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OUTBREAK! Finding The Cure To The Epidemic! Save The Scientist Adventure Room! EnKryption

December 10, 2019

Okay, should we just do it? Are we ready to stick a life on it, would you want to suffer Ryan? I have to tell you something. Ryan Dudley has been infected by an outbreak on earth right now. It’s a deadly outbreak that’s spreading all over the world. Right makes you super paranoid until you die. No, the interesting thing is his name is Ryan and he’s actually a teenager that’s a genius. The interesting thing is he’s now is actually in the hospital. Yeah, because supposedly this specific outbreak caught his paranoia. So in his paranoia, he almost found it the vaccine. He was very close or he did but in his paranoia he split up all the the compounds in his lab and they’re hidden and we have to try to reconstruct everything so we can get the vaccine. The reason why we’re telling you this is that guy is now in the hospital and we have an hour to be able to figure this out. They brought all of his stuff from his lab that he had and they contacted us because they know that we’re really good at solving puzzles and clues, but we only have one hour to do this. So I think we need to get started enough to save him and also to stop this. His got an hour to live. He’s so paranoid. I can’t believe that he’s so paranoid. He broke up all of his stuff. Right, yes. All right, let’s go. So we have Jeff here and he’s the encryption labs administrator and he’s going to explain things to us. Okay here we have some different notes and emails and memos that have been sent to Ryan. We found those we provided those for you. On the floor here Ryan built this box mazie looking thing. We ask that you don’t pick it up tilt it shake it or anything like that. There is something inside of it. So do be careful with that. Okay, there’s various things around the room. Covered whiteboard, please feel free to use the whiteboard for your notes. We have markers over there Here we have now we’ll connect to the software that will help you guys monitor Ryan. Here’s Ryan’s heart monitor the time is ticking down you have to find the four chemical compounds and Ryan’s authorization key. The order is not important on the chemical compounds. Okay Once you have the four chemical compounds and the authorization key hit submit and the doctor will know to put it together and and give him the vaccine. Okay. Thank you. You have one chance. One chance If you mixed the wrong vaccine. It’ll probably kill him. Okay, let’s start. We need to find a three numbers. He probably had one of the compounds in those we have to get it open. There’s four compounds we’re looking for. My favorite molecules, I’m looking through all the different molecules that he has here and this I’m looking for the carbon backbone with the oxygen. Attachment here and I found it right here. This is a glycerol. That’s right. Okay C3H8O3Let’s write these down What is this? Cross my eyes? Oh, it’s one of those 3d images. Can you read it? I noticed on this glycerol right here It has 3 eight and three and I believe that there is a box that you had in this room. That might have had what? Oh my gosh. Let’s try it out and see if it’ll work. three Eight and Three three eight three Set it. No, it doesn’t seem like I did it. Keep trying Oh really wow, you’re so fast. SIS 2? So is that a compound is that something that we need to put into wait is that Si look that’s on here the periodical table says Si This looks important Oh it’s glowing Yeah, it was unlocked and look it has this here. It has another lock on it. Nothing it doesn’t work Pull it out let’s check it on the table We need to get that out, there’s also a cable, I think it’s important. Look at this, this is an endoscope. It’s a camera that you can stick in things. That’s cool This is so cool guys Wait, look there’s a code. There is a code, right? here ABGDE yeah It can go over the top of that. We need to make that. Let’s clear off that area over here Start working on that right here. Yeah. So this one said what on it? SIS 2 Okay So we figured that out already, you know, we need a hurry my goodness. That’s really scary You gotta take care of this Figure it out guys quick Tell Rick no elements with s in them and no more than eight hydrogen atoms About time they got a real system. Just hit the int button intercom until the operator who you’re trying to call. Who are we trying to call? Frank? How to use the phone correctly Who are we trying to call? Call Dr Ahuja for the snap circuits combo Hi Dr. Ahuha do I need the snap circuits combo, please? Okay, ABGCD Okay, thank you bye Okay. She said it was one of three, but I guess Ryan told her this combo was one of three, but he didn’t say which of the three it was. Yeah Just pop into place it’s a diagram a balloon or something else. You are so smart. So I’ve been putting all these different pieces together one goes underneath. Okay. Yeah, and then look at wait look at this Did she say it was one of three ABGED Let me check 45 minutes