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Part of Your World – E. Rhusiopathiae HD 720p

October 18, 2019

Look at this host range isn’t it sweet?
Wouldn’t you think my reach is complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the bacteria? The one who gets everything? Look at this trove Treasures untold. How many wonders can
one cavern hold? Lookin’ around here you’d think (sure) I got everything. I get pigs
and chickens aplenty. I get dogs and wild ungulates and more. (You want
ornamental fish? I get crabs) But who cares? No big deal. I want more. I want to be
where the fish handlers are. I want to see want to see ’em butcherin’. Walkin’ around
with those (whad’ya call em’?) Oh – butcher knives. Sitting in crabs you
don’t get too far. Mammals are acquired for movement’, transport’, strollin’ along
down a (What’s that word again?) LACERATION. Up where
they walk. Up where they run. Up where they trip and cut their fingers. I want to
be part of that wound. What would I give. If I could live inside
your body? What would I pay to spend a day warm in capillary beds? Betcha on
land. They understand. But they are lax with their hand washing techniques. Tired young
fishermen. Sick of slicing em’. They’re ready to go home. And ready to kill them if
they’re debilitated. Wash your hands good but it doesn’t matter I’m going to get
you. What’s an acquired immune response and
why does it. (what’s the word?) Not work? When’s it my turn? Wouldn’t I love. Love
to explore the left side of your heart? Out of the fish. Endocarditis. Part
of your world

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