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New Years Resoultion | Motivational Cleaning with Me | Rahde Family

November 16, 2019

Hey guys, so before I start today’s video I Just want to do a quick update on extras health I know it’s like all I’ve been talking about lately, but the poor boy is going through a lot so, um, I Left off saying he just had a couple viruses and it is what it is. We’re trying to find other doctors And Um So we haven’t gotten into an allergist yet, but we did get him to another doctor We found a doctor’s office that is open on weekends. So on Friday or Saturday? He had like a little bit of a cough congestion the boys both boys did and I was like whoa, and whatever that annoying Mm-hmm but it is what it is and then On Sunday things took a turn for the worst Asher started like having breathing problems couldn’t catch his breath So I rushed him over to the doctor’s office because I was like I could take him to the ER but er here You’re in the waiting room or they don’t really help you it’s just I don’t know I felt better taking him to a doctor’s office Where if things did like it really bad they have things there that they could help him to so we took him there and they Had bunch of doctors checking his oxygen levels cuz he did look like he was in distress But it turned out he was like his oxygen levels were fine. I Mean they’re in 97 so they weren’t perfect of course, but they were like good but he turned out to be have Forrest V No, not appropriate He turned out that he has RSV in like asthmatic symptoms along with that. So we have breathing treatments for the boy we Yeah, so he’s not doing so well He’s still having breathing problems He’s the most happiest within the hour after his breathing new treatments The two hours leading up to his nuts treatment. He’s not happy Have you ever didn’t get better? I don’t know but yeah, so that is just a little update on Asher. Good morning everybody So I decided like today I was going to do a sit-down video talking about I’m just our New Year’s resolutions but Can we just talk about how unrealistic sit down videos are in my life? Like I don’t have time just Do you see why I have no time to sit down quietly He got a piece Candice want to see slept all night. Apparently, he’s a newborn like my other child What’s going on over here But in human it’s trying to say I have no time for a sit-down quiet video It’s just not gonna happen in my life right now So I figured I would just throw them in and today’s vlog so I Need to clean up so I will may be tough you are in cleanup So my first resolution Cuz I have this whole baby here but it is like taking more time, okay, can we get back to My first menu in this Tiki time Of the day throughout the weeks were up month. I’m focusing on me You know like I Yeah, I hate it happen Nothing, is that like? He’s like, okay, you probably know how to eat and nothing that you’re yourself so I gotta figure out What I’m interested in what? Makes me happy and what I can do throughout the day week money Who really care about myself? I’ve been wanting to perk up for months tons of it. I need to make equipment there I need contacts been wanting that over a year haven’t made the equipment gotta make that way bit just like little things then I Love getting my nails done. It’s just something I absolutely love haven’t done it simple for our marriage wedding Which was almost five years ago. We’re having our five year anniversary this summer and I’m throwing out a big change in which is so exciting this we haven’t been on vacation since our honeymoon and We’re going back to our honeymoon spot and I’m so excited But just like things like making things happen, I have never seen that guy my life But And trying to figure out what that means and like also just like why they make it to mindset Like little things like what do like I Don’t know I have no free time Like when I have free time I’m looking up stuff for my kids whether that’s like school curriculum or things they can be doing better for them except you know like Oh, yeah, I know you suck it and I do wonder if I’m out though You know and so I would I don’t know like I always say I was like to me more Things I need time for I’m not making you eat this so calm down bring your brother That like just little things I don’t know how other moms are able to do podcasts I I can’t I don’t know if it’s because it’s late my kids age, but there’s no way because here a podcast while in What happened why is it taking like in years to make this sandwich this is because to me is attached at the hip But so that is a goal that is my goal this year is to figure it out Of course got to make sure it take off that crust Then I melt down 8:00 in the morning. Oh, but yes, we are hot for work today because our SB who knows what he has He was up all night. She was not doing well yesterday Just because he’s coughing steadily and breathing Fire I’m sure you’re tired hearing about it. I just want this kid better It’s more emotional and He’s gonna freak out now we’re gonna read our words Say it best Chuck Matt good job Good job, can you make your own? It stinks in here, what did you do? What Was that you binky the Poop walk is a stinky. Yeah, you came in handle it. It’s so bad Are you so handsome dull? Are you put in the black you’re a puzzle together? Okay, do you guys like look at this poor face he is so sick I’m hoping you get better soon, baby He’s just so exhausted but can’t sleep because you can’t breathe. Oh it’s a vicious cycle Hi do You love your brother, don’t you? This is how Ashley give kisses that’s what kind of kiss Okay, kiss actually I kissed um Yeah, I could probably do that, yeah You don’t cook it you just decorate it So we got this gingerbread at Target when they had like, they’re six seventy ninety percent off sale Whatever after Christmas, so I’m really hoping it’s still good it has Its pre built because I don’t mess around And then it had like this fondant and it feels a lot cards. I’m not sure and Then I think like frosting inside here Oh We’ll see how this goes Here are you ready do the other side? Be like light or those the Christmas lights eyes are pretty it like it Hey Gingerbread house It turned out awesome. He did so good y’all. I am so proud of this kid We did awesome Zeke You did awesome Son fell off as a bummer Look at this disaster a house always like who put the big tent in my living room just Get over here Who knows what we’re doing after will you do it Okay time for Resolution number two, and that is I mean kind of ridiculous but Making healthier meals for our family and making our kids eat healthier I didn’t really good at the beginning of the year with our like even when she was little and then what’s ashes he was like Whatever we can get an oven put it in oven and we eat it so I would like to get back on track to evening because I Was the parent that refused I was like no I’m not making two meals for us in our kids and He’s like what is wrong with me? So I am we’re trying to get back and I’m happy about it, but you beat what