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Natural Ways to Clear Skin + Prevent Breakouts, Inflammation & Fungal Acne! 🌿

August 13, 2019

hey guys welcome back its Rowena it’s Felicia and today we’re going to be dropping the truth behind myrrh skin problems it’s your gut especially the ones that leave you wondering why are my creams my acne medication any topicals why aren’t they working did I actually wish someone would have told me all these things while I was going through you know my earlier teenage acne stages and even now same for me and my dry skin and eczema so if you have skin conditions like eczema rosacea acne cystic acne psoriasis dandruff the bark dermatitis all of these don’t come about because we use the wrong cream it’s not a cosmetic issue they stem from the imbalance of good and bad bacteria in our gut and intestines because your gut microbiome is the system that communicates with your skin which naturally means it directly influences our appearance and what else can looks like this is why it can happen at any time in your life it’s basically your body saying hey nuts nuts nuts nuts help me out here so today we’re going to talk about natural ways you can help yourself reduce skin inflammation since you guys look the first video on sugar dairy and how affects our skin we teamed up with Wright market again to bring you guys even more insights on how food substitutes can bring you healthy beaming skin hmm and thrive market is an online marketplace on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone out there and they sell thousands of organic foods and natural products up to 30% below retail prices which is great and we’ll cover product suggestions throughout the video so starting off with yeast and Candida if you have acne inflammation or even xmod of rosacea all the skin conditions this is something that you might not even know you have an imbalance of which is causing these never-ending and annoying breakouts because as we mentioned before when you have issues in the gut you will have issues on your face so Candida is a form of yeast we consume yeast in a lot of baked goods cereal products and of spread because it’s added to make it rise and become bread as we know it today like those it’s not to say that these aren’t good but when we have a lot of these foods and there’s a lot of yeast in our body and if you’re sensitive to these things like me it can result in fungal infections and many of you guys ask about what’s fungal acne is it’s from yeast because yeast isn’t just inside our bodies it’s also naturally occurring on our skin and around our pores fungal acne looks a lot like hormonal acne or just tiny bumps all in the concentrated area like forehead or chin but it isn’t just your normal acne because it’s caused from an overgrowth of yeast that hangs around the hair follicles so it’s very different to things like hormonal acne and you actually have to treat it differently as well so if you have acne that won’t go away it could be a sign that your intake of yeast products is too high for your sensitive body to handle and it could be a candida overgrowth but keep in mind here that if you do feel like you had these symptoms go to a medical professional I remember when I was in college I put myself on all these wild diets I was 80% raw at one point I was pescetarian I was vegetarian and everyone vegan but like very close I cut out carbs I cut out fats like I cut out all these random things and I messed up my stomach so it’s always bloated I was always gassy and your tie it all that yeah I was like fatigued all the time if you’re curious or if you’re think this might be you go check it out also don’t stop thank ok but to stay on the safe side what you can do is supplement it with good foods first of all starting with fermented foods and these contain probiotics which is a good bacteria in your gut for example like kombucha as we know is a really great fermented food because the pH level of kombucha is really low it’s 3.5 or something various which is yeah much lower than what the bad bacteria can exist in right so that’s why kombucha is good because it can kill off bad bacteria but if you have too much of it it’ll start eating away at your gut lining I think the moral the sperry do you not have too much of anything it’s like a balanced diet all of these different components we have the farmhouse culture sea salt cod crisps so they took the sauerkraut because our crowd is a great fermented it’s kind of like European kimchi yeah but it’s made into a tortilla chip so the star ingredients are sauerkraut as well as corn flour and it’s filled with 1 billion probiotics so I searched up how much probiotics one should have and it’s about 1 to 10 billion as an adult so you’re good there’s also the thrive market Organic hot and spicy dill pickle chips like the pickle slices you find in burgers so it’s pickled in vinegar garlic and spices YUM in the McDonald’s burger I used to always pick off really the cheeseburgers yeah maybe did the pickles the pickles yeah what did I say the cheeseburgers ha ha then there’s also the cultures for health vegan yogurt Stata they also have kombucha tempeh kefir starter kits and they contain probiotic packets you can use to create your own yogurt using milk or milk alternatives then going back to kombucha there’s the URI tea green tea kombucha this means it has a green tea base with spearman lemongrass plum passion fruit flavors and a contains organic Capuchin and kombucha cultures ok now moving on to something I’m actually really excited about is the bone broth and this is because it’s an ancient healing food because it may be the strongest and easily available gut medicine and it’s also really high in natural hyaluronic acid sound familiar it’s in all the products that we use for hydration right so you’re basically feeding hyaluronic acid into your body the collagen and the broad helps to rebuild a healthy gut lining and because it contains no sugar