your shoulders and looking ahead of you and then bringing your weight into your one leg and you coming into tree pose a wonderful posture to for finding peace because your mind has to steady its all it’s doing is focusing on one point and that is your balance so it can’t worry about plans work lists so it’s perfect for a peace so find out what’s good for you so in tree if your balance is a little bit wobbly toe to the floor toe to the shin or toe all the way up to the thigh pull your belly in lengthen so you’re not kind of snapping into this hip find Heights draw up and then bring your hands to your heart soften your shoulders and again just drop in for a second or two it’s all it takes to find that lovely little bit of heaven a little bit of peace lovely so I’m going to be doing Tree on the front of my mat standing tall and then bring your knee forward release and you come into virabhadrasana one so your stance is a little narrower than normal warriors and do you bring your arms up and again you know we all know kind of warrior one is one posture that’s always practiced and you can come into the full posture or you can just find some softness in it and just again like I just found out color just move in a way that feels nice for you maybe a little sway of your shoulders just ease into it soft lies a mixture of effort and softness effort and surrender and then opening to worry – you might want to take your legs even wider reach out looking at the front please so the body knows it’s got one focus it doesn’t need to be on high alert and then you’re gonna stretch up in a style reach up and out to worry too inhaling up exhaling warrior two good it’s nice to close your eyes for this just simple moves takes you into that moving meditation and you can do this how you want so soft floaty or inhale exhale you know find your way inhale up exhale down take another inhale up exhale down and then peaceful warrior look to the back foot or reach over and then bring your arms all the way up facing the front again and you’re going to come into humble warrior so interlace your fingers bend your front knee and rest your tummy over your front thigh and again relax your head another nice surrendering pose release down you’re resting your body on your thigh you have a shot and then we’re going to walk all the way to the other side to do the same on the other side so when you’re ready you’re bringing your feet together and rolling all the way up I’m curling your body standing nice and tall in Tadasana and coming into tree so you choose your height of your tree I’m going to go high feeling quite balanced today it’s all this piece work hands to your heart make sure that knees nice and out so you’re working your hip opening the hip and hold just make it comfortable for you can bring your knee forward nice whoops easy step back to warrior one and again you can just find your softness in warrior one move easing maybe they’re moving the arms reach up and then open to you where arson or to stop shoulders will reach out check your back hand so reaching to the back wall from home to reach into the front wall so and then stretch up into your style and maybe close your eyes back to warrior two reach up in breath nice big belly breathing complete breathing so your body knows this is time to relax inhale inhale up and exhale soften Berbatov to take your Peaceful Warrior you’re looking back at your leg we’re reaching back lovely coming all the way up to face the front interlace the fingers behind you good squeeze your shoulders together lift your heart and then stopping forward relaxing down handsome once again nuzzling back shoulder into the knee onto the thigh coming down nice and deep well then bring your hands all the way around into a nice easy forward fold so the sides of your feet are parallel and let your head drop down and then again sweeping down the head check the tension and the neck is free and release everything you might even want to give your hair a little tug because that just feels nice and once again stretching your neck and release it heel toe your feet together heel toe all the way together come up onto tiptoes and come down into a squat give your hair a little bit of attention if you need to and then you’re going to just drop down or come down onto your bottom lovely and come lengthways onto your mats so your feet are parallel your knees are bent and you’re gonna roll down so come down gently nice and easy one vertebra at a time drilling knees in squeeze them in circle out in your ankles now you’re back soften into the mat maybe have a little ripple and cycle your ankles the other way and you feel you know the connection of the back of your body in the match you start to really feel that sinking down and take hold of the knees squeeze it to your body other leg extends along the mat really draw it in squeeze it in and then take the knee out to the side good bring it back in straighten your leg this time draw it to you doesn’t have to come toward you what do you know just so that you can feel a nice stretch sending your breaths to that part of your body that feels a little locked and stiff and then you’re going to send your leg out to the side watching so if you’re rolling over you’re not doing anything other than twisting here which isn’t a nice twist it’s an uncontrolled twist so bring your hand to your hip and then take your leg out it’s a really good hip stretch so do breath do that stretch good bring yourself in and straighten we’ll do the same on the other side so squeeze in Circle out might be a few clicks that’s nice and then take your knee out to the side going to bring yourself back up straighten and remember this time might be different to the other and everything you do is just without document or criticism they’re just noticing and then you take your leg out to the side watching that that hip doesn’t roll with it and enjoy a good stretch and then bring yourself back in knees in again good then drawing your feet to the floor or Allen diem and drop the knees out and subdivide open asana nothing like this for just releasing down finding your peace draw your chin to your chest at your hands just wraps no mudra just soft fingers wherever feels nice and you needs a heavy eat thighs a heavy and just allow the hips to open now you tell me to spread open chest you might want to roll your head from side to side or if you really want to make a mess of your and today as that seems to be the main focus do you imagine you have another crayon who knows and you’re drawing a big circle with your crayon and the wonderful thing about this is a totally supportive neck release it feels really good take it the other way really get some birds and that’s tag and one draw it in take it all the way around again and then looking ahead and then I’d like your legs to reach to the each corner of your mat and your arms to reach each corner of your mat and you’re just full relaxing here just flopping down like you’ve just gone up and just take a moment again just drop in just a few moments of peace follow your breath enjoy the peace – enjoy the silence lovely then rolling onto your side and it’s all soft and lovely and then you’re gonna slowly bring yourself all the way back up to sitting rest your fingers beside you take a roll of your shoulder and just notice the peace in your body peace in your mind peace in your spirit soothe the soul take a nice deep breath in and bring your arms up bring your hands all the way down to your heart [Music]


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    Welcome to PASSION my new 4 part yoga series dedicated totally to the things you are passionate about in your yoga practice. Each class will focus on one topic that you told me you love to experience every time you step on the yoga mat. Here in Week 1 our passion is PEACE – that wonderful inner peace we feel by completely clearing our mind and becoming one with our body and the earth we are standing on – enjoy 🙏🏻🌸💕

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