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No More “Love Handles” (NO BULLSH*T!)

August 13, 2019

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to give you a strategy for
getting rid of your love handles once and for all. The cool thing is, we’re actually going to
start at the top. Those that are in the worst spot, those that
are really hating the love handles at the moment because they look the worst. You have to start with a different strategy. Then as we get closer to the goal, the strategy
changes. So let’s start at that top. If you’re carrying a lot of body fat the very
first thing you have to do is, you’ve got to look me in the eye here and agree that
you’re going to do this. You have to clean up your nutrition. Don’t start looking for exercises, or a
side crunch, or one magic thing to do to get rid of the obvious thing that you’re not doing
right. That is, you don’t care what you put in
your mouth, or at least you don’t care on a consistent basis. If you do, I’m telling you, things are going
to change dramatically in this area and it’s not going to take all that long to happen. Now you might say “But, Jeff! I always watch what I eat”, or “I only drink
once every three hours”. Guys, you’ve got to stop making the excuses
because you know it’s not on point and nutrition has to be much better than it is. As a matter of fact, to lose body fat you
have to be in a hypocaloric state from whatever your level of maintenance is. So as you do that though, you don’t have
to wait to get started. What you could do right now is start working
on the width of your lats because visually, as your lats get wider, your waist is going
to come in and become narrower because of the visual difference, and the proximity in
the area. So here’s what you need to do. I’m going to use the one armed row as an example
of what we’re talking about. If you watch as I do this, if I take the dumbbell
just up to the level of my waist, but not beyond, then I’m never fully contracting the
lat. I’m never training it in its fully shortened
state and that is what impairs a development of the lower lats, or the lowest point here
in the lats. Which, by the way, happens to be the closest
to the love handles. So if you want to create that maximum differential
then you’re going to want to train your lat fully. So what you might have to do is drop the weight
a little bit. I know the ego lifters are going to have a
hard time, especially because we all love to swing those big ass dumbbells and do nothing
for the lats. You’re going to have to in this case. You’re going to have to drop the weight so
that you can get – without over rotating – you can get that elbow to the level of
your body, but past that. Almost wrapping around your back. When you do that and incorporate that in all
of your lat training you’re going to feel the difference, and you’re going to start
to see the widening of the lats and the visual narrowing of the waist. So the next step – provided you’re still
focused on that nutrition, you’re working your way down because you’re losing some of
that body fat – you’ve got to work your abs. Now I have so many videos here about how to
work your abs, at all different levels. We have beginner ab workouts. We have advanced ab workouts. But you’ve got to work your abs because at
least what you want to do is start creating some visual distraction, if nothing else,
right here in the middle. It’s a lot easier to do that. Ab training has lots of different opportunities
for you to do exercises of all different levels so anybody can get involved. Secondly, you can start to see your abs – even
the top two – at a much higher level of body fat. Even at 11%, 12% you’re going to start to
see them. Especially in the right light. So start working on your ab training, just
make sure you’re consistent with it. I preach very regular ab training. You’re going to want to make sure that when
you get involved – you don’t have to be doing this for hours and hours at a time. Minutes is fine. Just make sure you’re very consistent with
it and you continue to work on your nutrition. Now, we’re getting in that sub 10% body fat
level, but you still have a little bit of that left over here because we’re guys and
that’s where we carry our body fat. Well, what you’re going to want to do here,
as you’re continuing to work on that nutrition, is this: you’re going to want to make sure
you train your damn obliques. Don’t let people tell you to avoid the obliques
because “See, that’s what’s making your waist thick.” No! That is what’s going to make your waist look
incredible as you continue to work on your body fat. You see, the oblique is the muscle that runs
here, and is responsible for the bulge that you see on the side of your waist there. It just happens to be wrapped in too much
fat at the moment. Look at the difference here on me. If you look at this picture here, here I am,
artificially bloated. But when I get rid of that fat, that’s the
oblique muscle laying underneath there. That is what you want. Guess what it does? Look at the orientation of the muscle. It’s actually the V-lines. The V-Taper. What creates even more visual narrowing. You pair that up with your continually developed
abs, you pair that up with your widened lats, and you’re on the road to seeing really, really
good things when you look in the mirror. When you train your obliques you can do anything. Simple. Get a band. Do what I’m doing here. Follow the fibers. I talk about that all the time. If you look at the fiber-orientation of the
external obliques and you line that band up the same direction as those fibers, and you
pull along that direction; you’re going to be working your external obliques. If you anchor the band the other way, and
you follow the internal obliques – you can’t see, but they go the opposite direction there
– if you line band up with the orientation of those fibers and you work your twist in
the opposite direction, your rotation down and in – you’re going to see that those
muscles will be worked as well. Now you’ve got a strategy no matter where
you are along your goal to getting rid of your love handles. But remember this: it’s going to take some
work. But I will lay out – always – the straight,
no BS way for you to do it. This is going to work if you follow this. I promise you. If you’re looking for a program that picks
it up from here, and even takes it further, lays it out meal by meal for you, to help
you with those fat loss goals, or even the training that we incorporate, maybe it’s pure
fat loss that you’re after at the moment; that’s in our Max Shred program. But whatever program it is that I have that’s
most specific to you, you’re going to be able to find that using our program selector. If you click on the link below, head over
to our site and take the two minutes that it takes you to go through that. All right, guys. I hope you’ve found the video helpful. Leave your comments below. Let me know what you want me to cover here
in future videos and I’ll do my best to do that for you. All right, guys. See you soon.


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