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Openness (Why it is Crucial to Be Open) – Teal Swan

August 18, 2019

Hello there. You came into this life as an extension, an expression of source energy
in the physical dimension. Because of this it could be said that
you are an art piece, a creation of God’s, but as an extension of God, you are God. So you are both the creator and the created. In neither the creator or the creation
is meant to be suppressed. When you live in a state of openness you are allowing the art piece,
a view to be painted across this world. You’re not restricting yourself. You are also not restricting source itself. Because of this, it is by far
the more in alignment way to be and it can be said that walking the spiritual path
is walking the path of complete openness. When the child is born the child
has no thoughts of suppressing itself. The child has no secrets from the world. The child does not secluded itself
or exclude people from its heart. The child is honest. The child is like this
because it is the most natural way to be. The child falls its emotional guidance system
up until the point where it is taught not to. And when you fall your emotional guidance system, what you find is state of constriction is
painful and therefore it is not natural. What you find is that the state is
openness feels emotionally good and therefore, it is our natural state. We can think of constriction
as the opposite of the openness. But a whole range of things falls
into the category of constriction. We are constricted when we keep secrets. We are constricted when we tone ourselves
down in order to be accepted by others. We are constricted when we
do things we don’t want to do. We are constricted when we close our minds
that are no longer open to new ideas and new possibilities for truth. We are constricted when we are not honest. We are constricted when we don’t share. We are constructed when we isolate ourselves. We are constricted when we see
love in terms of finite quantity, and so we reserve it only
for some people and not others. We are constricted
when we do not allow ourselves to admit to and go after our needs and our wants. We are constricted
when we do not express our emotions. We are constricted when we try to fit
ourselves into a life dictated by society instead of carving out a life to fit ourselves. These are just a few examples of
thousands of examples of constriction. To live a life with construction is to
not let the light of your eternal being shine through your physical existence. The first thing to suffer is your emotional life. You’ll start to not enjoy the life you’re living. The second thing to suffer is your body. You can’t stay in the state of construction for long. Because you’re preventing the source energy
from flowing through your body. The part of the body that perhaps suffers the
most from construction is the heart and lungs. Many of the heart and breathing
problems that we experience are ultimately the result of restricting the self. But constriction can also give rise
to a whole host of other ailments. Such as stomach disorders, acne,
allergies, eating disorders, arthritis, boldness, blood pressure
problems, bowel problems, yeast infection, varicose veins,
cancers and tumors, speech problems, injury is
associated with the body in the joints prostate problems and ovarian
problems to name a few. After we’ve been here on the
planet for a little while we begin to feel as if there are consequences
for being ourselves and for being open. We begin to fear exposure. And so, the one power that we have
is what I call self-containment. We know that it’s a choice for us to expose or to not expose ourselves. So most of us exercise our free will by choosing to close ourselves down, by choosing to be invisible. We choose to hide ourselves
instead of expose ourselves. And sometimes we hide
ourselves from ourselves. This makes us feel as if we
are not powerless victims. But it is a decision that
will kill us in the end. You came into this life in order
to be the full expression of yourself. You are source playing itself
out in the physical body. And each body is a unique
expression of source. Upon coming into this physical dimension, you “chose” to become that full expression, that unique expression. And so to restrict that expression in anyway is to disallow the very purpose for you coming
into this dimension in the first place. When we do things like keep secrets it makes us feel powerful
instead of powerless. But it is to be exclusive in an universe which is all inclusive, more than
all inclusive, it is all one. Your stories are not yours.
They are everyone’s. Your secret is not yours.
They are everyone’s. Your pain is not yours.
It is everyone’s. Your joyous is not yours.
It is everyone’s. To keep secrets, it’s
not understand the fact that you are everything and everyone. When we are not open and
honest and do not share, it makes us feel safe instead of unsafe. As we said before, people think
they’re safe and they’re invisible. But to live your life at the
mercy of fear is no kind of life. It is only a half life. We may fear what others will think of us. Or, we may fear that what we tell
others will be used against us. But I can tell you that if you are
comfortable with being yourself fully, you would not care
what they think about you. It would not be possible to be
embarrassed in the first place if you were not
indoctrinated with the idea that there are good ways
to be and bad ways to be. People who fear exposing
themselves without exception were raised in environments where
there was a heavy atmosphere of shame. It would be impossible to be embarrassed if you are not first
ashamed of being yourself. And the person does not become
ashamed of being themselves and thus they are exposed to someone
who convinces them that they should be. And as our spiritual practice progresses, it becomes more and more obvious that anything a person could do to us does not compare to
the pain of constriction when we impose restriction on our own being. There’s an old Chinese poem that explains a very deep spiritual truth. It is that an arrow can only pierce something that resists the arrow. If we were to instead become like water, an arrow shot into the water would not even make a dent. Instead it would be absorbed
into the expanse of the water. When we live in a state of constriction, when we keep secrets, when we live our lives as
anything other than ourselves, we are resistant to the very
things that we are afraid of and so they can hurt us. We are resisting the arrow when we’re living in a state of
closeness instead of openness. If we were to become like water to live in a state of complete
openness, sharing honesty, the expanse of us would absorb anything that came up against us. Nothing could make a dent. If you are completely open it’s true that you give
all your ammunition away. But when you give your ammunition away
it can’t be used on you. Some people feel as of being open and
sharing oneself over the world completely is a tasteless form of public exhibitionism. The deeper than that,
it is a form of narcissism. This is a profoundly out of alignment
point of view from source perspective seeing as how you came
into this planet in the first place to uniquely express yourself fully. This is the only way we can achieve self-awareness is if we are open with ourselves
and if we’re open to the world. Whats more than that, our only way to learn
from one another is to express ourselves. For the people who hold this
belief or raised in environments for the only socially acceptable way of being is conformity to a social ideal. Social etiquette often calls for extreme measures of self constriction. But we need to understand that if we have
an idea of how someone should behave, we are living our standards be dictated by
someone who came before us, someone who had power
over others who decided that if other people behaved in a certain
way it would make them feel happier. It is a former social control
that we have bought into, and we now reinforce. We need to ask ourselves who decided what was tasteful and
what was tasteless and why, why is public exhibitionism is not OK
especially in a universe where we came to this physical life specifically to be
unrestricted expressions of our true selves, why should we act in a certain way and who decides what that
certain acceptable way to act is. The idea that sharing oneself
completely is narcissism is a sad idea at best. You came into this physical dimension and you are restricted to the one
perspective that you called by your name. You will be with you for
the rest of your life. This means you are the love of your life. You just don’t know it yet. Self-love is not narcissism. Most people do not understand narcissism. And I can promise you I’ll be doing
a video on narcissism coming up soon. But the idea that there is
something inherently wrong with being self focused, self
congratulating, self celebrating is not an idea which comes
from source itself. It’s an idea that was brought
down from human to human. The idea that its virtuous to forget yourself,
and that it is selfish to care about yourself and to think highly enough about yourself
to be driven to show yourself off to others is an idea that is imposed on us
by the people who believe in the virtue of selflessness and who
rejected us for who we were. These people believe in humility,
a lethal humility. They spent a good deal of time trying
to make us believe that it was selfish, and to be selfish was to be bad,
and to be bad was to not deserve love, so are only way to get love was to deny ourselves
and restrict ourselves and to become constricted. The idea that you should
constrict yourself in any way and not celebrate your own life
and not show it off to others is an idea that originates
directly from self hate. Bottom line is
to live a life that is in alignment, to live a life where
you are able to be healthy, to live a life that you enjoy, “openness” is the order of the day. We have a choice at all moments of the day,
the choice is to be open or to be closed. This is why one of the most
beneficial exercises you can do is ask yourself throughout the day,
“How am I being closed right now? How am i constricting myself or
letting myself be constricted? And make the necessary changes in favor of
openness based on the answer you receive. A state of openness is the real state of freedom. Everything that we do in our lives is a
creative expression of our inner selves. Anything you do to constrict
yourself or anyone else is to restrict the flow of source
energy through your body. And you can’t live like that for long. It’s important that we understand that to commit to a spiritual
life and spiritual practice is to commit to a path of openness. Have a good week. Subtitles by the community


