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Obtenir une Peau Claire en seulement 3 Jours/Juste et Agréable,Remèdes Maison pour Éclaircir et

October 18, 2019

get a clear skin in just 3 days
| just and nice, Home Remedies for to lighten and whiten your skin
Hello my loves it’s true that I had planned a tip for you with coffee
but I had to first put mine aside to make the tip that a member
of this beautiful community has kindly shared with us, it’s Cladice Buanga it’s
that I make you a cuckoo Cladice, thank you for share your experience and your advice with
we will see his comment and his recommendation in the video 3 IN 1 … indeed another
precisely subscriber Ms. Jeannete Evina wrote me to tell me that his face is
too dark for a while, so that it is clear all over the body without
forget to mention hyperpigmentation tasks too rebellious she has, hello to you my
Auntie, well I check the trick from Cladice and I kindly shared with you, before continuing I recommend you
to subscribe and click on the bell notification for those who do not
have not done it yet, and for you who already make from this beautiful community
so thank you from the bottom of my heart support me and accompany me.
to do our treatment we will need coffee, natural yoghurt and lemon Our main ingredient here is coffee
why the café? what is it will come to clear, clean, and remove
hyperpigmentation spots of our skin? My loves, the use of the Café does not stop
not just for consumption, in Brazil it is a whole culture, almost a symbol. Good
beyond its stimulating effect and its powerful taste, he is also a true
natural treasure of beauty, Brazilian women are absolutely fans of shampoos based
of coffee. Why ? Because applied directly on the hair, caffeine stimulates their
grows. In addition, the coffee restores shine and revive the natural color of the hair
dark! But for today we go first left the hair aside what we
interested is the skin then, My loves Coffee grounds are rich in antioxidants,
in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
Benefits of coffee for your skin: coffee has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
It protects the skin against aggressive effects free radicals. It also helps
reduce skin pigmentation, and is used in some treatments to clear up
the skin, like the treatment we’re going make,
Coffee is a body scrub, an anti Cellulite, all around, thanks to caffeine
that it contains and that is recognized as the most powerful of the cleaning assets of the
skin, it tones the silhouette by smoothing skin, grains of coffee grounds penetrate
deep into the skin for an action ultra efficient, which helps fight against
cellulite and orange peel, my loves natural yoghurt I talked to you for a long time
its benefits on the skin, I would come back on it next time, when I would do
the recipe with coffee and vitamin E , this recipe that I normally had
planned for you tonight, so for the preparation it’s very simple, take a spoon
tablespoons yogurt take a spoon Coffee coffee, which you add in a bowl
clean with a teaspoon of yogurt organic nature, and the juice of half a lemon, mix
all the way until you get a leg , the texture of your scrub must be silky
, soft and smooth, then wash well your face and apply the mask on your face
at least on the areas to be treated you can do it with your hands okay?
MY loves before continuing I recommend you to share this information with all your
friends and family, thank you already for this gesture of heart,
So after applying well on your face doing circular massages
and avoiding the eye contour of course, you must leave about 20 minutes
, the time that the coffee grounds activates the microcirculation of your face
, then rinse first with lukewarm water then has cold water and then wipe your
face tapping, , then think about moisturizing your face with
your favorite moisturizing oil, I recommend you either avocado oil
organic be sweet almond oil okey? SO that was all for this tip coming
of our sister who recommended it, I hope that you liked
the video, so put me a max of thumb in the air and especially remember to subscribe
to always receive wonderful tips regarding health at all levels
, you can also look at our previous videos so I leave
the link below the description area , I make you full of kisses and tell you
see you soon by then take great care of you kisses


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