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Parasites. ‘IF’ you have one?

August 13, 2019

Hello Welcome to IF Before we begin this weeks video I would just like to raise Issue I have had with YouTube. The video that was published “IF we still need sex?” which discussed the decline in people having sex has been taken down? The Video was flagged for inappropriate content! Those of you who watched it Know that there was no violation of policy. There was no nudity ot pornographic content Yet, it was taken down.Just for mentioning the word “sex” There fear on new harsh censorship from YouTube look like they could be true!! Let us hope reason prevails and this video is reinstated along with the many other videos from content creators that have been effected by this It really is disconcerting. But lets move on.I hope you have a strong stomach as things are about to get a little GROSS!! IN IF you had parasites. Parasites are organisms that live in or on a host. these parasites obtain their food from the body they are in often at the expense of the host. Parasites often cause disease in the animal or human they inhabit. Parasitic infections can mostly be treated but there are those that can be fatal. The most critical step when healing a parasitic infection is your immune system. How do you know if it is working well? Or if you may have a freiendly or not so friendly critter in your body? Here are a few things you should look out for…. Headaches Restlessness or anxiety Mood disorders: depression anxiety, suicidal thoughts, Strong cravings for processed foods and sugar Anemia or iron deficiency- worms can create enough blood loss to cause anemia Skin ailments such as hives, rashes, weeping eczema itchy dermatitis, acne, ulcers, sores, lesions Recurring yeast infections like Candida Bleeding gums Nervousness Teeth grinding and drooling during sleep Food allergies/food sensitivities Loss of appetite Sexual dysfunction Chronic fatigue Craving foods you KNOW are bad for you Persistent digestive problems and Hunger all of the time Sore or stiff joints Breathing problems Itching – especially around mouth, nose, and anus Memory problems That is one big list but what are the causes, what parasites are out there? Wuchereria bancrofti is a worm This parasite is carried by mosquitoes and when some one is bitten This roundworms eggs are transferred into the humans bloodstream. Here they hatch and In a year the larvae mature within the lymphatic system. if left untreated, these worms can cause elephantiasis Elephantiasis causes the skin to become thicker, especially around the lower limbs even the male genital area. The Loa loa is yet another worm also known as The African Eye Worm it dwells in the blood just underneath the skin. Patients report pain as the parasite travels through the eye or the nose and some have even reported seeing the worm crawling across the eye. Tapeworms are probably the biggest superstars in the parasite world. This flat, segmented worm usually infects animals that drink from contaminated water sources but can also invade humans who eat under cooked meat of infected animals. or from improper handling of food by an infected person. The worms are normally passed through bowel movements and if the infection is severe enough it will cause blockage in the intestines. If left untreated, the worms can be passed to the liver, heart, eyes, and brain and become fatal. The guinea worm lays its eggs in stagnant water The larvae then attach themselves to water fleas. They enter the human body when humans swim in affected water or drink water containing infected water fleas. Once Inside the body, the fleas die leaving only the guinea worms to thrive. If undetected, the worm can grow up to three feet long inside the body and will then begin to burrow itself out, this causing a burning sensation on the skin. If a person tries to ease this burning and inflammation by swimming in cool water the worm will spew its eggs out through the wound, into the water. Gnathostoma Spinigerum is a parasite that lives in eels and can spread to humans who eat the raw or under-cooked fish. It can live inside the body for up to a decade the human body does not provide the ideal environment for this parasite meaning it cannot reproduce and multiply inside the infected humans never the less I wouldn’t want one under my skin!! Candiru or vampire fish of the Amazon is terrifying especially for the males of our species. They have an ugly reputation. These fish burrow up a person’s urinary track causing intense pain, agony, and even death. the parasitic catfish actually dies as it cannot gain any nutrients from a human The dead fish then causing secondary infection as it decays . Giardia lamblia Once Giardia lamblia enters the body through contaminated water it colonizes the small intestines and causes diarrhea, flatulence, sulfuric-tasting, burping so foul-tasting they cause you to vomit, pain, lack of appetite and blood in the stools. All VERY unpleasant for the infected person! Scabies, or itch mites, infect humans, cats, dogs, and other animals. They can cause mange This is due to damage caused from excessive itching through the night. They spread through skin-to-skin contact and although an infestation may be difficult to eradicate it can be easily treated in humans using creams and ointments. And if these weren’t bad enough how about parasites that can control our brains