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Occhi, Mutazione e Virus – Eyes, Mutation and Virus (ENG SUB)

March 1, 2020

The Evolution, basically speaking, what does it produce? It produces an increase of variety it usually produces a greater complexity since if we analyse an organ one we all have, the eye for example, It isn’t like we’re the only creatures with eyes, cows, pigs, reptiles, flies, birds have them as well most of the animals has eyes their eyes are heavily different each from the other though the fly’s eye, the snake’s eye, the man’s eye all have different traits they all our ahead of a long history, one of hundreds millions of years and that’s why the Evolution usually produces a greater complexity not always though, there are times it produces a greater simplicity the most exact case is that of parasites What happens to them? During the Evolution they gradually lose all of their organs and they only improve that organ which lets them get in the cells of the “host” and take advantage of the “biologic machine” of the host to reproduce like the plasmodium of the Marsh Fever does in our blood cells so do other parasites in other ways simplified with the Evolution Although that doesn’t mean they became less, er… Developed, than us just saying, even being simplified, they’re still perfectly able to kill us! Occasionally though and not always, luckily but generally speaking the Evolution brings a great improvement to the the relationship the individual holds with its habitat because it survives better the one which is more suitable to the habitat and that’s why these are the concepts of the Evolutive process Generations are the unit of measurement of Evolution so if we check the difference between us humans who reproduce every twenty-five/twenty-seven years and the bacteria which could reproduce every twenty minutes we see that, if we count using generations, a bacterium in a year evolves as much as a human does in half a million of years and in such years humans have changed a lot and you just need to look at the flu virus, which mutates so rapidly that almost every year there are new, more aggressive viral strains exactly because they had many generations in that time lapse and their adaptability to their external habitat which for them is our body their ability to “hook” us improved and as a matter of fact we fight them. I’ve been talking about the biological Evolution till now…


  • Reply Dante Basili February 27, 2020 at 8:08 pm

    English subtitles are provided for this video! 🙂

  • Reply Dante Basili February 28, 2020 at 6:42 am

    “We are the ‘external habitat’ for viral adaptation”
    An we humans do the same when we adapt to new viral strains.
    Resilience is key to Life.

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