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Ozone Therapy at Home generator miracle cancer herpes lyme MS back pain oil medical acne machine for

August 29, 2019

Ozone Therapy is the closest thing we have
today to a miracle drug. In this video I will go over several points:
what ozone therapy is, quick ozone setup in the home, how you can use ozone in the home,
and lastly prove to you that ozone really works. Ozone Therapy does four main things. First, It destroys bacteria, viruses, yeast,
fungi, and protozoa without hurting us when its done right. Second it signals and activates the immune
system. Ozone is actually part of our natural immune
system. When it activates our immune system it also
includes tumor destroying proteins. Third, it increases the energy prodcution
from our Red Blood Cells so we have more energy. Fourth, it floods the body with readily available
oxygen. Ozone is utilized in three basic forms each
having its own advantages and disadvantages. First is Ozone Gas. Ozone is in its most potent and strong form
when it is a gas. The disadvantage of ozone gas form is that
it is difficult to contain in one location. And free ozone gas irritates the eyes and
respiratory system and can cause problems. Second is the Oil Form. The benefit of the oil is that all the ozone
is contained within the oil and whatever the oil is in contact with. Another advantage is oil keeps the ozone for
long periods of time and it doesn’t dissipate as quick as ozone gas or ozonated water. Because of its ability to keep ozone in contact
with one area for long periods of time it is an excellent topical antibiotic, antifungal
and antiviral. If ozone oil is your only desired use of ozone
I would just purchase it from the website I have linked to in this videa instead of
buying the whole ozone setup. Ozonated water is the least potent of the
three forms of ozone and doesn’t keep for about 30 minutes when it is cold, but still
ozonated water has some very practical uses where the other forms cannot be used. This is the basic ozone Setup you see here. It starts with the Oxygen source. Our air actually has a low concentration of
oxygen. So we need use an oxygen source. I use an oxygen concentrator that takes the
air and makes the oxygen content about 95%. You can use an oxygen tank as well that delivers
99% oxygen, which is a little bit higher but an oxygen tank costs you every time it runs
out and they can be difficult to come by and to refill. Next you’ll need teflon tubing and leur locks
to connect each device in the setup. The Teflon tubing will not break down to ozone. Speaking of air flow the slower the air moves
through the Ozone generator the more concentrated and potent the generator can make the ozone. So its not advantageous to have fast moving
air. My oxygen concentrator flow is 1 to 5 Liter
per minute which is too fast of air flow for a good ozone concentration. So I run the oxygen through a pediatric flowmeter. This can take the oxygen flow rate to 1/16
liter per minute and even slightly lower which is optimal for ozone concentration. If you decided to use an oxygen tank you will
also need to purchase a tank flow regulator to bring it down to low speeds as well. Now that the oxygen is concentrated and moving
slowly it is delivered to the Ozone Generator. Once the air travels through the ozone generator
it enters into a tube within the generator that hits the oxygen with high energy and
converts the oxygen to ozone. Regular oxygen is two oxygen molecules bonded
together. Ozone is three oxygen molecules bonded together. Once again the slower the oxygen flow the
better for a high concentration of ozone. I will link to the best ozone generators below. Be careful this ozone is very strong stuff. To prevent yourself from breathing the ozone
you can alway run the excess ozone through activated carbon which destroys the ozone. Then as a precaution Always work under a vent,
or next to a running vacuum, or at least near a fan. If not ozone builds up in the air and can
really irritate your lungs this is very serious. If this does happen it is good to have a pack
of powdered vitamin c handy to swallow dry to react with the excess ozone and hopefully
lessen the effects of breathing in ozone. I will link to every product I mention in
the description below. To ozonate water you need a glass flask and
a bowl of ice or something to keep it cold, and a water bubbler. Don’t forget to use distilled water. I use an old refridgerator to keep my ozonated
water cold. I destroy excess ozone through activated carbon
and a vent. Ozone water has many practicle uses. Ozone water can be used with a waterpik to
fight gum disease and cavities. You can wipe you kitchen counters with ozone
water to disinfect them. To wash your fruits or ozonate your meats
