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Onychomycosis / laser nail fungus treatment, fungal toe nails – Dr Malik’s Montreal Podiatry Center

August 18, 2019

Hi I’m doctor Shazia Malik, I’m a podiatrist
practicing in Montreal, I’ve been here for fifteen years. Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the
nails. It can be quite stubborn and difficult to get rid
of, but the good news is that, with persistence, it can be done. The most common cause of onychomycosis is
an infection underneath the nail caused by a fungi, usually T. rubrum. Those who have
recurring athletes foot infections are often at risk for developing fungal nail infections,
as are those with diabetes, HIV, or any long-term illnesses that affect the immune system. Symptoms of an infection include a nail that
has become thickened and discolored. In some cases, the nail will also become brittle and
pieces will break away. Prevention of infection is straightforward.
Do not walk on bare feet at gyms or public areas, keep feet cool and dry, change your shoes daily, wear breathable footwear that isn’t too tight, use shoe stabilizers to kill micro
organisms, and treat athletes foot infections as soon as they develop. If you are unfortunate and become infected,
treatment can take many forms, from topical anti-fungal ointments, regular maintenance
at a podiatrist’s office, laser therapy, and even surgery. If you are concerned about a fungal nail infection
such as onychomycosis, please call the podiatry office of Dr. Shazia Malik at 514-844-5250,
or visit us at montreal foot doctor dot com today to schedule a thorough evaluation, and
to learn more about your treatment options.

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