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Natural Treatment of Yeast Infections Using Oil of Oregano

August 14, 2019

Oil of Oregano and Yeast Infections By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND I want to talk to you about yeast infections
and treating them with oil of oregano. Oil of oregano has constituents that have been
shown amazingly to kill viruses, bacteria and a host of other microorganisms, including
the fungus that leads do Candida albicans infections or yeast infections.
Oil of oregano works like a natural antibiotic. This is especially true for the P73 wild oregano
blend, the form I use and recommend; it has the best research behind it. Studies at Georgetown
University Medical Center show the fungal fighting properties of the P73 wild oregano
blend to be very effective, especially with respect to Candida albicans, common yeast
infections. Oil of oregano also kills 30 different strains
of harmful bacteria; it kills the coronaviruses, which are the second leading cause of the
common cold. Oil of oregano is effective because of the volatile oils it contains, called thymol
and carvacrol, which directly kill these different microbes.
With respect to yeast infections, what is the Candida albicans story? Well, even when
your skin and body are healthy, there is still bacteria and yeast that are growing in your
skin, in your mouth, nose, digestive and urogenital tract that really don’t create a problem.
But under certain circumstances, the Candida albicans will begin to grown and upset the
balance of the bacteria. This will typically result in an infection known as Polysystemic
Chronic Candidiasis (PCC). Here are a few of the situations that can
lead to an overgrowth of Candida in our bodies –
• Using antibiotics on a regular basis. When you use antibiotics on a regular basis,
you can become much more susceptible to PCC. • Overusing steroid drugs, like Prednisone,
can create such a situation, as well. • Oral contraceptives can also increase
the likelihood of Candida overgrowth because it changes the pH balance, allowing these
things to grow more easily. • Hormonal changes that women can experience,
especially during pregnancy, can make them more susceptible to PCC, as well.
• Using a lot of refined sugars fuels Candida organisms. They feed on refined sugars, so
if there are a lot of refined sugars or your blood sugar is high, that feeds into the growth
of these things. • Any factors that weaken your immune system
will give Candida a greater chance of overgrowth – too much alcohol, certain nutrient deficiencies,
stress hormones and immunosuppressant drugs, like Prednisone and Cyclosporine which can
also increase the opportunity for what’s called opportunistic infection.
The physical signs of Candida appear differently in different systems of the body, but they
can be as follows – • Sugar cravings
• Carbohydrate cravings • Chronic bloating and cramps
• Depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating and frequent mood swings
• Muscle or joint aches • A feeling of weakness or more fatigue
than usual • Weight gain
• Binge eating • Water retention
• Urogenital symptoms, such as frequent infections, itching or discharge
• An increase in headache frequency or intensity • PMS
• Skin rashes • Food allergies
If you have any of these constellations of symptoms, any combination, you might want
to see your doctor and get some blood tests done to see if you have a yeast infection.
Your doctor would perform what’s called the immunodiffusion test, which is an FDA
approved test that will look for antibody levels against Candida. It’s a good test
to have done. Another is the Candida albicans Assay where you have an ELISA test. That looks
for earlier stages of Candidiasis. Because a lot of people who experience an overgrowth
of yeast and Candida infections will often experience food allergies and sensitivities,
administering food testing using the IgE ELISA Delayed Food Allergy Assay is also very useful.
If you test positive or you’re quite certain that you have yeast infections that are chronic,
then oil of oregano should be part of your game plan. It helps to actually kill it and
knock it out. In the eBook that I have available called Oil of Oregano; Nature’s Antibiotic,
I tell you exactly how to use oil of oregano to help fight Candida and other chronic yeast
infections. I also recommend you use 250 mg. capsules of the P73 wild oil of oregano blend;
it’s what I’ve seen worked most effectively in the situations I’ve encountered.
It begins with oil of oregano, but certain immune modulators are also very important;
you want to get your immune system into the fight, as well. You need your own immune cells
to help you. Download my eBook, Oil of Oregano; Nature’s Antibiotic. It will show you how
to source the right oregano, what dosage to use and the other nutrients you should be
getting, too. They’re immune modulators and you need to understand how to use them
in concert with the oil of Oregano. The eBook is available right here. Download it right
now if you’re having any problems. At, you’ll
also see my other research and review articles, you’ll see other videos I’ve created,
footage from my live professional seminars, other resources and downloads I’ve created.
They’re all there for free to help you lead a long, healthy and functional life.
All my research articles and teaching materials have all the scientific references included
so you can see that you’re only getting sound, scientific evidence-based information
on any health topic that you’re looking for.
You really should make an ongoing, reliable resource for health and
wellness information for both you and your family members. Thanks so much for your time.


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    I put a drop of it on six bites each of Ben and Jerry's non dairy frozen dessert and last nite I had excruciating pain in my sides and bowels and vomited all nite..
    I feel like hell today and the pains are still there but I hope its flushing out the candida.
    If not I hope I die soon.
    The pain is insane.

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