The human hosts who fall victim to these parasites face insanity and death. Let’s look at these neurological parasites. Toxoplasmosis The Feline Parasite heads up our list This little protozoan is not much more than a blob, but once in the body it makes its way to the brain Once in the brain it radically changes the behavior of its host. This parasites life begins in cat feces here the eggs wait to be picked up by carriers like rats. They hatch and lay in wait But when the moment comes to strike, The little blobs alter their hosts’ brain chemistry. Infected rats actually become sexually aroused by the smell of cats and leap fearlessly into their claws, where they meet their demise. The cats pick up these parasites from eating the rats and they enter the cats gut, allowing the egg-laying cycle to start anew. Researchers estimate that as much as 30 percent of the people on earth more than two billion of us are carrying these little suckers around in our brains right now!!! Some studies have found that cases of schizophrenia rose sharply around the turn of the twentieth century when domestic cat ownership became common. So if you’re a cat owner and are feeling concerned don’t panic here’s one for us all to worry about The Amoeba of Madness If you enjoy hiking or spend time in the wilds of nature stay away from warm, stagnant water ponds often play host to Naegleria fowleri an amoeba species with a taste for human brain tissue. These amoeba can spend long spans of time just hanging around as a cyst a little armored ball that can survive cold, heat, and dry conditions. When a cyst comes into contact with an inviting host it sprouts tentacles. Once transformed inside of the host it heads straight for the host’s central nervous system following nerve fibers inward in search of the brain. When it gets to the brain it burrows into the tissue by sprouting a “sucking apparatus” called an amoebostome. Now feasting on juicy brain matter the amoeba divides, moving inward, and devouring the brain. Hosts can go from uncomfortable to incoherent to unconscious in a matter of hours. victims start feeling confused, have trouble paying attention and begin to hallucinate. Then seizures and unconsciousness, as the brain loses all control of the body.
Two weeks later, the victims are dead!! if you are not terrified yet let me introduce a parasite that is guaranteed to scare you. The rabies virus alters a victims’ brain functions in profound ways. This bullet-shaped virus — so small and sneaky that it often escapes detection by the immune system The rabies viruses don’t just settle down anywhere they specifically seek out the hippocampus amygdala and hypothalamus. These structures play a central role in memory, fear and emotion. In the altered states brought on by a rabies infection Human hosts become terrified of water and puffs of air both make them flinch and twitch uncontrollably. Untreated, rabies patients will fall deeper into confusion and hallucination they lash out at imagined threats eventually they are overcome by paralysis and die. Are final little critter that causes horror is The Parasite of Sleep The tsetse fly loves the taste of human blood and it often carries a parasite known as Trypanosoma that has a taste for human brains. The Trypanosoma alter the structure and function of their hosts’ brain cells and the hosts start to feel and behave strangely. First they suffer headaches and have trouble sleeping or sleep and wake at odd hours , due to the parasite’s alteration of the sleep hormone melatonin Over the next few years, the host’s odd behavior gradually starts to lapse into laziness, unresponsiveness, and finally a prolonged sleep that leads to coma and death. Fact is stranger than fiction when it comes parasites. Worms that devour brains to viruses that bring on crippling fear these little critters are every bit as terrifying as your run of the mill wolf man or vampire story. But not all parasites are all negative we can sometimes use them for good. Tapeworms have been used by people to achieve weight loss. Purchasing the eggs and ingesting them on uncooked foods. The worm will live inside your digestive tract and gobble up calories from the cheeseburgers and cake you keep eating. They may help people lose weight but they can cause malnutrition and anemia. There is also a risk immature tapeworms infect other parts of the body other than then digest tract. But what if we could use these parasites without the negative effects? Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease that is transmitted by parasite It kills billions yearly. Current treatments require injections and strong medicines But what if we could a parasite to attack another parasite? Scientist have begun to rewrite the genetic codes of parasites to make them attack their non-genetically altered cousins. You could be infected with good parasites. They live in your body waiting for these invaders then attack acting as heavy infantry support for your immune system. This opens up a new world of immunization but would you volunteer to host any of these little Gm critters? Maybe these little monsters could become are biggest heroes treating diseases and sicknesses. that is if you are happy to have few hitch hikers using your body Thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe Throw us a like post a comment Til next time ………..

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