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Nicholas Ashe-Mental Illness on Screen

March 9, 2020

I think that mental illness is probably the biggest threat to humanity. It remains undiagnosed misdiagnosed, mistreated I think that if people could look on TV and see someone struggling with something that they feel they can’t talk to their friends about Or bring to their teachers, it would help them navigate what it is that they’re going through and not be ashamed to Seek help If they see a character come through the other side more realized, more decided. Gavin at one point in the film puts his own feelings to the side to better help, you know Trevor go through what it is that he needs to go through, and I think that often times when it comes to dealing with someone who Is mentally unstable or deals with a mental illness if you operate with them out of a place of impatience They’ll never get better. If you worry about what it is You’re feeling or how they made you feel, all that has to go to the wayside, you know, they aren’t well That’s why they behave that way So if you keep throwing that in their face, they have no chance of ever getting better It is so evident. But so easy to forget that you aren’t alone So I just would like to remind you that you are not alone and there is no shame in Getting help you have to want that help you have to seek it You have to imagine yourself on the other side of it and do everything to get there

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