it can also help starve down fungal overgrowth and turn down inflammation it’s also loaded with gelatin which feed the epidermis the dermis and the underlying connective tissue layers of the skin from the inside out and this just means it will help to plump to smooth out fine lines and heal scars from within if you grew up in an Asian household the fact that bone broths are now a thing you might be kind of like what this is what my mom fed me when I was young one of the recipes I remember growing up is Hulk bones and pork knuckle and I had the skin on it it had the meat on it and then my mum put tomatoes and corn and a little bit of salt and it’s so delicious yeah and also according to traditional Chinese medicine they believe that the part of the animal that you eat will simultaneously help with your own body so if you eat chicken skin chicken skin contains things like hyaluronic acid and collagen and so it will then help your own skin which is why a lot of Chinese dishes also have that silky skin there on the top everything on there they literally eat everything a couple of bone broth recommendations thrive market has their own bone broth there’s chicken there’s beef you can use it as soup base I like to substitute it for water when I’m cooking grains or quinoa oh yeah and you can cook it with like quinoa veggies and just throw it and let it boil and it’s so good or I can even drink and warm in the morning or any time throughout the day it has like a warm tree there’s a store in New York that just sells bone broth and you can drink it like you drink coffee in a cup yeah right so bone broth is definitely something but I think there’s more use than just like thinking it’s a soup but also risotto risotto uses broth yeah to cook the greens and it actually gives it that flavor then my favorite garlic garlic contains allicin hey Alison Alison what you doing in there guy like sir Alison is a sulphur containing compound with natural antifungal properties which is specific to helping with Candida it’s also known to slow the growth of the candida fungus that causes Eastern infections anywhere in your body yeah in the gut as well as on the surface of your skin because they’re alive inside and outside so you can try the amore garlic paste and what I like to do with garlic paste is make my own garlic bread because it’s in a tube you just squeeze a little bit out mix it with a little bit of butter and you can put salt in it but then you just paste that onto any sort of bread and it’s make it a little healthier and add some herbs there’s also the Brahmi garlic and herb guinea snack made with loopy nee which is a lightly pickled bean native to Italy aka Mediterraneans answer to edamame and another thing you can also help with candida and yeast is vegetable juices and teas because the tenons found in black tea have been shown to help kill off Candida calming teas like ginger and cinnamon can also help sooth with the delicate gut lining there’s my favorite rooibos tea there’s so many different types of teas in the world if you do want to find a tea that you can sleep look for the caffeine free or the herbal well-rested ones like turmeric they also have peppermint and also the stinging nettle one is great for balancing that yeast in your body and actually on thrive if you’re shopping through it you can filter through like non-gmo if you want fat free gluten free or lactose free there are specific filters and it will just show you all the products under that so it actually makes it really easy to shop for all these things so if you’re interested in checking out how to use thrive while you’re really curious they’re currently offering a 25% extra discount on any purchase that you do and also a free 30-day trial so you can definitely find a lot of things and get a great discount link down below so now moving on to fats and oil we’re going to first start here by saying oils and fats aren’t bad I think there’s this misunderstanding that fats are just bad no it is definitely not that simple because just imagine you had no fat in your body you’d be like I’m the malnutritioned gray looking corpse so we have to understand that it’s the different types of fats that are good and which ones are bad that make all the difference because once again it’s directly linked to else get some fats cost breakouts acne eczema while other fats are antimicrobial in nature and actually help you get rid of these skin issues so let’s take a deeper look at just how toxic yes toxic vegetable oils like canola oils really offer our skin and body and then we’ll show you how amazing the good fats actually are for you and after you’re going to throw away any of these boys containing these bad oils into a deep dark pit oh thank you let’s start off with vegetable oil the name vegetable makes you think it’s like so healthy yeah and so good for you but it’s actually not so vegetable oil actually includes a variety of different plant-based oils like soybean corn cotton seeds sunflower and canola oil and these oils contain true things that are straight-up harming your body firstly they are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and secondly the majority of these oils you see are GMO genetically modified organism polyunsaturated fats are unstable and break down rapidly just think of vitamin C the process of creating sunflower oil or any sort of vegetable oil the seed is stripped of all antioxidants in the refining process that involves heat pressure metals and bleaching agents basically nothing good is left and the molecules produced in this process create free radical reactions that damage out inside like just think of all the products that we put on our face we want to repel antioxidants right but by eating these oils by creating free radicals on the inside this would the GMO effects have been proven to clog the liver causing liver stagnation and why do we care yo liver is the one thing in control of creating bile in your stomach to break down all