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para menteri dan pejabat menghadiri acara rapat besar sidang PBB. membahas virus Corona

February 25, 2020

talk about the biggest in the most
important story in the world the Wuhan coronavirus this coronavirus
is a catastrophe on the scale of Chernobyl for China but actually it’s
probably worse than Chernobyl which was localized in its effect the corona virus
could result in a global pandemic while you are all sleeping overnight the
number of diagnosed cases in China increased by 30 percent now let me be
clear that’s not new cases that is just newly admitted cases it is probably
several orders of magnitude higher than that also while you’re sleeping China
now has its entire border with Russia closed 2,600 miles Russia has closed
that border ll has shut down travel between Israel and China Air France has
shut down China between travel between China and France and that’s in addition
to all the other countries that have already shut down travel from what we
know so far and there’s still many unknowns this virus could have both a
long incubation period as much as 14 days and individuals could be contagious
while asymptomatic which was not the case with SARS in 2003 furthermore from
some cases it appears the virus could be aerosolized which means it doesn’t
require the kind of contact that you have with say a married couple kissing
each other or family living in close quarters in a hotel or apartment but
rather the distances we are all sitting apart right now yet China is still lying
about all of this they’ve been lying about it from the very beginning and you
don’t need their history of lying about SARS in 2003 though it is relevant here
you just have to see what’s happened over the last two months we now know
that the first case manifested no later than no later than December 1 even
though China didn’t reveal it to the w-h-o until a month later on December
31st when they continued to hide it from their own citizens and they continued to
say that it had been contained inside Wuhan today it is in
every single Province in China they also claimed for almost two months until
earlier this week that it had originated in a seafood market in Wuhan that locals
have contracted it from animals and say bat soup or snake tartare that is not
the case The Lancet published study last weekend demonstrating that of the
original 40 cases 14 of them had no contact with the seafood market
including patient zero as one epidemiologist said that virus went into
the seafood market before it came out of the seafood market we still don’t know
where it originated could have been another seafood market could have been a
farm could have been a food processing company I would note that China that
Wuhan also has China’s only biosafety level 4 laboratory that works with the
world’s most deadly pathogens to include yes coronavirus now look at China’s own
actions they have quarantined 60 million people 60 million more than the entire
population of our west coast they’ve shut down schools indefinitely classes
canceled nationwide indefinitely Hong Kong a part of China has basically shut
down all travel from the mainland that’s why it is essential that we immediately
stop all travel on commercial aircraft between China and the United States
making exceptions of course for American citizens to come back as we just brought
back yesterday allowing a central trade to flow as long as cruise on ships and
aircraft are not allowed to go into the general population in America and making
exceptions of course for medical personnel to go into China to try to get
a handle on this it is essential that we take those steps an essential that we
get to the bottom of China’s deceit and incompetence on this measure and
gentlemen I I raised this with you because you’re responsible in your
combatant commands for some countries that have the most fragile public
institutions to include the most fragile public health institutions in the world
so I ask even though as a this morning there are not yet confirmed
cases of corona virus in your combatant commands though I suspect there will be
soon what is your assessment about the ability of the governments in your
combatant commands to handle a potential global pandemic like this general
Thompson thanks senator so there are not in that I’m aware of any confirmed cases
as you mentioned but there are some suspected cases the first suspected
report a suspected case I’ve heard of his in Djibouti which you would imagine
with significant Chinese presence there so the the capacity of African nations
to deal with this problem varies widely for example in Eastern Africa Central
East Africa there’s they’ve been dealing with Ebola and they’ve been dealing with
Ebola largely on their own and doing a pretty good job of it so I think
capacity there but any well where else in Africa is probably not to that degree
Admiral faller that as well a crisis is already strained to social services of
many of the nations as you’re aware Center we had to deploy that hospital
ship comfort twice in one year to last deployment twelve different nations and
in one five-day span it can do the equivalent of a whole month for a region
of some of the major countries so I would be extremely concerned like
general Townsend the capacities vary widely but in many cases are strained
into the limit I would be very concerned if we saw this spread thank you as a
defensive measure to say again it is essential that we shut down all
commercial air travel immediately between the United States and China as
an offensive measure because that probably won’t stop it entirely and
because if it becomes a global pandemic we have to deal with countries with very
limited capabilities here we need a Manhattan Project level effort to work
with our best research scientists and laboratories in this country to develop
a vaccine as quickly as possible

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