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OMG!! Testing VIRAL Beauty Hacks … | Shruti Arjun Anand

December 21, 2019

This is Shruti & I am Anishka Today we’ve brought for you some “Weird beauty hacks” So guys you’ve watched on internet We’ll also enjoy trying these hacks whether they will be good one or not to hide the dark circles I’m looking like a cartoon Ninja Hathori after doing this I’ve taken some more concealer it seems like that I don’t even know how to apply blush & I applied it on cheeks instead of our under eye area I’ve applied two layers of concealer still its not get hide I think it will works when applying little lipstick but she’ve shown much more in her video although we’ve applied a little yet I feel like its not gonna be working hey..why don’t we apply concealer instead of red lipstick if we’ve applied that much of layers so what we’ll do is in place of a makeup sponge this is so small why you always use this foundation because this is my favourite one oh its put foundation on my hair too I’m doing little more as I want that this hack works it gets stick anywhere by itself foundation looks better when someone looks you from a distance as this doesn’t soak product in it and gets messy too not looks too bad doesn’t looking flawless but its ok.. at this end of the bobby pin even if I see someone in the market if she’ve applied the eyeliner properly I feel like that how can I erase that that much I fond of about winged liner what’ll happen if someone hit you from back while you applying this I think I prefer that messy liner rather than applying it with scissor why trying to hide your hair??… what we’ve to do is but taking some hair from the tip side don’t misplace the candle oh god!! what’s this I am not doing this to my hair if you’ve long hair & even don’t you like them as how you know that what distance you’ve to maintain between your hair & candle how to do that if you don’ like your hair or any of your friend tell this hack to them as I told you & now I’ll tell this to the Payal if its gonna be that much of hot I found this hack so stupid how you can apply a baby powder instead of your dry shampoo as we don’t have baby powder we are using this one its like a substitute for dry shampoo it will work or not? apply good amount of it dear apply it here properly why I am only to apply this you can also try it here we get rid with our oily hair yeah massage like this are you take any kind of revenge how you knew this it seems like this that Anishka got dandruff in her hair am I looking like an old lady nothing happened as Anishka is habitual of lipsticks thats why I am going to make a diy crayon lipstick lets see how to make what we’ve to do for that we take 1 tsp of coconut oil & a crayon now microwave this for about 20 to 30 seconds its looking like a candle wax all kids will keep their crayons safe yeah.. thinking that mother make lipstick from their crayons yeah correct as I took Anaya’s crayon this hack is also worst blah blah… its looks like cream of the cake what weird sound is that actually I am habitual of applying gram flour or fuller’s earth on my face I think this hack work a little bit not that much I feel so cool on my face I think it you buy this then makeup remover too…. Anishka has remembered that how to close a video so she is going to close this video so thats all in today’s video if you enjoyed this with us so do like, share & comments on this video also subscribe to my channel “Anaysa” & don’t forget to press that bell icon to get the notifications that we uploaded our new video will see you in my next video till then take care & bye-bye omg!! its on the channel Shruti Arjun Anand not on Anaysa so tell them to subscribe on my channel & also press the bell icon beside that yeah… is it ok now???


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