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Parasites – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Solution

August 15, 2019

Thanks for checking out this video again.
I appreciate you checking my channel out. I’ve put quite a lot of time into my videos.
I’m getting fantastic comments, and it’s just awesome to get such good feedback from so
many people. Today, we’re going to talk about parasites, about different kinds of parasites.
Two, in particular, I see coming back quite a lot with stool testing. We’re going to talk
about those right now. One of them is called Blastocystis hominis
and the other one is Dientamoeba fragilis. They come back quite a lot. I think that quite
a lot of people out there have these bugs in their system naturally; probably 5 to 10
percent of the population has bugs with weird names like this. Space age kind of names.
There’s other ones out there, pseudomonas, and the list goes on and on. There are many
different kinds of parasites, but these are two common ones I see routinely in people.
It’s estimated that probably up to 40 percent of people with irritable bowel syndrome have
got Blastocystis in their digestive system. That’s nearly half the people with some kind
of a gut issue, so Blasto is quite a common bug I see in many people. Lots of stool tests
come back with this particular bug. Is it a bug that you pick up in tropical countries
like the Caribbean or India or Africa? No. It’s a bug you can pick up in New York. You
can pick it up on London. You can pick it up in Paris. You can pick it up in Rome. You
can pick it up in your backyard. This bug can come from anywhere. It’s transmitted from
person to person and generally through poor hygiene, drinking contaminated water, playing
with animals, so a lot of this really boils down to personal hygiene. One of the best
things you can do if you’ve got kids is to teach them how to wash their hands properly
after they’ve been to the bathroom and same with yourself.
I do a lot of international travel involving aircraft, so I tend to wash my hands quite
frequently. Not obsessive/compulsive like an OCD person would or maybe like Michael
Jackson or something like that and over the top, washing your hands constantly or wearing
white gloves around people. You don’t need to be crazy like that. The thing is if you’re
around aircraft, traveling frequently in taxis, or in hotels, or just public areas like banks,
you never know what you’re touching, so it always pays to wash your hands quite regularly.
As soon as I disembark off of an aircraft, I wash my hands. And then when I come to a
hotel room, I wash my hands, so these are just safe hygiene practices that are going
to stop transmission of bugs. Because all you have to do is touch your eye or your mouth
or anything, these are portals of entries. Basic things like that can help prevent contamination
from Blasto. When you’re traveling, you need to be particularly
careful with water. Lots of people say to watch out for things like salads and fruits,
to wash them and peel vegetables, just be careful what you have. When I traveled through
Asia a while ago, I can remember people offering me bottled water that, in fact, was filled
from some local creek. They just turned the cap on, and you can see it wasn’t a factory
seal. Without a factory seal or that plastic wrap, don’t even go there. Be particularly
careful. Many people I treat who come from overseas
have got Blasto. They pick it up. It’s a very common bug. Doctors may sometimes pick it
up with stool testing, but usually they don’t pick it up. They’re not really good at doing
stool testing in lots of different countries, so I tend to work with some good labs in the
U.S. You can actually get stool testing done through me at a greatly discounted rate than
you would pay through your doctor because I work with a company that works directly
with labs. You’re not paying much more than wholesale costs. You can contact me through and I can show you how to do a stool test, and that will pick up any one
of about 50,000 different parasites. Three stool samples on concurrent days is the gold
standard. How do you deal with parasites? What do you
do when you get them? Do you go to the doctor? Well, you’ll probably get put on something
called metronidazole or Flagyl, which is a very common drug used to treat a condition
like Blasto. The problem with this condition is single drugs are no good. It doesn’t usually
work too well because you’ve got other bugs you’re dealing with, too. And I find in most
cases, most patients, like 90 percent who get treated with metronidazole come back and
complain of the similar symptoms they had in the first place. Tummy pain, diarrhea,
gas, bloating, nausea, dizziness. And if it’s a really severe Blasto infection, you can
even have blood loss. You could have lots of weight loss and severe appetite problems
and lots of muscle weakness, pain in the muscles, pain in the joints, vomiting can occur, bloody
diarrhea, 10 to 15 bowel motions a day, these things are not uncommon with major intestinal
problems. You need to deal with these things because if you don’t, they can hang around
for many, many years. I had a good chat with people from the Center
for Digestive Diseases in Sydney, and the success rate is reasonably okay. But the problem
is these drugs cost so much money. You could be looking a couple of thousand dollars for
three separate high, top shelf antibiotics. Thousands of dollars. Consider a natural antifungal
product. It’s going to be a lot cheaper and probably just as, if not more, effective for
Blasto. I’ve treated thousands of patients with parasites.
It’s part of the reason why I developed a product called Canxida Remove. You get that
at Canxida was developed not just for a yeast infection., but I developed
it also for parasites like Blasto. And the reason why Canxida is so darn effective is
it’s got all the right things in it. Everything in there that is going to really work. I looked
at every kind of product on the market, and I put something together, which I think is
the ultimate anti-parasite/antifungal product. And I can verify this with doing many, many
stool tests, pre and post Canxida treatment. If you look at the cost of a few containers
of Canxida, it’s pennies compared to the thousands of dollars you would need to spend on an antibiotic
that’s very hard to get where you have to fly all the way to Sydney. One of my British
patients spent about 20,000 pounds to fly to the Center for Digestive Diseases. She
had a fecal transplant. She got put on these three antibiotics. She felt great for six
months, and then it all turned to custard again. All that money down the toilet. What
a waste of money. She’s improved on Canxida out of sight. While I’m not trying to blow
my own trumpet here, I’m trying to tell you a natural antifungal product of high quality,
sustained release, is going to kick butt. It’s going to do a good job. It’s not going
to kill any of the beneficials. You don’t have to take out a second mortgage to get
this product and it’s effective. Diet wise, what are you going to do? You need
to eat raw crushed garlic, coconut, especially raw coconut or coconut oil, and oregano. Oregano
is very good to take as a food, as an herb itself. Cloves, cinnamon. There are many different
foods you can eat and include in your diet. But the big one with Blasto is don’t eat sugar
or sweet foods, soda drinks, alcohol, takeaway food, lots of bread. You’re going to get a
lot of problems, and you’ll soon notice that some foods will create lots of pain in the
tummy when you’ve got a parasite. And these are usually the crappy foods. So as soon as
you get pain with the food or not long after, you know to avoid that food. If I had a Blasto
infection, I’d probably focus on a green diet, lots of green vegetables and light proteins
like fish. I’d eat small meals probably five times a day, and I’d make sure to have small
pieces of raw garlic on several occasions. I’d probably crush a small piece of garlic
and insert that rectally as well because that works very well for parasites in the lower
part of the colon. Those are some good tips for you. You can
also chew on pumpkin seeds. The other tip I’ll give you is to have grated raw beetroot
and raw carrot. Best time to treat Blasto is three to four days prior to a full moon,
so we’ve got a full moon coming up in about two or three days. This is a good time to
treat parasites. They seem to be most active just before a full moon. Crazy? Not crazy.
People have known this for a long, long time. Try some of those methods out and see how
you go. The bottom line is you don’t need to spend a heap of money on parasite cleansing.
It’s a waste of money. One good product. Do it properly. Change the diet. Drink plenty
of good water and rest up, and you should start coming right with the parasite. It can
take a little bit of time. If you have a problem, you can always contact me through
Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply ProfessorRae April 2, 2015 at 5:28 am

