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Oncology at BluePearl

December 15, 2019

Much of what we do is a team effort with
the family veterinarian and ourselves together in managing a dog or a cat
who comes to us with a cancerous disease. Part of what we can offer on the
oncologist side and having a full-fledged oncology department is
making sure that we’re using state-of-the-art treatments. We certainly
use the safest administration techniques and equipment we possibly can. People who come to see us can be certain that we’re up to date on the most
current knowledge of treating these diseases and that they’re getting the best experience possible for themselves and their dog or their cat. I think one of the most common
misconceptions about oncology and veterinary medicine is that
it’s going to be a very very difficult process on the dog or the cat, that the quality of life is not going to be
as it should. You know, understandably many people have an association with
chemotherapy in people. They may have gone through chemo themself, they may
you know a close friend or relative who has gone through chemo
and part of my job is client education and making sure that people understand
that we would never want to do anything that causes
their dog or cat suffering or makes their disease or quality of life worse. You know, we’re not doing these
treatments because we want to put them through a hardship. We’re doing them so
that hopefully they live considerably longer. Everyone wants that outcome
but also that we’re materially improving their quality of life and if at any time
during the process we’re not comfortable with how they’re
feeling or responding we change what we do or we stop. The biggest part of what I do is giving
people a soft place to fall. If we can improve quality of life and it’s for a
meaningful length of time, that is a victory.

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