which is how meat companies sterilize meat. Place it in water hooked up to an ozone bubbler
with good ventilation. Ozone water is a great way to ensure your
water is sterile like for emergency preparedness. To ozonate oil you can use plenty of types
of oil. Some are better than others though. For beginners I would just use Virgin Olive
Oil. Its cheap and really good. You will also need a glass container, a bubbler
and a lot of time. It can take a week or longer to ozonate oil. In fact I recommend just buying the ozonated
oil from one of the links below instead of making it yourself. For colds you can just breath oil filtered
ozone gas which kills infections in the sinuses. Or freeze ozonated water and suck on the ozonated
ice to get rid of throat infections. To do ear insufflations I use an earscope
that I made but these can be bought online. I set up a fan that blows to a vent for excess
ozone. You can also do rectal and vaginal insufflations
which I wont go over here. Insufflations can give you more energy and
kill bloodborn pathogen and possibly other pathogens in the body. You can apply ozone oil to herpes warts and
other viral lesions. It can prevent open wounds from infection. It can eliminate jock itch and toenail fungus. When in soap form it can be used to fight
acne. For colds you can just breath oil filtered
ozone gas which kills infections in the sinuses. Or like mentioned before freeze ozonated water
and suck on the ozonated ice to get rid of throat infections. You can also just drink or gargle the ozonated
water. The uses of ozone gas are plentiful. It can be used to do ozone insufflations,
ozone saunas and autohemotherapy, which is blood ozonation. These deliver ozone to the whole body to fight
things like STD’s, MS, Lyme Disease, and some cancers and many other diseases. Though further research is needed. To do ear sufflations I use an earscope that
I made but better ones can be bought online. I set up a fan that blows to a vent for excess
ozone that escapes. You can also do rectal or vaginal insufflations
which obviously I won’t go over here. To do an ozone sauna you have to buy an ozone
steam cabinet and hook it up to the ozone generator. Gas is used to deodarize like smoke stench
like in a car. Ozone injections are a great way to deliver
ozone to subcutaneous parts of the body. Once below your dermal level the gases are
able to dissipate into surrounding tissues that are possibly infected like a degenerating
joint or a dental abcess. There are syringe delivery systems that you
can purchase but I just quickly connect the syringe to the hose and once I remove it quickly
cap it off with the needle. Medical proffesional are normally the only
people that can deliver ozone this way. Ozone gas can get rid of smoking odors like
in a car. To deliver ozone to a specific area use an
ozone cup. An oxygen mask youll have to modify makes
a great ozone cup because it fits over uneven surfaces. There are more formal ozone gas cups as well. This is good for skin infections like what
I had. There are definitely more uses for ozone but
these are the basics. Equipment for all this is linked to in the
description below. Proof that ozone works. There are plenty of scientific articles proving
that ozone works like these. There is good evidence out there that ozone
therapy have been able to help lower viral loads from STD’s, also get rid of diseases
like multiple sclerosis and help keep cancers under control. Here is a testimonial of a woman defeating
MS with ozone therapy. Actually now I tell you that I function one
hundred percent normal. There is no residue of multiple sclerosis
in my life what-so-ever. And the only thing I did differently was ozone. Bacteria cell structure is close to the structure
of this latex glove. And see how it obliterates the latex glove
yet I am left unharmed. This is what happens when ozone hits bacteria
within your body. Look at the bacteria infested water react
to ozone pay attention to the film on top of the water. As the dying bacteria collapses the film on
top of the water moves inward if it were just because of the air blowing the film would
move away from the air source Tesla the famous scientist would breath ozone
all the time and he lived to a very old age for his day. But let me be clear I am not an advocate for
breathing ozone every day. Look at this small experiment I did with petry
dishes that grow e. coli. When I gas the bacteria sample or wash the
apple with ozonated water it leaves no traces of e. coli Remember it is up to you to know the laws
pertaining to ozone in your area and country before you use and purchase ozone equipment. Ozone is the earths most natural and powerful
disinfectant what I have gone over is how we can harness its strength and ability. Spread the word about ozone by liking this
video and please subscribe.