we’re15 minutes down Which two elements have combined atomic weight equals this Which one was that? Something super fun. Which one was that? Rick was sure one of them had a nitrogen atom that sort of narrows it down. It’s starting to stress me out. Yeah Turn on what do we do? What do we do next? Is it a circuit? Yeah Is this the snap circuits.? Yes So we need the snap circuits combo. There’s a combo? I think so that’s what these letters mean maybe maybe that works together with this Let’s try this again, so A put on on. Okay A B This one has the letters here too G E D Right here right there 2 Cool we got a number. So put that number down, write that number down ABGED this equals two So we’ll put this one to C 3 so this represents 3. Okay, so we don’t know what we need one more This where’s that cube? Point that to the camera. Okay. There we go. So I’m holding this box and somehow this tab is able to transform what we see. And so That’s really cool. Let’s look at each side. Don’t push the do not push What was your favorite stuffed animal as a child? See if it has any favorite stuffed animal or something. What’s this? That’s so bizarre Its memory its memory game Find the other yellow there you go, Ryan is dying Rebecca. There you go now you’re getting it. Now you’re getting it You kept pushing the ones you already pushed. What happens now? ACFGD ACFGD ACFGD 5 Yeah ACFGD 5 Now we don’t know what order that goes in and I don’t know If there’s anything that tells us to order we can start. 3 2 & 5 in some order of that They have this right here in this right here and it has this. Do these have numbers or these numbers? Are they numbers? I just want to see if there’s anything no nothing right here. But it could be anything Guys look what I’ve found. What? Look at this We have one of the numbers Michael let’s figured something out. So this one has one eight. Okay, so we put eight in the first one Awesome, okay, what’s the next one? Eight and two Okay, what’s next and Six six I got this one? You did? It was five three two, okay Okay, awesome, this is awesome. Oh it has a glass that’s interesting. Okay, let’s see if we can use that sphere. I’m opening the app. And how much time do we have left? We’re almost halfway through guys, we’ve gotta hurry or he’s gonna die in the hospital. It’s on okay. We got a connection here. So I’m gonna put it in here and we’re gonna because this looks like it should be something for it. We’re gonna take it through the maze. Corbin do you think you can take it through the maze? There you go, it’s working. Go through the maze Yeah there you go Okay, there you go I think this one’s a little bit more widened. That way very end. So through right here don’t miss me And then I think through this end one down here. Okay, guys look what I found It’s the camera that works on this. Look at this if we put this right here and we use this right here. We can be able to tell where to go. So right now there’s the sphere. Oh, okay. I can see it. I can see so there’s a Well, look look right here. Look on the screen. Okay. I’m trying to look on the screen. You gotta get that point in the right direction so we can see Ryan. Look at this, there’s holes on the sides. We figure it out. That’s where you can put it. The little camera into to see where to put it. I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s floating somehow. Oh good Okay, I hear something Okay, put it in over there There’s the ball Hey guys, this came with it. We should do what James’ say. It showed the directions I might need to go okay It’s a map! So you go, but could it be this way? so it dropped down in I think it’s actually like Maybe like that because we went this way and we did go this way again. Really? Yes and stop come up on angle Perfect. Keep going going. Stop come down on an angle. Like that? Yeah interesting Okay Okay Here we go. Okay Well, they’re doing the Sphere. I’m gonna see if I can figure out what’s inside of here. Well, this is good got little balls and some capsules Corbin there was a note that had that had the capsules I think on it. Will you go grab that note? That’s all that’s in here. I’ve got some balls here. I’ll see what these balls go to. Yeah. I know that’s what I wanted. Okay, Corbin, where does the number three ball go? These are the right colors I think. Is that a green three? yeah and we got a purple one and a five this is a Z and R there’s no 5 this is a 5 Z and 1, S and 3 so 3 is S E is one, SE 5 is R 2 is 2 is I SERI and then 1 is Z and then 3 is e SERI N or Z SERINE serine That means something you guys almost out The Sphero was right next to us. We have the camera in this hole right here. Wait, let me get the camera and put it there. There’s a note Great Corbin let’s see what the note says dude. Oh no 22 minutes left. just scan it alcohol just type in alcohol Wait serine is on there. What is serene? Is that what you figured out? Want me to tell you yeah, how do you select it? There we go. Serine. Okay, I’ll show you how I did it. So we’ve got these numbers here in order. And we