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August 25, 2019

Veladya: Peace, beautiful beings. Welcome back to another video. Today we’re going to be running a few errands
in town. I have to drop off a ton of orders because
we just released the second batch of the Balance Bac tincture, which is the one that a lot
of people have been using to eradicate the yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, candida,
things like that. It’s anti-fungal and it’s been flying off
the shelves every time I put it in stock. Next restock will be August 1st. Today I’m going to send out all of those orders,
and then we’re just going to do few more things, so come along. Veladya: I’m really happy to say that I’ve
finally partnered with EcoEnclose to bring you a completely compostable and biodegradable
order. This package that every order comes in is
biodegradable and compostable, and then the bag that holds the products, this bad is also
biodegradable and compostable. When you order through Earth Mama Medicine,
you are also showing your love for Mama Earth. Veladya: All right, recycling is in. Now I’m just waiting on Matt. I just took my supplements. I have recently fallen in love with the Organic
Olivia line. If you’ve followed me since the beginning,
you’ve seen me go down different supplement journeys, but I’ve always been someone who’s
believed in supplements, and I take them every single day. It’s not always the same ones, but I do believe
in them. Things have changed, and we’re no longer eating
foods that are as nutrient dense as they used to be. Even those I’m plant based, animal products
for example are so much more mass-produced than they were back in the day. The milk, it’s pasteurized. You’re losing all of the vitamins out of that
because you’re heating it to high temperatures to make it safe. Same thing goes with eggs and meat. This stuff is being mass-produced. It’s being pumped with antibiotics. It’s just not as nutritious as it used to
be. Veladya: Same thing goes with fruits and vegetables. This stuff is being sprayed with pesticides. It’s been grown with pesticides. The soil is not filled with as much diverse
bacteria and organisms that it used to be. Food just isn’t giving us what it used to
give us, especially if you’re not growing it at home or raising the food yourself. That’s the reason why I think supplements
are very important. Veladya: I think the top supplements people
should take right now are making sure that they get their B vitamins, because that stuff
comes from greens and things that we don’t usually eat a lot. Our amino acids, because your body doesn’t
even absorb all of the amino acids it gets from meat, so all of you meat eaters out there
who think that you’re covered, your probably not, and especially people who are plant based,
your body does not convert amino acids properly from plant foods as it does from animal foods,
so you do need to take those. I have a great one on my website that I’ve
taken for eight months now. It’s wonderful. Veladya: Probiotics, because the foods that
we eat are just not really supporting the balance of good gut flora and good bacteria. Especially if you’re taking medication, if
you’re really stressed out, your good bacteria can die easier. Probiotics are important. I could go down the list. I keep saying I’m going to make a supplement
soon. I should do that now because it’s just been
on my mind lately. Veladya: Going back to the Organic Olivia
line, I’ve really loved it lately just because I can actually see that it’s helping me. I feel uplifted when I take it. All of her products are herbal, so it’s stuff
that I could make at home. It’s just basically glycerin or alcohol tinctures
with herbs. Many different herbal combinations, and Olivia’s
very, very smart, so I trust her. They’re on my website if you want to learn
more about them. I take the probiotic every day. I’ve been taking the Mane Magic. It’s been helping my hair get thicker. I can totally tell. It’s insane. The flow balance just to help hormones get
in tact to help the pimples I had on my skin. Veladya: I have the digestive juice, which
I spray in my mouth. It’s just digestive bitters to help your body
release more digestive acid and bile so you can digest foods that you wouldn’t normally
eat or ones that are harder to digest. We might get food while we’re out, so I brought
that. There’s probably something I’m missing, but
it’s on the website if you’re interested in looking into it. I can say that they’re great. Veladya: All right. Let’s go. Are you ready? Veladya: Now we’re going into Best Buy so
that we can get a house phone. Since we live out in the middle of nowhere,
they’ve finessed it to where our internet bill must be combined-
Matt: They extorted us. Veladya: … a home phone bill. No one has house phones anymore. We did not want to get a house phone. Our cellphones are fine, but we were like,
“Look, if we have to pay for this, we might as well get a house phone,” so now we have
to get a house phone. Veladya: Matt just went to the bathroom. We decided to get this thing because it’s
only 20 bucks. I can’t believe we’re buying a house phone. Veladya: Look at these. Veladya: We’re in Lowe’s now. I’m going to go see if they have some discounted
flower pots. Maybe some plants. Matt’s like, “I’m not going over there with
you.” He’s going to go get some other stuff while
I have a good time. Yeah! Veladya: Plant daddy! Come on. Park. Matt: I’m not going in there. Hurry up! You got 10 minutes. I’m starting to count right now. Veladya: No. Park. Matt: Nine minutes 58. Nine 55. Veladya: You’re freaking annoying. He won’t come into the Goodwill with me. Matt: Nope. Waiting for you to [cop 00:06:09] 10 plants. We aint even got no furniture. You ready to get 10 plants, and you talking
about, “Let’s go to Goodwill.” Veladya: It’s not funny. Just come in there with me for two seconds. Matt: I’m not going in there. Let’s go. Come on, you have seven minutes left. Veladya: Goodwill is important for our family. Matt: I’m [fitna 00:06:32] to pull off on
you. Veladya: Fine. If I find some nice furniture in there, I’m
going to buy it without his permission. I’m going to take-
Matt: [inaudible 00:06:36] Veladya: … 20 minutes in there-
Matt: No you ain’t- Veladya: … because you not coming. Matt: … because I’m telling you I’m leaving
in six minutes- Veladya: If you came with me-
Matt: … and 35 seconds. Veladya: … you could’ve regulated the time. Matt: I’m leaving in six minutes-
Veladya: That’s how you know you’re not smart. Matt: … and 30 seconds. Veladya: If he came with me, he could’ve regulated
how long I’m in there. Matt: I’m still regulating. Veladya: Now that he’s not coming-
Matt: It’s simpler than that. I can just leave. Veladya: … I can be in there for as long
as I want. Matt: You might have to walk home. It’s 16 miles back to the house, just so you
know. [inaudible 00:06:58]
Veladya: Still talking crap. Matt: 16 miles back to the house. You better hurry up. You got six minutes and 15 seconds. Veladya: This guy. Veladya: I got him. I got him. I got him. Veladya: All right, hear me out. Hear me out. Veladya: Okay, we are back home. Very happy. Check out that plant back there, one of the
