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Natural Treatments for Menopause

August 18, 2019

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of Today I’m going to talk to you about menopause natural
treatments including the best diet and supplements for menopause. I guarantee after you learn
these five secrets, you’re going to see great results immediately. In fact, I think you’ll
start seeing results in 24 hours with your menopause symptoms going away if you follow
these tips. Let’s start off with diet, the top foods that
are causing hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms you might be struggling with. The
first food you’ve got to get out of your diet is processed sugar. Surprisingly, processed
sugar wreaks more havoc than anything and here’s the big reason. It causes yeast and
candida overgrowth in your gut, which is also responsible for hormone production. Again,
the big problem with sugar is it causes inflammation along with yeast overgrowth in the body. You’ve
got to get rid of processed sugar. The second food you’ve got to get out is processed
soy. Soy products, unless it’s fermented like natto, you want to get completely out because
it contains certain types of estrogens that aren’t good for your body. Number three, conventional meats, they’re
packed with hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and they’re fed genetically modified organisms.
We know the hormones from the meat you eat can affect your hormones, in turn causing
issues like hot flashes, low energy levels, low sex drive and much more. Again, stay away
from conventional meat products. The next food you want to stay away from is
packaged foods. Packaged foods typically contain hydrogenated oils and refined flours. Getting
rid of those would be wise. Also, artificial sweeteners, Splenda, sucralose, also aspartame
known as NutraSweet. Those artificial sweeteners will wreak havoc on your hormones. Last but not least, in general, also get rid
of any type of gluten. Gluten in your diet causes inflammation of your gut lining, which
can even lead to autoimmune disease. If you’re struggling with anything autoimmune related
and have menopause symptoms, it’s definitely because of issues like gluten. The next thing you want to do is here are
the top foods that can help balance your hormones and help you get rid of menopause symptoms.
The first one is going to be healthy fats such as avocado. Avocado is high in potassium,
magnesium and omega-9 fats, which are great for hormones. Also, omega-3 fatty acids, consuming
things like wild caught salmon and other wild caught fish, they’re high in EPA DHA, which
can help your hormones and is very important as well. Grass fed beef is great. Grass fed
beef is full of iron as well as omega-3 fats. A few other foods that are great. Berries
are high in antioxidants, specifically polyphenols. I wouldn’t consume a lot of fruit, but the
one type of fruit you should be eating a lot of is berries. Things like pomegranate are
great as well. Also, flax seeds. In fact, there are medical
studies showing that flax seeds and flax meal can help balance hormones. I would do sprouted
flax meal or chia or hemp. Doing sprouted seeds, a couple of tablespoons in a morning
superfood smoothie is always great as well. Coconut products. Coconut oil is the ideal
fat for you to consume and a great oil for you to cook with. It’s great for blood sugar
levels and balance. Last but not least, this is the number one
superfood category for those with menopause symptoms, is cruciferous vegetables such as
cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, turnips, kale. I would go online and look
up or go to, my website, and look up Dr. Axe cruciferous vegetables. I have
a whole list there for you. Adding in cruciferous vegetables, here’s the
secret. Cruciferous vegetables contain something called indole-3-carbanol, which helps your
body get rid of excess phytoestrogens and bad hormones. It really helps detox. It’s
like hormonal detox. It’s like a menopause detox. Getting lots of cruciferous vegetables
can help. Here are the best supplements that can help
menopause. Number one is going to be black cohosh. Black cohosh is very popular in Chinese
medicine. It’s been shown in medical studies to relieve PMS-like symptoms. The next one
is vitex, which is also known as chasteberry. Vitex has been shown to help balance many
hormones in the body and also help the overall health of your female organs. The next one is called ginseng. Ginseng and
other adaptogenic herbs, ashwagandha fall in this category. These herbs are known as
adaptogenic because they help your body adapt and better deal with stress. If you’re especially
under emotional stress, taking adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng, holy basil and ashwagandha
are greatly beneficial and definitely things to consider. The next supplement is an omega-3 supplement.
We know omega-3 fats reduce inflammation of the female organs and gut. That can be key
as well. Also, I’d recommend a collagen protein powder. Collagen is great for the gut. Oh, one more, probiotics. We’ve heard the
principle you are what you eat. It’s not true. You are what you digest. Probiotics help digestion.
Listen to this. This is going to blow you away. Ninety-five percent of your body’s serotonin,
known as the good mood hormone, is produced in your gut. If your gut’s not healthy, your
hormones are unbalanced. Make sure you find a good what’s called a soil-based probiotic
supplement. Last but not least, add some essential oils
into your daily routine if you want to help relieve menopause symptoms. My two favorites
are clary sage and thyme essential oil. Clary sage has been shown to help balance estrogen.
Thyme has been shown to help balance progesterone. Other oils that are good for mood can be great
as well, such as ylang-ylang, wild orange and sandalwood. Those are going to be the
best essential oils to use. For the essential oils, put a couple of drops on your hands,
rub them on your neck, rub them on the temples and your forehead or diffuse them in your
home. Those are going to reap great benefits. One other thought here, lifestyle is important.
Reducing stress. If you’re stressed out and cortisol levels are high, that’s going to
cause menopause symptoms to be worse. Taking a detox bath at night, I recommend you get
some Epsom salts. Do one cup of Epsom salts in the bath, 20 drops of lavender essential
oil, take some deep breaths and relax. Do that three nights a week. Also, go on walks throughout the day. Just
take a walk around lunch, in the evening, in the morning. Take two to three walks a
day for 15 to 20 minutes while breathing and just thinking good thoughts. That can help
relieve symptoms. Also, give yourself some free time. Look at
your schedule moving forward this week, this month, this year, and add in things you love
to do. Maybe it’s lunch with a best friend. Maybe it’s walking around the mall. Whatever
it is, take some time for you. You do those things and you’re going to see
great results in relieving your menopause symptoms. If you want more great information
like this, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Also, I’ve got some other articles,
more in depth, on my website, Just go to or search “Dr. Axe menopause
symptoms” and you’re going to find some more great content there. Thanks for watching.


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