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Novartis + Microsoft reimagining medicine using AI

February 8, 2020

[MUSIC].>>Peter, welcome to Basel. We’re delighted to have you here and a great alliance between
our two companies. The expertise that we have in life science and the
strengths that you have in AI will crack some of the most important
challenges for patients. There’ still 90 percent
of diseases that are not understood at all or that
don’t have solutions to it. We have a gold mine of data, but a lot of data has
never been linked before.>>There’s value for every person in your
organization to share data, to connect to each other
beyond the research and discovery, to manufacturing –
even to marketing. We can start right away
with machine-learned models and data sharing across
your entire organization. So that we create a
data science spirit. One of the most profound
possibilities is to take very, very different
kinds of data sets and integrate discovery
across all of them.>>I loved that – new
approaches, new solutions, new models, that we can
empower a team with. You could see many
activities that used to take hours, days to be done
in seconds or minutes. If we can accelerate the way
that we get closer to drugs, we could speed the time that
we get our drugs to market.>>I’m really excited
that we’ve joined forces and created this joint
AI Innovation Lab.>>We’re taking on some of
the most complex challenges, smart dosing for macular
degeneration or for ALL. We’re taking as well on
generative chemistry.>>It really is the
magical combination of deep biology and
deep data science, allowing us to get much
closer to the patient.>>I think ultimately what
we’re trying to do together is re-imagining medicine
powered by data science.>>We’re ready to get to work. [MUSIC]


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