  • Reply Lena Huerta January 6, 2016 at 4:40 am

    Hey, I think I am a very open and authentic person, I have a huge and warm family.

    But, how should I deal with the judgement of the people around, my town is extremely conservative!! and how to deal with the pain of being seen as "less" for being authentic, than being respected and admired for being what society expects from me? I know girls that just do what their parents and church says and they look super happy, with wonderful lives.

    Is it really worthy to find my higher conscious than to just follow what society dictates?

    I need to feel better about this to continue, if somebody has some info, please let me know :/. Thank you! 🙂

  • Reply Jessica Hubbard January 15, 2016 at 2:54 am

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    Thank you, I appreciate you making this video. You are right, nice to have heard this. The question that remains is, how do I start living it. I want to, I understand all the reasons logically. But I just can't. I feel too vulnerable and … I can't. ♡

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    Why would God ……punish IT-SELF ?

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    Do humans as God always get the experience called life ? …………..Yes ! …….then there is nothing to "learn" and also nothing to not "learn" . There is no advise to be given and no advise to be taken and nothing to understand or nothing to not understand.

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  • Reply Quinton Allen March 20, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    My secrets in no way make me feel powerful. This was good to watch though cause right now I got the feeling I was fucking-up again. Bruce Lee made similar comments about water "becoming the cup" and it may have cost him his life. I don't particularly want to die. The rejection in my life was pretty much caused by everything you said but are there not varying degrees of secrets? Timing, as has been said, is everything, so I just need to pick my time. I love you.

  • Reply Salma Chikhaoui March 23, 2016 at 4:22 am

    ? But how to be open like so under all the rules , controls and the limited beliefs

  • Reply Manitoba Mel April 13, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Thank you for this…. I listen to this often as a reminder. My openness is a heavy door, this advice chips it away.

  • Reply Paco Segarra April 24, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    Always thank you. Superior, insuperable, the real Word of God, in you. Love and happiness for you.

