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Nilkamal Wood Guard | Nilkamal BubbleGuard | Nilkamal

November 25, 2019

Hello, and welcome Nilkamal presents Bubble Guard a new range of scientifically engineered polypropylene boards with a patented European technology that allows for endless applications Nilkamal Bubble Guard has a unique multi-layered Honeycomb structure with the Air lock technology That makes the board uniformly strong and amazingly lightweight With a high strength to weight ratio Nilkamal Bubble Guard is so versatile that it can be used for packaging, protection, printing and signage, decor panels and automotive applications Nilkamal Bubble Guard introduces Wood Guard – a series of boards that protect your wooden furniture from moisture and bacteria. Wood Guard is quick and easy to use So easy that it can be applied by anyone, you don’t need skilled labor! Just measure and cut Wood Guard to fit your furniture as per the size required Clean the surfaces and apply a thin layer of adhesive on the furniture and Wood Guard Press the Wood Guard firmly on the furniture and allow it to set for 30 minutes ensure. There are no air gaps Your furniture is now protected. Wood Guard is completely waterproof and does not allow any moisture to pass through This keeps the wood as good as new and does not allow any bacteria formation Wood Guard is ideal for all types of furniture and wooden surfaces which are susceptible to moisture from walls. When you want to protect your furniture from damage to Nilkamal Wood Guard!


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