have got all these balls in each ball has a number and a letter. So I put the numbers and the letters in order and I got the word serine perfect, which is one of them Is glycerol one of the options? Glycerol is one of the options. We have three alcohol serine and glycerol, yeah Oh more 3D eyes Here’s the first one that we read. Guys we only have 20 minutes left. Nick Nick I saw that on the notes We’re trying to find the three digit code Corbin okay, so this has been There’s gotta be an MC up here Oh my gosh he even highlighted in red. Enter 1 1 5 Corbin It worked, now what? What’s happening? Wait Hexinol Is that the last compound? No, it’s not. It means we need something else. Wait, wait. Wait. Yeah. Are you writing down hexinol? Okay Becca look up Lr on the table of elements. And is there a three-digit code next to lr? LR 103 1 0 3 enter wait wait for it. Hold it. Hold it Cyclo Cyclo what is the boys what is the kid’s favorite pet as a child? There’s a whole bunch of notes over here. These email correspondences. It’s gonna be in there. I know it. What is your favorite video game? Becca favorite video game 15 minutes guys Take all the papers over to Corbin cuz you’re probably gonna need them, His face him boss. That’s a video game No, it’s space can, it is space can. What’s a food you will never touch? Food you will never touch? blue cheese It’s another code another code so it looks like the first one is a 4 2 two one one two That’s a five Four two You know what there was something else that was in here. Remember when we were in here there was another thing there’s another compound look at it this right here. Okay look in the table This one you try to find it. Yeah look at chlorine and Ryan’s gonna die soon if we don’t hurry. Sodium Chloride Tat is sodium chloride. Yeah Okay, so you’re just gonna put some chloride in the salt. Is that’s the answer or is there more that we’re missing here? What does this mean though still what is that? Is that one of the other atomic weights for one of the Formulate this to see if it worked. It doesn’t matter what order they’re in. The thing is the clues led us to Sodium chloride. So Rick was sure one of them had a nitrogen atom and serine which is one of the other compounds does have one nitrogen atom. Okay, so I believe that this is the correct formulation. What does this number have to do with anything? This might be the authorization key Yes that is Because we can’t figure out anything else what that goes to it. Okay should we just do it? Are we ready to stake a life on it? My mind’s a little bit like frazzled a little bit because of all the things are done. We’re still pretty good. Still have five or six minutes that we can still figure this out and double-check and make sure everything’s correct. I’m just gonna enter the authorization keys so that we’re ready in case we decide. Okay, good idea. We only have six minutes left until he’s gonna die and the doctor still has to put all the things together. Okay, I have an idea. Why don’t we if it sounds a program since this is synthesized of the result. Why don’t we press ENTER and submit and if it does not work call them immediately. What do you guys think? He’s gonna die The stakes are so high. We have to do this right, it’s okay we have a few minutes. So we’re just letting time went down because we’re not okay. It’s 87% sure. You’re gonna risk a life for 87% Okay, guys, all right it all comes down to this. Everything that we’ve done supports that it’s correct. So all these different things are actual purchases. A lot of them are purchases and they created this whole things. So everything supports that these are the correct answers and this is the authorization key. I think we’re ready to submit Let’s see if it’ll work. We should also push the submit button together. So we’re all liable for his life. Okay, I’m not. Come over here I’m filming I’m not gonna kill him. Wait, maybe we should wait till one. Actually, I think this we have enough time to submit it to him. He’s dying right now. They probably have an IV in him right now. And this will automatically go into his system. Let’s do it You make him suffer by waiting. Would you want to suffer Ryan? He’s alive, he woke up that’s it. He’s alive, you’re welcome young scientist. We saved his life. Guys we did it. Everyone high five Guys I want to give a huge thank you to encryption for putting on such a really fun puzzle adventure room so this wasn’t an escape room like we’ve typically done they actually bring it to your house and set it up. They’re mobile. They can come to you anywhere in the Utah County area. But they also have a physical location in Provo if you want to come to their place and they have another room that you guys can do there. It’s different from the one you saw in our video. So definitely go check them out. I’ll have a link in the description below where you can go check out their website. They were so awesome. Thank you guys so much for watching and we hope that you guys go check them out.

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