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Natural Remedies for Stomach Flu

November 9, 2019

Think something’s going around
and you caught the stomach bug? We’re here to give you
some stomach flu remedy tips. I’m Dr. Carrie Lam and here
with me is Dr. Michael Lam. There are three principles to
helping you with the stomach flu. Hydrating well, healing and preventing. There’s nothing more important than to
follow these three simple basic steps because if you just missed one, you can be doing
everything right and you still get into trouble. Right. Hydrating is very important, and that’s not only drinking water because you’re
going to be pouring a lot of fluids out of you, but there’s other different types of fluids
that we can recommend to stay hydrated. Yeah. Bone broth, ginger tea and some form of do-it-yourself Gatorade
can be very good as a fluid replacement. Right, like coconut water. You’re going to
be dumping a lot of electrolytes sometimes when you’re having loose
stools and diarrhea, so you want to be sure
that you’re replenishing, and sometimes your stomach doesn’t
feel good enough to eat full meals and that’s why the liquids and the soft
diet might help you a little more. If you need sugar, even Seven Up or, you know, some of the sodas
that is very clear can be helpful. How about on the healing end?
What are some of the items that you can use? If you want to make sure
that your gut stays healed and there’s a good lining around
them and your microbiota are happy, you want to start with the probiotics,
okay, or even prebiotics. Probiotics allow your gut
microbiota to be replenished because you’re going to be
spilling out a lot of them also. There’s a probiotic ginger
soda that you can make, or even charcoal would be very good
when you’re actively having diarrhea. The charcoal helps bind all your toxins,
whether it’s that food poisoning that you ate from that taco stand or it could be from any
toxins that are out from the food that you ate. Charcoal is very good for binding those
toxins up and helping it get released. Most people, especially advanced
sufferers of Adrenal Fatigue, have a tendency to already
have a weak stomach, so when the flu comes, it represents
a tremendous strain on the body’s reserve and many people cannot deal with it. It’s not just a matter
of the stomach flu. It can lead to a cascade
of adrenal crashes and our body can be bed-ridden
and in some cases, they become dehydrated and have to
go to seek tremendous help, you see. It’s very important to prevent these
things from going on first of all. You know, if you’re feeling down, sometimes all
I want to eat when I have diarrhea is porridge. Bone broth and porridge,
that’s the best thing for me. How do you prevent it?
You want to have a good immune system? How do you have a good immune system?
Make sure you boost your immune system. You see someone else sick,
I instantly take more Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a two-edged sword for
those people with have Adrenal Fatigue because your body may not be able to
tolerate it and if you’re one of those people, then obviously Vitamin C is not a good one
but there are other substitutes as well. In our coaching program, we actually
go through individuals and assess to what degree is their
immune system compromised and find the best tools for them because it’s almost impossible to
tell you, “You don’t get the flu.” We kind of have to expect it’s going to come,
whether it’s upper respiratory or GI flu. We take precautionary step, find the right
compounds, the cocktail for each person and then have it ready so that
on the first notice of this problem, we are on top of it right away. That’s the best prevention, to have it never even come. Right. Other ways to prevent is to make
sure your body has the right enzymes, so digestive enzymes to be able to
break down the foods that it needs to, and even garlic, which has been known to
be more anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and it’s great for your
immune system too. All in all, a stomach flu is just a symptom of
a weak immune system if you think about it. The big picture for adrenal fatigue sufferers
is to really take a step back and say, “How do we reinforce and then
fortify the body’s immune system?” That’s really the lesson
you kind of focus on. Right. Hydrate, heal and prevent
when you have stomach flu. We hope you enjoyed this video. We’re here to empower you to
take control of your health.

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