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New TKOR Super-Station – Personal Tour!

October 19, 2019

After 2 solid weeks of hard labor, I created
this brand new workbench, King of random style. Blood and sweat went into making this bad
boy, so come along on my guided tour of how I made it, and what it can do. I previously built a workbench prototype to
see what features I liked before I built, the real deal. This upgraded version has easy
access electrical power, a built in router station, high pressure air, and emergency
fire equipment. It’s also got a huge surface area for working on larger projects, and helps
guard against electrical ground faults. And did I mention the remote
controlled mood lighting? I needed a solid work-bench, with built in power for electrical
experiments, and a router station, for wood working projects. I couldn’t find anything
like this at the local hardware store, so I had to make one myself. I began by running
a 20 amp electrical cable underneath the floor to power the bench from the underside, then
got started on building the frame out of 2×4’s. I made some simple doors for the front and
back, screwed together a “torsion resistant” table frame, then wired up the electrical
system with 20amp cable. Next, I reclaimed the table top from my previous bench, and
chose to paint the whole thing “onyx black” with a flat matt finish. The last steps were
to wire up the electrical for the different lighting systems, then cut and bend some aluminum
trim for the edges. Now that it’s all put together, let me show you some of the extra
features. The electrical power starts with this surge protected power bar. This is the
master switch for the entire project bench, and helps protect sensitive electronics from
power spikes. When the switch is off, there’s absolutely no power whatsoever. But with the
switch on, you can see that anything plugged in, is fully functional. However, the power
stations all around the bench only work, if this 20 amp cable is plugged in, and turned
on You can see the cable runs directly to a secondary master switch which is activated
on a timer. This way, if the station is left unattended, the power shuts off automatically
when the time runs out. The secondary switch feeds power to a 20 amp GFCI. This monitors
for faults in all of the accessory outlets, and can trip off the power instantly, if a
ground fault occurs. The GFCI runs in series with 8 paralleled power outlets around the
bench. 6 of which are fitted with diamond plated aluminum trim. I checked each connection
to make sure they were properly connected and grounded, and you can see, the outlets
turn on or off with the flip of a switch. Now if you looked closely, you may have noticed
a hidden outlet on the underside of the table. This one doesn’t have a switch because it’s
constantly hot, as long as the timer switch is powered up. You probably saw that the edges,
are finished with diamond plated aluminum as well, and secured in place with hundreds, of truss-head
screws. All of this aluminum trim was cut from a 4×8 piece of sheet metal, using nothing
but a humble jigsaw. I fashioned a little form for bending them to 90º angles, out
of a length of 2×8 and an old door hinge. As you can see, it did a pretty good job.
I built cabinet doors on the front and back, which allow easy access to plenty of cabinet
space. The magnetic catches on the sides help hold the doors securely in place, and you
might have noticed that I sanded the edges to give them a slightly distressed look. Now,
if we take a look inside the cabinet areas, you can see I lined the bottom with a plastic
runner. That’s to make it look a little more finished, and a bit easier to clean. I used
the built in router station from my last workbench, but this time I enclosed it in a wooden box,
and ran the router’s power cable down through the bottom, and into another outlet tucked
away at the top of the cabinet. This outlet is controlled by a switch that you might be
able to see if you look to the top right of the sign. The guarded switch operates the
router safely, and from a distance, and snaps back to the off position to power down the
system on demand. The other switch operates the backlighting, and you can see the forward
position turns one light on, while moving the toggle switch to the back position will
activate them both, effectively doubling the light. I finished up by painting my bench
vise yellow, bolting it down with 4 inch lag screws, and as you can tell, this isn’t going
anywhere. I’m pretty excited about this work space because it’s over 6.5 feet long, 4 feet
wide, and just over 3 feet tall. A few other features to see, are this plastic grommet
on the side of the bench, which gives easy access to my air compressor, a fire extinguisher
station, and a custom lighted sign for effect. The back of the bench is where I hid the dimmer switch, that gives
control of the LED sign lighting. The sign is simply bolted on hand tight. And fastened in place at each of the corners, with a decorative cap nut. This makes it easy to switch out at any time. Each inside compartment has 2 puck lights hidden at the top, that light up the interior with the flick of a finger. There’s one last switch, between
the other two, that operates the LED strips hidden behind the table trim. You can see
they cycle through 7 different colors, and these lights are fully dimmable as well. The
coolest part is that they come with a remote control. Well there you have it. The new “King
of Random” project station, which should make dangerous experiments a little bit safer,
and hopefully do it in style. That’s it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll
like some of my others. Check them out at


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  • Reply Dreams Fulfilled Through Music April 16, 2017 at 3:58 am

    Watch out with filming the flashing lights!!!! The are people like me who have epilepsy. For most people w/ epilepsy flashing lights can trigger SEIZURES!!! I however am very fortunate that my kind of epilepsy does not respond to that trigger!! I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you re-edit this video and take out that section at the beginning where your LEDs are flashing and again at the end where they flash (however the one at the end isn't near as likely to cause problems). The biggest offender is the strobe type flashing light pattern that can set off an over reaction of certain chemicals and nerves in the brains of those of us with certain types of epilepsy!!

    Just so u know, you aren't the only one who's inadvertently done this.. The worst 1 I've seen is for that military grade flashlight that has a ton of functions (one of them being STROBE) and the darn producers of the commercial thought it would be smart to SHINE THE FLASHING STRONE LIGHT DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA‼

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