  • Reply Sebastian April 25, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    SUMMARY – Openness (Why it is Crucial to Be Open) – Teal Swan

    Being open allows source fully expression through you without restricitons

    when you dont follow your emotional guidance system this is painful
    openness feels good instead

    openness vs. constriction

    keeping secrets, turning ourselves down to be accepted, doing things we dont want to do, closed minded not being open to new ideas and possiblities, not being honest, not sharing, isolating ourselves, seeing love in finite quantity, not admiting and going after our needs and wants, not expressing our emotions, fiting ourselves into a life dictated by society and much more…

    emotions and body suffers from constrictions expecially the lungs and heart

    we fear exposure and being ourselves
    most people choose to close ourselves down, to be invisible, hide

    universe is all inclusive, all one
    everything you experience is not yours but everyones

    people with great fear of expressing themselves were raised in a heave atmosphere of shame
    they are ashamed of being themselves cause they were convinced that they should be

    nothing anyone can do to us can cause us the pain that we feel constricting our own being

    an arrow can only pierce into something that resists it
    if we constrict ourselves we are resitant to what we fear and they can hurt us
    if we are open nothing can hurt us, we are like water

    to achieve self awareness we need to express ourselves fully
    to learn from one another we need to express ourselves

    Who decided what was tastefull and what untastefule?
    The idea to restrict yourself comes directly from self hate

    we have all time during the day the chose to be open or closed
    ask yourself: How am I restricting myself or let myself be restricted?
    make the necessary changes to be open

    to restrict yourself or anyone else means to restrict the flow of source energy through your body

    commit to openness in order to live a spiritual life with happiness

    Thanks Teal

  • Reply Js11 Lowen April 26, 2016 at 6:10 am

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    The new world won't have any religion but direct guidance from the spirit self. People won't need one set of rules to create world order. Everyone would know how their mind functions and why they're here on earth. So life will be a blissful experience. But when the hell will this happen? I wish I could live in a world like that right now!

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    There is one absolute gem in this and that is…

    "People who fear exposing themselves without exception were raised in environments where there was a heavy atmosphere of shame. It would be impossible to be embarrassed if you are not first ashamed of being yourself. (A) person does not become ashamed of being themselves unless they are exposed to someone who convinces them that they should be" Teal

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    We break on our conception of God, but you have done justice to this term. Openness is a function of fearlessness. It has been too long associated with warmth and tenderness. I do not say these traits are in incompatible. In fact, they go together quite well. Yet openness is not always a peaceful or sweet revelation. Sometimes openness can be socially unacceptable hang ups. It can be resentment. It can be aggression. Openness is an unwillingness to hide.

    This is why I held back on the Ayesha Curry backlash. I don't always want to play spoiler. Sometimes I simply choose to forebear. However her openness at the Red Table is very fitting to our discussion. There is no such thing as a WRONG FEELING. Ayesha Curry was not saying what was appropriate or inappropriate. She was not teaching manners. She was not modeling behavior for anyone. She let us into her emotional life and we excoriated her for it. We made her to be an ungrateful fool. There is this specious notion that if you do the right things, you will have the right feelings. In other words, if you feed the homeless, you will love them. That does happen. You know what else happens? Sometimes you are repulsed by them. Now if you were to admit that, you would be scolded into more community service to cure your "wrong feeling." Ayesha Curry did the sensible thing in marrying a responsible, super successful, pro-athlete that she loves and loves her. So this should MAKE HER have "sensible" feelings. I am sure the majority of her feelings are good and reasonable. Yet feelings are like dreams in that they are never directly connected to the thing you think they are connected to.

    I am no telepathic act, but I suspect her need to feel sexually desired outside her marriage is really a desire not to be an adjunct. She came into public awareness through her husband and so all her accomplishments can feel like it is being put on Stephan's Curry's running tab. If another man looks upon her and desires her, that can not be attributed to him. That is the one primal thing that belongs to her. This seems like a desire for a separate acknowledgement. Not a break from her husband romantically, but perceptually. The romantic tie to her husband has given her many beautiful things, but it has also made her appendix to her husband. It's funny how we understand this with men. Men are teased for having a more powerful woman in a relationship. Whoever marries Taylor Swift will be humiliated as Mr. Swift if he is not famous. We get it with men, but when women feel like not being in their spouses shadow, they need to shut up and appreciate their situation.

    Remember feelings don't ever equal any specific action. We just assumed infidelity is afoot because of a feeling. For example, I can be mad at you Teal and civilly talk it out with you, or I can try to sabotage your image. The choice to reconcile or to sabotage is never a direct result of a feeling. We unfairly judged her for an action SHE DID NOT COMMIT! Good video.

  • Reply strohberg June 24, 2019 at 9:32 am

    Resistance is futile.

  • Reply Katherina Ivanova June 29, 2019 at 6:28 pm

    Word of relief

  • Reply All Roads Lead Here July 7, 2019 at 1:27 am

    I'm open. I've got nothing to live for.

  • Reply Minh Quang Nguyen July 13, 2019 at 4:28 am

    This video speaks my heart. As a gay man, I've suppressed myself a lot which makes me feel completely unhappy. But now I'm more open about my sexuality, which makes life easier although there's discrimination around. Thank you, Teal.

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