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NATURAL WAYS TO PREVENT COUGH,COLD AND FLU// Healthy tips that boost the immune system

February 3, 2020

hi welcome back to my channel my name is
Josy in today’s video I’m gonna talk about the natural way to prevent the common cold
cough and flu all over the world people get common cold cough flu in most of
the country they have a cold season which fall between December and march
they also have a flu season which is normally between the fall and the winter
months when this season comes there are a lot of common cold cough flu going
around what is the common cold it’s a mild symptom that comes over a
the course of a couple of days the common symptoms are runny nose sneezing and
congestion in children you realize that they have a high fever as well
what is cough cough is a sudden forcefull sound to release a or to clear
the truth the most common symptoms is wheezing so you feel like a water
running through your troops you also feel a stuffy nose or runny nose and at
times when you cough too much you feel the sharpness of breath now let’s talk
about flu, that is more severe and it comes up quickly most common ones
are fever chilled body aches fatigue headache
you also have cough and you also have runny nose as well you realize that this
three has common symptoms and the common way that it can spread is by
airborne and also skin-to-skin contact like handshakes and hugs there are too
many where you can get sick either bacteria or virus but most of the time
when we go to the hospital when we have cough cold or flu they describe as an
antibiotic but they are mostly caused by virus antibiotic mostly wait when you
have quaff corner flew which is caused by virus because
the virus wear off and you feel much better but most of the time our body get
resistance to antibiotics and when it happens that way and you have a serious
bacterial infection the antibiotic wouldn’t work for you anymore
so my advice is that let antibiotic be your last option when you get cough cold
and flu now let’s look at this food this would normally help us boost immune
system they also help us prevent common cold cough or flu most of the time my
immune system is supposed to help us fight any sickness or disease whether
for bacterial virus or fungi in the process of fighting this disease you
realize that you have a symptoms like fever and runny nose let’s talk about
lemons it has a lot of vitamin C and fresh lemon juice flashes our friends
and a bad battery us from your body you can’t drink them by squeezing them
and adding them to hot water and you can also add a little honey to it I drink
them almost every day to piss my immune system let’s talk about peppers a lot of
people don’t like talking about them because they are too spicy but we have
the spicy one which mostly look like this and we also have this sweet ones
which look like this do you know peppers have more vitamin C in them even than
oranges it’s mostly good for our body especially when you are fighting flu
cold or cough the best way to eat purpose is to add them to soups and it
takes really really good let’s look at onion and garlic
they have antiviral and antibacterial component in them
they have a great compound that help you prevent common cold or flu
especially for garlic you can trade them and add them to water and drink it you
can also add them to soup and it worked pretty well I’m not fond of taking
garlic like that so I mostly add a lot of garlic to my soup and it worked
pretty well as well the last food I want to talk about is ginger root and ceramic
they have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial component in them they are
very good for our body for ginger roots you computer you can crush them you can
cut them and add them to hot water if the same goes for that ceramic ceramic
mostly comes in the form of a powder so I’m mostly getting organic ones when it
comes to ginger root you wash them and you can eat the cover on it also I
mostly shred them with the cover on it and I add them to hot water and now I
add a little honey toy to boost my immune system and also prevents me from
getting cold flu or cough they are very very good for our body most of this food
you can add honey to it for it to taste very good honey is also good for our
body but I personally don’t eat it every day so I will eat them when I really
want to get a different taste when I’m eating this kind of food so mostly I get
my own e for my country Ghana they are really pure and you can see how thick is
it in this bowl my recommendation is to eat this food almost every day to boost
your immune system if you don’t want to get sick you have to prevent yourself
food is medicine when you are coming out of a common cold cough or flu try this
food fast if you have any questions please go ahead and live in the comment
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God bless you


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    great idea for a video! people need good ways to take care of themselves 🙂

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