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October 14, 2019

Jeff would prefer not to be identified
on this video. Jeff, tell us yourself what what’s been going on with your nose?
“I have an abscess inside my nose, and its doubled (in size) in the last two days.” I’m going to use a spray, a medicine called cetacaine, its a topical anesthetic. It works great in the nose. That is what we need to numb up. Are you ready?
“Yep” Alright here we go You may feel some of this. Does that hurt?
“I can feel it but it doesn’t hurt” Its right there. Yep, that’s an abscess. Am I hurting you?
“No” I need to get a culture of that. So I want to get just the pus. Opened it up a little bit more. Not hurting anything?
“A little bit”
Oh you do feel it? ok let me get that out of the way then. Still or just when I was doing it?
“It stings a little bit but thats alright.” How about pushing on it? How’s that? “I can feel it but not as bad.”
Not as bad as the sharp thing? I don’t believe we mentioned it earlier, but there is somebody in your household who has MRSA? “She “had” it” A family member had it, got treated with some clindamycin and that cleared it up. “Clindamycin and they opened it up.”
And drained it?
“and drained it” So she had an abscess also?
“Yea” We’re going to get you some clindamycin also. With Jeff’s return visit we see the swelling has
gone down the drainage is slowing or even stopping, and we also, when checking
the culture in the sensitivities, when we took the culture initially found that
his bacteria that was growing in him was MRSA. If you have comments or questions please
write them below. Until next time, this is doctor Vaughan telling you to stay in good

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