  • Reply Rick Buck September 22, 2016 at 7:07 pm

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  • Reply steve cornock October 28, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    Hi Rick, I have been doing RI ozone for several weeks without any sort of Herxheimer reaction, so I decided to test it on a pair of gloves that may or may not be latex, but the gloves never deteriorated. I don't know what to think.

  • Reply Christa Eimers October 30, 2016 at 3:23 am

    I LOVE your videos! Mostly that they are succinct, well read, and I'm laughing hysterically at your insatiable need to learn—first diamonds, then travel and wedding videos, then ozone, then Spanish. Hilarious. Reminds me of myself a little, except you put me to shame! Wish I was in your state; I'd schedule an appointment so we could talk teeth! 😉

  • Reply steve cornock November 7, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Hi Rick, now that I'm getting use to my generator, I tend to use it once a day, but I am told to cut back a little, but I don't get why…. all I can think of is that it can be irritation to the colon or ears, but I never feel any irritation. So why cut back?

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  • Reply C December 26, 2016 at 11:19 am

    Hi Rick, thank you for your videos. I have some questions you might know the answers to. I would like to start incorporating ozone treatment, but I am on a budget and live in a student house. So instead on investing on oxygen tanks and the whole set up, I have looked for air fed ozone generator, which I plan to use for drinking ozonated water and colonic irrigation with ozone water. My two questions are:
    1. Is a slow flow rate machine is better than higher ones (e.g. 400 vs. 600mg/h output)? I have been looking on this one

    2. Will colonic irrigation with ozone water have the same effect as rectum insufflation?

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    However, I have heard from a friend of a friend whose mum saw on the internet that hydrogen fluoride can cure cancer, aids, malaria, als, and diabetes when inhaled.

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    Hi my name is jake. I have had neuro lyme disease for about 5 years i have cognitive issues. I really want to try the ozoneethod but not sure how. Whether its a IV i can buy or buying equiptment to do it if you can please message me back on your thoughts that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • Reply Thomas Tompkins August 21, 2017 at 3:15 pm

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    Ozone is great for removing odors from your environment because it is so HARSH and DAMAGING to anything it touches. I was in the business of manufacturing ozone generators for many years. They serve no useful purpose other than removing smells and killing bacteria and mould. Ozone is VERY unhealthy for the human body and should be avoided like radiation. A small dose is ok but it is NOT in any way GOOD for you! Ozone damages everything it touches including YOU. We used to have to replace plastic items in our manufacturing facility on a regular basis because they would become too brittle to touch in just a few weeks!

    Ozone is VERY VERY damaging and that is why it is useful at all! It is it's only useful property! It demolishes molecules which kills bacteria and mould and it destroys odor molecules which eliminates the smell. If you smell strong ozone from an ozone generator LEAVE THE ROOM it is damaging your body in countless ways.

  • Reply Aaron Valerio November 28, 2017 at 9:14 pm

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  • Reply Southern Guitar Man December 6, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    Rick, thanks for getting the word out. I had an eight year battle with neuroblastoma and I finally won it with subdermal/subQ injections of ozone around the area where the cancer was. One thing your missing in your treatment recommendation is to avoid vitamin C.or any other antioxidant as it is the antidote to ozone along with any other anitioxidant. Ozone as you know is an oxidant. Hoping this reaches many who trust Jesus as their only hope for heaven.

  • Reply peter pam December 13, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    And very important bacteria such as Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (a reduction of which is associated with a number of diseases) are not available at all in supplements. One problem is the F. prausnitzii are "oxygen sensitive" and they die within minutes upon exposure to air
    Even MORE destructive to this vital bacteria is Super oxygen OZONE…if used rectally .The above is inside YOUR RECTUM

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    That being said I did make a few errors in this video but science does that all the time. The overall message is true and that guy can deny it all he wants but it works. If we could harness its power it really would be the best medicine we have… yes, even a miracle drug.

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    This "therapy" should be treated like Radiation or Chemo Therapy. Yes it kills the target, but takes you with it.

    P.S. I have nothing against you or your content Rick Buck. I just feel that this is important information you should have at least mentioned.

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  • Reply Mervyn Shute March 30, 2019 at 7:51 am

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  • Reply Trisha funinthesun11 April 1, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    My husband almost died from viral chronic bronchitis. He was sent home from the hospital with instructions to call hospice because the antibiotics wouldn't kill the virus. I happened to come across our chiropractor who convinced me to come in for an Ozone Treatment before calling Hospice. We did and in 1 that's right 1 treatment John could breath. After 6 treatments (6 weeks) he was completely cured. Their is a difference because they withdrew his blood, he had an IV with a drip bag. Then they shot the blood into the drip bag and it went back in thru his veins into his body. This is very different than the methods they used so I'm curious if this works as well. We're looking into this since each Ozone Treatment is $150. It's hard to find reviews. Any ideas?

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  • Reply Motto August 15, 2019 at 5:15 am

    Hi Rick, I have done ozone injection and also the blood cleaning type of thing like dialysis, but I did not experience and type of boost in energy, and also it is expensive as compare to H2O2, and H2O2 in fact can do the same job for killing bacterias and viruses, so what is the advantage of ozone to H2O2?

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