we’re eating and that’s it So I’m trying to get back there Yeah as your bottom her Yeah, so if you follow any awesome like Instagrams I don’t even know what people follow anymore but any good healthy kid friendly meal ideas Let me out no, and If they’re crock pot meals that we even better. Oh, yes, that is our resolution. Number two And I get to go parent now Okay. So, um Why don’t I actually taking a decent nap? I feel like he’s been silly but I Have put together a cleaning list each day What area I’m focusing on so I’ll show you that real quick. So Here it is super like not detailed at all, so today is Tuesday, so I’m just doing the kitchen So I have like cleared off I have to clean this out or clear this off and put everything away I Have to go through this cupboard. It’s terrible like Look how terrible this is and we organize this every like month I’d say like once a month and this dough gets horrible. I Need go Clear all this off and clean the outside of this like wash the outside of the fridge and Then just go through here and throw away any leftovers and things like that a huge ham because my sister gave it to me and I need to I’m gonna make like potato ham soup, but I feel like It’s gonna be super hammy, so you have to figure out what else don’t eat with that Um, so I’m just yeah, I’m just focusing on cleaning it this up While leeks just having some downtime and Asher’s napping because one Okay, so for the dreaded Refrigerator I don’t know is it just me but I can’t say I’m doing or it’s just I got more dog meat me You know like a love Wi-Fi magnets, but it works super cluttered. I can’t get rid of his Artwork is so cute. But like Ross. I’m gonna put it, you know Here are the ridiculous amounts of magnets and papers from the refrigerators now I get to Figure out what to do it. I Get to throw all of these pictures away I feel accomplished All of these magnets are gonna be donated because they’re either like old or just not once that we want to keep and then these will be Put away somewhere How cute is that little gingerbread man? He’s so cute. I do have a method to my madness So these up here are like my are functional slash our Vacation magnets we do collect magnets wherever we go as you can see, we haven’t gone very many places And then over here are all the ones that like our cliff magnets that are my favorite Down here are extras magnets that he can play with I should get him like sure ones. These were free From something random. They’re like from like see Sandra Boynton’s they are pointers those books You know, they’re super cute and then on the side are all of our like personal magnets that are like local or Paperwork that is personal that we don’t really need to be showing everybody Okay, so I just check on extra heat still sleeping so I can get the inside of the fridge Okay in that is it’s in our fridge done And extra is still sleeping. So that’s just something so if I’ve got it all done, I Didn’t think this would be like, I’m actually like clean with me type video But it turned out to be like fridges my husband’s beer like set anybody else’s problem like why I Don’t know So, yeah, I just need to get rid of the old leftovers, oh that was probably really close Yeah, just kind of sweep the floor and all that and then help them in here and then The massive horribleness that is our living room can be dealt with tonight You guys it just figured out the best system and I don’t know why it’s taken me as long just a second buddy I just stand at the kitchen in that folding and putting on the counter. I have this gate to keep the baby out if I have to And it’s so good on my back. I Usually Like sit on the floor and fold and Asher just throws everything and it’s a disaster So what ends up is I just the baskets of clean laundry forever Until cave is home And I can put him away when he’s here. So now I think everything put away while he’s gone and Keep doing laundry something. I don’t know why I never thought about time for resolution and number four And that is to be more positive and grateful and I’m thinking just a second I’m thinking about probably doing like a great Folder sorry Zeke was playing a very exciting game. Um, What is it? Is it a grateful Journal? It’s not a grateful Journal doesn’t something right, but you just journal what you’re grateful for that day um And so I’m thinking about doing That and just being puzzled. It’s not that I’m like Feeling sorry for myself though. Who I feel like I’m just like yeah, maybe I am I feel like with this Last couple months with Asher being sick and the winter months. I just have them just like, uh, Why uh, yeah, you know why? can’t he get better and I just feel like that’s what I’m focusing on isn’t this negative energy and I want to be happy, you know just be positive be grateful for the things that I have like a I’m so grateful for so much like I Hate using more blessed because it’s so overused but we are beyond Blessed like we do not deserve anything that we have And we have so much and I’m gonna cry cuz like after having kids I cried the drop of a hat. Sorry niggas, but We yeah, I’m just We have a house. We’re able to feed our children are able to close our children We’re able to give them a life that they we truly don’t deserve. They truly don’t deserve And we like I I’m just I’m grateful and so I want to focus on that You’re an out Like he’s a different kid ever he has it helps so So Hey guys So it’s the next day We ended up in the ER with Asher again. He had breathing problems and they had to give him oxygen and Fluids and all that good stuff, but we’re back home and he’s doing better. So That’s good. Um, I just wanted to end the vlog and do my last What’s called I Wanted to do my last resolution, which is giving more giving more meaningfully and Getting the children involved so we do we have our monthly giving that we give each month and um That’s good. You know, that’s great. But I feel like it’s just like a check mark, you know, like, okay I got that done Dalloway don’t have to think about it in reality It’s something that you should be constantly thinking about constantly thinking how you can get more in my opinion and whatever um and so I want it to like be more involved in our community getting and just see where the needs are in our community and go from there, and I want the Zeke to be involved and see How he can help others constantly and That not everybody lives the life that we live Other people, you know, there’s so many different cultures and I just want him to really be first in our community and know really What’s going on? So those are our resolutions. I mean my husband talked about them and we felt like those were Good Wants to really focus on for our family. Um So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed the this block and Let me know below what your goals are this year and I will talk to you in the next video

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    I hope Asher feels better soon. I hate when my kids are sick.

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