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Natural Solutions for Vaginal Infections

August 15, 2019

(SINGING) Guantanamera,
Guajira Guantam– ah, hey. I was down in Havana,
Cuba a while back. And I was in a grocery store. There’s not much
food, unfortunately, because they’re having
economic problems. But there was a pharmacy
in the grocery store. And half of the
pharmacy was devoted to typical types of drugs,
anti-inflammatories, that type of thing, prescription drugs. But the entire other half of
the pharmaceutical shelves was devoted to
vaginal infections, probably because of the high
degree of prostitution in Cuba because there’s an
economic disaster. So anyway, vaginal
infections, that’s what I’m going to talk
to you about next. I have one of the most simple
fixes for almost anything that can go wrong with the vagina,
the cervix, the uterus. You’re going to love it. OK, in my clinic, when any
woman came to me with any type of vaginal infection– bacterial
infection, fungal infection, or anything that was involving
their cervix all the way up to and including bad pap
smears to cervical cancer– here’s a great fix. It’s called allium
sativum, or garlic. And all I would have the
woman do is, on the first day, put a garlic clove–
just squeeze a garlic, fresh garlic clove
a little bit– and insert it into the vagina. And on the second day,
pound it a little bit, maybe make a few slices in it,
and insert it into the vagina. And on the third day, more
slices and more bruising of the garlic clove. And insert that into the vagina. And I’m going to explain
why in the next video. Garlic is one of our
most potent, antibiotics natural herbal antibiotic. It’s a broad
spectrum antibiotic, killing both gram positive
and gram negative bacteria. So it kills all bad bacteria
but not your friendly bacteria. And you have that
in your vagina. It’s also a great antifungal. And so I would
have women do that. Now, on the first
day, you just slice it or bruise it a little bit
because garlic can also burn. So you want to see what
your tolerance is for that. And as you can
tolerate it, slice it and bruise it a little more. And don’t worry about
it getting lost. If you can’t find the
clove the next day when you want to remove
it and put a new clove in, just do a little douche
with some water, or vinegar, or lemon juice and water,
or vinegar and water, or just water. Do a little douche. It’ll come out. And if you’re really paranoid,
tie a little piece of string around it. Anyway, I can’t
tell you how many vaginal bacterial infections,
fungal infections this little simple garlic trick cured,
completely cured, in my clinic. So remember, cut or
slice it a little bit. Take that clove, if you want to,
tie a little string around it like if you were using a Tampax. And put it up in the vagina. And let it sit there
all day, all night. And the next day, remove
it and put a new one in. And if it burns, don’t slice
it and bruise it as much. Garlic, it’s such a cure-all for
any type of vaginal infection. No matter what it is, don’t
be afraid to use this. A cured so many problems, in
fact, all of them in my clinic. Thank you for watching. Love you.

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