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OVERNIGHT SUCCESS Megan Wofford – Artist Stories

March 6, 2020

My personal release was I guess you
could call it an overnight success but music itself as a career is definitely a
journey. I never doubted my choice of making music I may have doubted the
music industry at times but I never doubted the music or my love for the
music. My name is Megan and I’m from Los
Angeles I’m a pianist and I write, compose, studio musician, touring musician,
every everything in-between teach a little bit of piano too – I think I
started playing the piano because that that’s what I was around I was around a
lot of music so it felt very natural watching my mom do that and have a piano
in the house and being around instruments probably just being drawn to
the piano it seemed interesting and challenging in a way and just being
gravitating towards that and then once I learned how to play it was just that was
that was that the rest was history being a woman in the music industry can
be hard they’re not intentionally trying to be condescending but I think culture
creates that feeling of maybe being shocked when they hear you play you know
asking question you know did you do that yourself or oh I and I’ve literally had
people like oh I didn’t think you played like that like what I’ve done auditions
in LA before and stuff and I think they solely like base it off of how you look
and they don’t expect you like I know you could play like that I’ve put in so
many hours and so much work so I know I’m skilled at my craft so I have the
ability to be in an audition or a gig and feel confident that I know what I’m
bringing to the table as well as a value so the first release that I did
officially both the songs have now over a million streams and they reached
together over a million streams in under a month so it was very exciting kind of
shocking because I think sometimes you don’t you hope for the best with your
music but you just want it to be out there for people to hear and listen but
each one of those streams is a person so it’s like wow that many people have
listened to these songs. So to me I think it’s very it’s satisfying to think of it
as an overnight success but I really in in terms of my musical journey wouldn’t
think of it as an overnight success I mean I’ve been studying since I’ve been
a little girl privately and institutionally you know universities
and just like the music industry in LA is is something to tackle there are like
massive highs and massive lows and I’ve played arenas that seat you know
upwards of 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 people and then I’ve had moments of thinking
like I don’t know if anyone will ever hire me again but always kind of having
a hope I don’t yeah I think I’m the type of person I feel like everything that
happens to you is meant to happen to you for a reason so I see connectedness
throughout the world so I think even at points of feeling like man should I keep
doing this it was always like yeah I know that I’ll get to where I’m going
eventually when I write music I don’t often notate
it in fact I haven’t notated any of my personal compositions I build it based
off of some of the voice memos I have had but often if I have an idea I’ll
just sit down and play the whole piece through and then maybe make little
tweaks after my future with music is exciting to me I
think I’ll obviously continue to write more create more and get better at that
in the process I always want to be a lifelong learner
but also I mean a goal of mine would be to compose and write for TV or film or
both I don’t want to put a limit on it

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    Great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Would you like to be YouTube friends? ๐Ÿ™‚

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