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November 27, 2019

Hey guys it’s Emily and I’m talking to
you about oregano today! So oregano is one I’d like you to be a little careful
with okay this is one that we call a hot oil that means it can burn your skin
if you don’t dilute it properly and so this is one that I want to tell you
about I don’t want you to be afraid I just want you to be more aware of this
oil that when it gets on your hands like I’m touching my face probably shouldn’t
do that so when it gets on your hands I want you to be really aware and to wash
it off before you touch and oregano is really powerful for helping the immune
system and it helps us to fight the bacterial infections or the immune
system support that we need when we’re not feeling well
so oregano is something that I’ve used a lot when I get dental work and you can
make a mouthwash with it so you use like fractionated coconut oil like we talked
about this is a carrier oil I like putting mine with a dropper in it
because it’s easier to use and then I do about a tablespoon of fractionated or
regular coconut oil, two drops of Melaleuca two drops of OnGuard
and two drops of oregano and clove or maybe any of the other oils like
frankincense is very soothing too and you rinse and you swish with your mouth
about two to three times a day if you’re really having a problem that’s something
I’ve really benefited from so oregano is one that you want to heavily dilute as
we talked about so how I like to use it best is actually in the doTERRA touch
line you see it says touch teeny tiny letters right there above the word oregano you see? I like having it in a pre- diluted roller bottle for my kids so
that I can just swipe it on their feet and then they’re on their way and I
don’t have to mix a very hot oil around my children. What oregano is used for is
if you have if you’re starting to not feel well this is one that you can apply
to your kids feet or to your own feet this is probably not one that you’re
going to diffuse this would be a little bit spicy for your nose I would think
they say use caution when diffusing this one generally it will
just smell like oregano but topically just make sure that you heavily dilute
it and when we talk about ingesting oregano one of my favorite ways is to
use a veggie capsule so let me let me get one of these out for you these are
veggie capsules from doTERRA they’re just empty so they’re an empty vegetable
capsule and what you can do is you then fill it with one or two drops of oregano
and two drops of Melaleuca five drops of OnGuard that’s kind of like a sick bomb
a cootie bomb like we like to call it and if you’d like you could fill the
rest of the capsule with fractionated coconut oil if you have a sensitive tummy like
mine generally speaking most people don’t drink
oregano because it can be irritating to the skin in your mouth so that’s that’s
one way that we use oregano oil you guys and I hope that you find benefit from it
and don’t be afraid just be cautious now a good tip if you ever get an essential
oil in your eye or your children get an oil in their eye
grab a handful of regular coconut oil and hold it onto their eye and just let
them blink it out that’s a great way to get an oil out of your eye cuz if you
use water it burns more right because you want an oil because water and oil
separate so it drives the oil further into your eye so when we’re talking
about really spicy oils that’s a tip I like to share use some coconut oil and
just pin your kid down and let them blink it out the oil is not going to
hurt their eye the coconut oil is not going to hurt their eye and I’ll make
them feel a lot better faster trust me alright have a great time with oregano
don’t be afraid of this oil it is amazing!

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