plants I bought, and there, that one over there. I got to load up those back shelves here in
our back bedroom with plants. I want hanging ones too, but I think the cats
might attack. You’ll see more about that in the house tour,
sooner than later. Veladya: Oh, PS, we ended up buying the couch
from Goodwill. I think that couch is really pretty. I can already see how we can make it a little
bit more modern looking with the pillows and a throw blanket, and a side stand and coffee
table that we already picked out, which is really modern looking. I think that the old fashioned-esque style
of the couch with be compensated for with everything that’s going to be around it. Veladya: The cats are meowing for us to come
get them, so let’s wake them up. We put them in their own room at night because
they get a little bit too excited in this house at night. Cats having that nocturnal energy, they get
up at 5:00 AM and will start running around, or sometimes even 3:00 AM, just running around,
knocking stuff over, messing with things. So we’re like, “No, you guys have to go to
your room at night and behave, and then we’ll get you in the morning,” and it’s worked beautiful. Veladya: Hi babies. Good morning! This is the place where I pulled up the carpet
just to see what was underneath, and now they play with it every day I clean this stuff
up. Let’s get some breakfast going. Come on, food. Veladya: All right, lots to do today, but
first I’m gonna start with the outdoor work, which is planting a few seeds. We are in zone 8, so we have a few things
that we can still plant in time for a fall harvest. Those things would be kale, squash, tomato,
cucumber, corn, and black beans. You can plant any type of beans, any type
of corn. I decided to do black beans and this really
cool black corn. Look how awesome that is. Veladya: I got these little seedling trays
from Amazon that come with covers. I have tons more over there, along with a
bunch of other seeds that I’ll have to save for the next season. Let’s plant these babies. Veladya: Here’s what the garden’s looking
like so far. That’s our huge money tree that we had to
move outside because the cats keep messing with it. Here’s some little seedlings. I started waiting on those to sprout. These are the ones I just did, getting nice
and steamy in there. That’s the moringa tree that I’m about to
transplant because she’s starting to look like she doesn’t like this little tiny pot. There’s a nectarine seed in there. Hopefully something will happen. Veladya: This is a carrot that I planted. You can see the little stub. I just cut it off. It’s like this short, and it had little white
roots coming out of it, and it turned into this big beautiful plant in just three weeks. This is something I got from Lowe’s yesterday. It was only a dollar. It’s just a flower bush. It’s supposed to have these big purple flowers
on it. It was on sale for a dollar, so I got it. This is a big elephant ear plant I got from
the flea market for three dollars. It was so much smaller, now it’s huge and
there’s a new leaf coming right here. Baby. Veladya: I’ve got these three red potatoes. They’re organic red potatoes that I’ve saved
in the drawer without sun, so that they can create these roots so they’re ready to be
planted. This is a strawberry plant that I took from
my dad’s house. He has tons of them there. They grow strawberries. I rooted this one out so I can plant it in
a pot. I’ve been saving some watermelon seeds in
here, but I’m not sure if I should actually plant them. I think I’m just gonna do these babies for
now. I’m gonna cut these a little bit smaller and
put them` in the pots. Veladya: Alrighty. My three potato bins are ready. There’s two potatoes in here and one in here
and one in here. Very excited to see how that goes. I still have one potato left, so I’m going
to save this until I get some more pots. This is the cactus that we bought yesterday. It came in this pot, which actually broke
before we even got home. Luckily, this old pot that the moringa tree
was in works fine for the cacti. Here’s the strawberry plant. This lady is really excited about the strawberry
plant. Don’t go eating my plant now. Hey! No eating. Veladya: It’s been about three days since
I planted these seeds. Let me show you how everything is progressing. Strawberry plant is doing kind of okay. When I first planted it, it was drooping like
this one, but now it’s standing up, so it seems to be taking to the pot. I might have to put it in a even bigger pot,
but it seems like it’s okay for now. Veladya: Here are my three watermelon seeds
popping up. It’s not the right time to plant watermelon
here in Georgia because by the time it turns into a mature plant, it’s gonna be frosty
outside. I just want to try it out and see how I can
sprout them. I’ll definitely plant them at the right time
next year so we can have some melons. Veladya: Look at these babies! Whoa, it already looks way better than it
did this morning. Here we have our row of cucumber plants. Here’s our row of zucchinis. Zucchini’s coming up a little bit. You can see them sprouting right there, those
three. So far we haven’t gotten anything from tomato
yet, and on this side we haven’t gotten anything from the corn, nothing from the black bean
yet, but we do have beautiful kale plants popping up right there. Yay! So exciting! Veladya: Everyone else seems to be doing all
right. My moringa tree is really loving it in this
big pot. She’s sprouted lots of new leaves, and she
seems to just be looking a lot stronger and happier. Elephant ear’s new leaf is coming out slowly
but surely. Potatoes are getting nice and hydrated with
the rain that we’ve had. This Persian violet is just not happy. If anybody has Persian violet plant and know
the trick, please let me know because when I bought it, it was super bouncy and it had
all these purple flowers on it. Now I give it a regular watering schedule
and it gets lots of sun, but it doesn’t like its life right now. It’s just not looking too well. Everyone else is doing so wonderfully in my
little garden. Veladya: Moving here, the first thing I thought
about was the possibility of finally having my own garden. I can not be more overjoyed that I’m finally
starting that, even though it’s not in my raised beds like I have envisioned. We just don’t have the finances yet to pour
several hundred dollars into building the raised beds and making a really nice garden
with a fence around it so the deer don’t come and eat it, and things like that. That’s going to take more planning and more
money. Right now our money is focused on furniture
and the flooring and the painting and all that good stuff. Veladya: All in due time. It’s all in divine timing. We’re not rushing. We are remaining patient and in alignment
with infinite abundance. Always keeping gratitude at the top of the
list. I think I’m going to end the vlog here. We have a surprise coming up that I can’t
wait to spill, and that with be probably in the next video. I’ll see you all very soon. Much love. Peace.


