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OC Toddler Dies After Contracting Flu

November 11, 2019


  • Reply Mrs. Chancellor January 28, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    No vaccines

  • Reply Diane Bingham January 31, 2018 at 1:33 am

    Please explain how many people were vaccinated and contracted the flu. .this report is biased. Please tell of the children who died from flu shortly after receiving the shot. Please understand and read what's in it. ty.

  • Reply Michelle Sartori February 1, 2018 at 1:43 am

    He would do much better for his daughter to run AWAY from the Dr's, hospitals and Big Pharma's poison in a shot. Every or almost every child that has died this year is a victim of the flu VACCINE, NOT the flu shot. The flu shot this year is 10% effictive as per the CDC who helps make money for pharmaceutical companies and it is CDC employees who take up positions in the top eschalon of these companies when they leave the CDC. The flu vaccine given to a child who already has a comprimised immune system due to the previous vaccines he/she has gotten, plsces them at much higher risk of contracting the influenza virus type that is in the vaccine but as the virus is injected straight into the bloodstream and bypasses the normal immune response the body has, the child gets a bigger dose that it is less able to fight!. When a person gets a flu shot one year they are far more likely to get the flu the following year, vaccine or not. Please remember parents that your child is getting the same "dose " of vaccine that an adult gets. The Aluminium is NOT the sort that lives in the soil, but a patented highly dangerous AAHSP or AmphorusAluminiumHydroxyPhosphate Sulphate. Developed by Merck this is used as the substance gives a greater "immune response" and basically sets off an "immune storm" in the body. Many old and tiny people cannot cope with the stress placed on their bodies by this, especially if ill or weakened already. Immune diseases used to be rare, but Guillian Barre, a paralysis caused by a immune activated response, is rife in the vaccinated population. Some die, some live but some are permanently paralysed. The other significant danger of the AAHPS is that the vaccine is made within a "closed system ". This means that each dose is different. Because it's "amorphous " it is like oil and water that doesn't mix. Scientific studies have shown that some vials contain 600% + times the maximum dose of the virus while some only have subclinical levels, meaning not enough to do any good. It is impossible to check who gets what. This is only one of several life threatening dangers in vaccines, not just the flu shot. Multidose vias contain Mercury, the most toxic non nuclear substance known to man, formaldyhyde, used to preserve the dead, Polysorbate 80, a KNOWN carcinogen, and animal and human DNA which is an entire lesson in itself of Frankenstein medicine. If you read this and you want to know more or the studies I have referenced I will be happy to respond. Please keep your well child AWAY from the Dr. Keep them that way. Give them good food, clean water, sunshine, SO important and no vaccines. These parents who have lost their children will go searching for a reason. The guilt they feel when they find out WHY this happened will eat at them for years to come. Knowledge is the best weapon!

  • Reply rk archer February 10, 2018 at 10:38 am

    The government trying to put more deathly bull shit in people body's . population control .

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