    hand washing is paramount! my son is 18 years old and I can count on one hand how many times he's been sick in his life. as a nurse I trained and educated him as a little child on microbes and invisible germs:-) He works out daily at the gym and as a young adult, you'd think he would catch colds during college finals etc. thank goodness this is not the case:-)

  • Reply Martin Moeller February 18, 2016 at 12:59 am

    we have a 3 year old with candida and parasites. She suffers from very bad eczema. Can you give recommendation about the dosage of canxida for a person that age?

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    Hi Eric…when you say cut sugar from your diet are you including Stevia as well…I hope not. Please let me know…thanks for all the great advice you're putting out.

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    Hi Eric, what is your opinion of soap-less, alcohol based, gel hand cleansers? Also, is the only place to get your book via your website? I'm having a difficult time locating it in stores!

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    You need to get a MacBook dude

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    which is better for you–raw or dried pumpkin seeds. Appreciate your help. Greetings from Canada

  • Reply Miss Squizza September 2, 2017 at 12:18 am

    Hi Eric, thanks for your video how do I know if its Blasto (came back in a stool test) causing the bloat/tummy pains or a food allergy thats developed? Once the blasto is gone, should the bloat go or will there be a duration of gut healing on top? Thanks..

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    Hello Dr. Bakker I recently had diarrhea while taking antibiotics as stated as one of the side effects. After finishing the course I didn't have a bowel movement for 8 days, then 14 days. I don't know if it is a gut bacteria issue or parasites. I took the same antibiotic 2 months before but with higher dosage the second time. I can't afford a stool test. But I am also experiencing many other reactions after the antibiotics such as yeast infection,unusual vaginal discharge,toenail fungus, athletes foot. These are all things I never had in my life and it scares me what is happening. I find your videos very educational and knowledgeable, Thank you.

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    Is your treatment the same for all parasite infections? What about Pentatrichomonis hominis?

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    Hi Eric, Thanks again for great info. It seems that Blasto is very common, but does Canxida work for all parasites, including Cyclospora which I picked up in the States 3 months ago?

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