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    Wow i didnt kno u were in Ga. I live here as well. I also live here as well. Im also a Sagistarius. I love ur hair with the pony tail.

  • Reply Brenda Lee August 12, 2019 at 3:10 am

    When r u all having a baby?

  • Reply Shaquoya The Model August 12, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    You are so Eco Friendly !!! I love it !

  • Reply qweenofflwers August 13, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    Have you considered trying out winter sowing? It's a great method to use when you want to germinate seeds early (December-February) and transplant them in the spring. There's a ton of videos on YT discussing them and I think it would be a very helpful (and inexpensive) method to try out. I'm going to be doing that this winter, so I can't wait to see the results!! 😀

  • Reply Lifeofabossmom August 15, 2019 at 9:36 pm

    Haha @ plant daddy❤️❤️❤️

  • Reply Stacey Hatcher August 17, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    Yes so ready for the official house tour 😃👍🏾✌️❤️

  • Reply Cathe Tenorio August 19, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    Love Lowe’s. I live in the desert so I’m also trying to figure out what plants or seeds to buy.

  • Reply Aundrea Nicole August 19, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    Omg when I first saw you're videos I thought you felt so familiar like maybe we've crossed paths before. At first, I was skeptical like "nah, she doesn't even live close." But then you said you live in Georgia which is where I live too, so maybe we have crossed paths!

  • Reply Freerein4ever August 19, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    Men. Are. Stubborn.

  • Reply Zana N Hicks August 20, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    So you’re just not vegan anymore? Referring to encouraging “raising food” maybe you were talking plants but doesn’t seem that way

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