the foods that we eat but when we consume these oils like vegetable oil canola oil the liver doesn’t actually produce as much vile and so it’s actually building up the toxins in your stomach and your gut throwing the balance of bad bacteria and bad fats completely off because it’s just too much and yep affecting us another thing that makes vegetable oil not the best for your body is the imbalance of omega-3s and six these are fatty acids that we need in our body the ratio of consuming these should be one to one because fun fact our brain is made up of equal parts of omega 3 & 6 and did you know the main oils they use in restaurants and phosphor joints takeout places what do they use soybean and canola oil – everything from the fried foods to you know cooking the meats or the noodles like pad thai that we love so much this complete we throw is the one to one ratio balance off so it’s kind of closer to 20 to 1 in terms of 2000 megha 6 to 1 omega-3 moving on to trans fats because of the process that we mentioned before that vegetable oils go through known as the hydrogenation process it basically turns the oil extremely high in trans fats trans fats is an extremely damaging man-made fatty acid formed during hydrogenation why it’s bad is that it’s linked to the way our body stores fat and we don’t mean just the fat that stores on your arms legs and face but we’re also talking about the fat that surrounds your organs right in your midsection and this is the most toxic type of fat you can find in your body fat around your organs can take over you yeah like no one wants a bloated stomach so when you stay off these oils that are high in trans fat you’ll actually decrease your weight but increase your overall health moving on to the good fat alternatives starting with coconut oil so coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory as well as an anti microbial oil which means that it’ll help to kill off bacteria causing acne in your gut it’s also the least likely to be stored as actual fat in your body coconut oil you don’t actually just have to get a jar of coconut oil right there’s also foods that are like cooked or deep-fried using coconut oil it smells so good but I also think it’s great because you can use it topically as well so you know how we always try to find ingredients that are antimicrobial anti-inflammatory like this kills it from the inside and the outside so it’s a great healthy alternative for everything so one of the ones that you can look for on thrive is the nutiva organic virgin coconut oil it’s unrefined it’s cold-pressed so it’s all the good things which means it retains a lot of the nutrients retains a lot of the vitamins that the actual ingredient itself possesses so this is great for sauteing and baking but you can also use it as a moisturizer for your hair and body and I actually use my tub for cooking and my hair yeah like monthly hair care likelihood as well as that there’s also the real cookin on Himalayan pink salt tortilla chip and this is a great snacking option once again we can snack it’s not that week on yeah eating the snacks that are actually using healthy oils will make it much less guilty there’s also the thrive market organic original coconut wraps so these are dehydrated coconut wraps that are thick enough to use as an alternative for tortilla wraps bread and spring rolls it’s made with coconut meat coconut water and extra virgin coconut oil it also comes in turmeric flavor if you guys are into that I personally love turmeric and then there’s also if you guys love mayonnaise thrive market has one that has coconut oil in it because many mayonnaise are actually made of canola oil and as we established it’s not a great option but the star ingredient of this one is coconut oil it’s also got organic egg yolks rosemary extract as well as organic honey it’s just like delicious I love mayonnaise hmm moving on to olive oil olive oil is high in antioxidants and it’s one of the healthiest oils you could ever consume because it is high in omega-3 so we’re we’re talking about the balance between the omega-6 and 3 olive oil will help to balance that one-to-one ratio out again when you smell olive oil it should be so fragrant like fresh olives and herbs if you do open it and it’s not fragrant or really weak this could be a sign that is actually fake olive oil because there’s actually a lot out there some will be watered down and mixed with different types of vegetable oils what a nightmare so what you want to do is look for olive oil in green bottles that are cold-pressed and single sauce so this just means that cold pressing retains a lot of the vitamins and nutrients of the actual olive itself and it doesn’t go through much heat to change the chemical compounds of the composition also bonus fact the fruit pulp of the olives can’t go over 27 degrees otherwise they can’t be considered cold-pressed and it loses value so thrive market has an organic extra virgin olive oil and this one’s really great because it’s made from a hundred percent certified organic carnegie olives from Western Greece another one that’s also really awesome is if you guys have ever heard of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar the mother of all apple pies they also have organic extra virgin olive oil this one is unrefined and so sometimes in the bottles you’ll see that there’s little like pulp or little pieces of olive which is actually a really great sign so if you guys are curious about which oil is best for what I feel like olive oil is best to drizzle over things because the burn rate it burns really quickly so if you use it to saute things it’s not as good great so you can use something like I think the lard and the coconut oil will be great plus you don’t really want to waste such great oil to come for olives cause you want to yeah it’s so good like in its natural state so this one I love it’s a roasted garlic and olive oil couscous makes mr. dollars this one is made from semolina