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New Superbug Outbreak, “Candida Auris,” Channel 3 Eyewitness News

August 21, 2019

– Thank you. Now to some developing news we’re following right now. A dangerous, drug-resistant superbug detected here in Connecticut. – It is a potentially life-or-death healthcare issue that’s
been growing worldwide. In fact, the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention is now calling it a global health threat. – And tonight, Channel 3’s Erin Connolly is joining us now with
some new information on all of this for us. Erin? – Yeah, Mark and Denise,
this is pretty scary. This superbug is known as Candida auris, there are more than 600
confirmed cases in 12 states, including one right here in Connecticut, and hundreds nearby in
New York and New Jersey. The superbug is a fungus
that preys on people with weakened immune systems and underlying medical problems. It popped up in the U.S.
for the first time in 2013, and now cases are surging. Doctors say it is a real concern and point to three reasons why. First, it can be hard to identify and is often mistaken for other organisms. Second, it’s hard to treat
because it is resistant to drugs. And third, it can spread in a hospital or nursing home setting. – Patients who are at risk of getting Candida auris have usually been heavily pre-treated with antibiotics and sometimes with antifungals, and this allows this
organism to gain access and to start to proliferate
on somebody’s body. – [Erin] Now, the only
way to confirm a case is a specific test done
by a specialized lab. The CDC recommends vigilant handwashing and deep cleaning at healthcare facilities because the bug can live
on surfaces for weeks. Now, Connecticut’s
Department of Public Health can’t talk specifically
about our state’s case, but says it dates back to 2017 and there are no active cases right now. DPH also says it’s rolling out more specialized testing this month to help healthcare facilities
more quickly and accurately identify cases of the superbug. For more information on the superbug, we do have a link on the Channel 3 app. Erin Connolly, Channel 3 Eyewitness News.

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