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NJTV: Pallone Updates Public on Efforts to Address E-Cigarette Epidemic

December 25, 2019

The increasing number of teens
becoming addicted to nicotine has triggered an investigation into the
public health impacts of e-cigarettes. The study is included in a measure
introduced by Jersey representative Frank Pallone that would more tightly
restrict the sale of vape products. Leah Mishkin has an update. It’s trying
not to make the kids become the target Congressman Frank Pallone unveiled new
legislation to address the youth e- cigarette crisis in the country. The
Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2019 includes raising the minimum age
to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21, prohibiting the sale of flavored tobacco
products, banning the marketing of e-cigarettes to young people, and
prohibiting online sales of tobacco products.
Dorian Furman with the national grassroots organization parents against
vaping e-cigarettes says children are being lured by the flavors and getting
addicted to the nicotine. There has been a hundred thirty five percent increase
in high school kids vaping in two years alone. You can’t tell me that with
flavors like watermelon, mint, cotton candy, strawberry milk, gummy bear, and
even zombie blood that these companies are not willfully and purposely
targeting kids like me and my friends. The Boston University professor Michael
Siegel says a ban on e-cigarette flavors will have a negative impact on
ex-smokers. These clinical trials that have been done have basically
shown that these products are twice as successful as nicotine patches and
getting people to quit. These two and a half million ex-smokers who quit using
e-cigarettes are basically going to be forced back to smoking. He suggests
regulating the nicotine content as a way to keep the products available to adults
while reducing youth use. Let’s face it it’s not the flavors that make these
products addictive it’s the nicotine. According to the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention 33 people have died and more than 1450 cases of vaping
related lung injuries have been reported. In New Jersey we have 20 confirmed cases
one death and 35 reports under investigation. The CDC says the specific causes of the
lung injuries are still not known but it also says that THC was found in most of
the samples tested by the FDA and it also highlights some studies done
nationally and on state levels that show that those THC products were often
obtained on black markets and they say that is what’s playing a major part in
this outbreak. We still would like to have more information about the health
impacts. The congressman says in addition to introducing the bill he sent letters
to top e-cigarette companies requesting research they’ve done to help
clarify the public health impacts of the products. In Perth Amboy, Leah Mishkin

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