wheat which is a great rice alternative and it goes really well as a savory dish and you can add like steamed vegetables I also like to add cranberries into this and just a little bit of butter it’s so good she made it a few days ago it’s there’s also the wild planet non-gmo well albacore tuna and extra virgin olive oil things kind of closely related to the teller is butter and ghee so there’s so much misinformation and miss marketing claims out there that you’ll see for the longest time trying to tell you that butter isn’t good and marjorine is the better alternative and this is so far from the truth because margarine is solidified vegetable oil and probably worse because there’s even more of the processes that’s added in to make sure that it has a longer shelf life as well as making sure that the melting point is high so that the marjorine doesn’t just melt away remember in the 90s the campaign I can’t believe it’s not butter and everyone’s like oh I want to try that but my mom’s like nope you’re not gonna eat this just eat butter if you want butter I’m like okay but that’s the crazy thing about marketing right and they were just talking about how bad saturated fats but there’s good and bad saturated fat another thing with butter and fats is that in order for our bodies to fully absorb the benefits of different nutrients our bodies need fat very similar to drinking turmeric we need a bit of spice like black pepper for our bodies to absorb the curcumin in turmeric so it’s same principle and actually the real traditional way to make golden milk aka turmeric drink back in India and China was turmeric black pepper and geek so when you look for butter grass-fed organic butter is the best because it contains very rich and fat soluble vitamins that the body likes and it needs ghee is clarified butter and used in ancient ayurvedic medicine till today it’s so safe that they can even poured over the eyeballs yeah so like what they do is they create this ring around the eye and then they literally just pour ghee into it and then you can open your eye and swish it around and it’s supposed to just clarify everything because it is high in saturated fat which we said that’s good and bad this is a good one and it’s especially good because it has butyric acid which is great for your colon and your gut so it all stems back to a healthy there’s also lesser evil organic oh my G popcorn it’s popcorn made with ghee and Himalayan sea salt then there’s also the fourth and heart grass-fed California garlic B and I love anything with a little bit of garlic this is lactose free it’s packed with vitamin A D and K with a lot of essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation it also contains linoleic acid that increases your metabolism so it’s a great energy source moving on to avocado oil another healthy fat it’s high in omega 9 magnesium similarly to coconut oil it has a very high heat threshold if you’re frying it’s one of the best oils you can use on a regular basis so there’s a primal kitchen avocado oil it’s a hundred percent cold-pressed high heat stable cooking oil great for baking broiling sauteing stir frying it has 10 grams of monounsaturated fats per serving and you can even use it to moisturize your skin and your hair so I think that’s when products are the best when you can eat something and also use it for your body historically speaking everything that we could eat could be used because it’s supposed to be safe for inside and out there’s also hippie snacks avocado crisps with sea salt and the store ingredient is avocado pumpkin seeds coconut milk brown rice flour flax seeds and it’s thin and crunchy low in carbs and all plant-based ingredients which means it’s a so this means that it’s not that we don’t focus on the topicals and the creams and the serums and stuff that we use but just keep in mind that the first source and the core of it is what we treat cow body with if you have a skin problem it is very likely you’ll have a stomach or gut problem because you know it’s kind of like feeding a plant the plant has roots and your body is the roots and your skin is like almost a leaf and if you want the leaf to be green then you have to feed it the right like water and soil and you know quality ingredients but once again it ranges from different people so for example there’s so many smoothies green smoothies rainbow smoothies smoothie bowls like fruits are great and people just eat all of that in theory it’s a lot healthier than you know a diet high in processed foods and fried foods and deep fried foods and spicy foods but for me personally I found that I did a dear to that diet for a while in traditional Chinese medicine it’s too young or too cold and so I realized that for my body I actually can’t eat like that all the time because it actually messes up my stomach and I just always bloated always tired always not feeling ok and it wasn’t until I switched my diet to incorporate more carbs like healthy carbs whole grains brown rice and warm soups in the morning yeah instead of cold smoothies in the winter it’s helped so much it took a lot of unlearning things I learned that’s true like that’s why they say just drink a cup of warm water in the morning like little things like that actually make all the difference which is why we want to thank thrive again for sponsoring this video to help us share with you guys some healthy options and it’s actually so much easier and fun to do it in this kind of way and if you’re new to thrive market and want to give them a try they’re offering an extra 25 percent off your first purchase and a free 30-day trial and thrive donates a free membership for every membership purchase so think of it as you’re doing good for your body doing good for other people which is overall doing good for the world kind of know your body but also if you’re concerned with anything check with a medical professional thank you guys so much for joining us we’ll see you in the next video [Music]


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    I have been trying to eat really healthy lately and my skin has been looking a lot better and feeling better (I have eczema). I was also exercising more so I felt pretty good. But two weeks ago I had Jack in the Box for pretty much 3 days straight because I was too tired to make food for my lunches for work and decided to sleep instead (I also have depression so that was a thing that week). Anyway, my skin and hair were both pretty awesome before that Jack in the Box thing and a few days later my skin is breaking out and my hair feels really dry. I don't know if any of these tips have anything to do with hair, I'm just mentioning it. And it's been about a week now since my face started breaking out and it's still happening. I've started eating fairly healthy again so I hope it all goes away soon. I'm really glad I found this video though. I'm learning a lot about food I never knew had this kind of effect on my skin.

  • Reply K - POP - LoVe April 29, 2019 at 11:36 am

    scroll below please. I use cold pressed canola oils made in Spain , Canada and Australia ,the canola oils i order which are cold pressed, have :: see below
    per 100g

    Calories 900 kcal

    fat 100 g

    saturated fat 7 g

    monounsaturated fat 62 g

    polyunsaturated fat 31 g

    omega 6 20 g

    omega 3 11 g

    transfat 00

    cholesterol 00

    carbohydrate 00

    dietary fiber 00

    suger 00

    protein 00

    vta A 5000 IU

    vta D 800 IU

    vta E 18 mg

    vta K 71 mcg

    erucic acid 00

    and free from argemone oil

    is this good for my health ?

  • Reply smol trash :v April 29, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    6:36 omgg that's exactly what I thought … btw I still eat it sometimes xD since it's good for fungus I will ask my mom to make it almost everyday lol

  • Reply Sandy Pham April 30, 2019 at 2:44 am

    Can collagen peptide cause breakouts? I took vital collagen for about a week and started getting huge cystic acne on my jawline and neck. I usually one get one before that time of month. Never my whole neck. Does anyone have this issue or am I just a weirdo? 😭

  • Reply Tom Kat April 30, 2019 at 7:46 am

    great video!

  • Reply Cindy Alfonso May 1, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    I think I’m having an hormone issue along with stomach and digestive issue so like you were saying none of my skin care products are working and I’m breaking out a lot, do you think that taking hormone balancing pills can help me deal with all that??

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  • Reply Juliana Gomes May 3, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    Hey girls! I love this channel, but speaking as a geneticist, I’m not sure what the problem with GMO is. The same as margarine/butter, marketing is messing up with GMO use. In fact, you claimed it’s one of the problems of vegetables oils, but you didn’t explain why.
    Read more about examples of GMO, as golden rice, insulin production or plantations that need less pesticides and you’ll see it’s not that bad 🙂

  • Reply Stephanie Flores May 3, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Actually none broth is also from Latin countries. Growing up in a Latin family, I enjoyed bone broth for the flavor

  • Reply shinigamiknight May 3, 2019 at 9:26 pm

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  • Reply Justyna Maćkowska May 6, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    I'm considering doing research because I have been fighting acne for over 10 years and lost my faith in dermatologists. I plan to do hormonal tests: 17-OPH, DHEAS, androstendione, SHBG, testosterone, prolactin, LH, FSH, fT4, TSH. I also think about examining insulin and cortisol. And I read that with acne it is also worth doing research on food intolerances IGG dependent and iGA. And also tinder and helicobacter pyroles. I'm afraid that all these tests will cost a lot. Is it worth all of them? My acne is mainly on the chin, neck and cheeks. I do not eat dairy and sugar.

  • Reply good girl May 7, 2019 at 8:48 am

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    Unbelievable I am just so happy that am no longer HIV positive after using Dr. Kanayo herbal mixture to cure myself. I contacted the virus from my Ex boyfriend two years ago. After he told me he was HIV positive I want for a test that was when I found out I have got HIV from him tho… The unbelievable happened to me last month I met this guy from a HIV guidance and counseling center he introduced me to Dr. Kanayo herb that cured him from HIV after using it for just two weeks. I thought to myself and contacted the Dr. whatsapp number he gave me +1(909)-375-5642 he told me about his herbal medicine and how it works that I only have to use it for 2 weeks. But I have doubts at first because it sounds too good to be truth I just heard a voice in my head after praying that night advising me to purchase his medicine. I paid him the price and gave him my address, three days later there was a delivery man knocking on my door I was happy when he told me it was from Dr Kanayo• To cut the long story short I used it just as he instructed before going for a new test this time my result was showing Negative twice my doctor was so amaze because the virus was no where to be found, I just broke down in tears and started thanking God and Dr Kanayo for curing me and ever since I had promised him I will keep sharing my testimony with the public because everyone deserves a chance to be cured• I never really like taking the ARV drugs I am sooo glad I don't have to take it anymore tho 😂 🤣🤣 jajajaja

  • Reply lizzie stacey May 17, 2019 at 12:04 am

    Love you gals and this channel, but I wish you hadn't touched on psoriasis as a gut-related problem. While it can be true that a bad gut biome can worsen conditions, this isn't the root of psoriasis.

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, and I am one of the luckier sufferers who only have to contend with it during stress-related flare ups. Many folks have to seek help in suppressing their immune system, no matter their topicals or dietary changes.

    Just food for thought, because it can be harmful not to share all the facts with psoriasis as a condition. Many don't have insurance and will avoid the cost of a doctor as long as possible. By putting off medical intervention or consult (and pursuing inappropriate self-treatment like a diet change) the condition can worsen. 😊

  • Reply Ms Kanma May 17, 2019 at 2:05 pm

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  • Reply Carli Ewert May 18, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    Where are you getting your source that canola oil/vegetable oils are so terrible? I’ve read a lot about how this is actually a myth and they are actually considered healthy source of fat (especially compared to animal-based fats) given their low content of saturated fat. I’m no expert, but I have some doubt about the credibility of this information.

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  • Reply Ashley Davis May 27, 2019 at 4:39 pm

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  • Reply Daniela Manion May 31, 2019 at 10:23 pm

    I went to Spain for two weeks and basically every dish there includes olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I swear to you when I got back to the U.S. my skin had never looked better and everyone was complimenting it saying it cleared up!

  • Reply Shilpi Padhi June 1, 2019 at 5:24 am

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  • Reply Ido FoSho July 24, 2019 at 3:45 am

    Oh wow, I'm African and bone broth (mostly spicy lol) is mostly fed to women who have just given birth. Don't know what the reasoning is behind it. Also, bopth/soup of dried fish and cayfish.

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  • Reply Tecla Spruit August 8, 2019 at 9:59 am

    Regardin the olive oils, as an Italian I can tell you that all organic extra virgin olive oils from any Meditereannean country are fine, so long as they use olives from the same location instead of mixing them. Also, if you are in any Meditereannean country and have the chance to try freshy cultivated olive oil: do it. Try at least once in your lifetime a salad or anything with fresh olive oil from a 1000 old olive tree: it tastes slightly lemony and fresh and light, and it's heaven!

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