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Natural RELAXER made in the kitchen???

August 21, 2019

This is Shalena D.I.V.A. The Purpose Driven D.I.V.A. here and I’m so excited to bring you this hair video. My neighbor is so
convinced that she needs a perm, but I tried to talk her out of it and she’s
actually taking me up on my challenge as you see I am in the kitchen. I’m
going to show her how to create products from her very own kitchen that will not
only get her hair straighter and softer but it’ll be more manageable. If she
keeps using them she will not need a perm. So for those of you who are just
so convinced that you need a perm to make your hair more manageable. I hope that
when you get finished watching this video and you try the very product that
I’m going to show you that you will use them and you’ll see you don’t always
need a perm to get your hair the way that you want to. Okay guys, let’s get
started. I have started applying the avocado
pre-poo and for those of you who need the recipe basically all it is is a ripe
avocado. I stress ripe because it needs to be soft. If it’s not soft you
will have one heck of a time of trying to peel it and scoop it. It should be
very very soft it to be very manageable. It actually kind of looks the way your hair
looks when you apply a perm. It’s very beautiful. It’s very soft.
Shalena: How does it feel Ms. Alice on your scalp and hair? scalp in your hair so good it’s like I’m
playing like a hare here we get charged Alice: It feels good. It’s unbelievable. So what we’re gonna do is work this through her hair. So the next thing that we’re gonna do is we’re going to apply a
plastic cap. I’m gonna let her keep this on for like 30 minutes. But I have a
feeling she wants to keep it a little bit longer. You can keep it on for a
couple of hours if you want to do laundry or something like that. So we’re
gonna put the plastic cap on her hair. Once she’s had enough for this
luxuriousness we’re gonna wash it out with warm water. Then we’re going to
shampoo it. Then I’m going to apply the conditioner. That’s the key. That’s what’s
going to blow these perms out of the water. So I’m going to apply the
glassy cap. This is Shalena D.I.V.A. and I’m back. While the pre-poo is on Ms. Alice’s
hair, I’m going to whip up my very special conditioner.
All summer long I have been working on various combinations of conditioners
that you can make right in your kitchen. The one that I’m going to show you I
call her “Sandy” because I created her during Hurricane Sandy. It’s very
basic. All the ingredients you can find in your own kitchen. This is
not even my hot stuff. This is the basics. I want to show you how you
can use basic ingredients to help you to achieve looks as though your hair we’re
really “relaxed.” Let’s get started. Get an egg yolk. You
have to separate the egg. You probably want to do this like over the sink or
something… whatever. Separate the egg yolk. The egg yolk is very important. The
egg yolk is what’s going to give you a lot of protein. Just squeeze a
little bit of the lemon juice fresh lemon juice in here like that. What
we’re about to do is make an emulsion: E M U L S I O N. You’re combining two ingredients that normally do not go together. What is the
other ingredient? It’s the egg yolk and we’re actually going to add oil. We’re
gonna add oil. Didn’t I tell you that we were going to make conditioner based upon things that are actually in your kitchen? Here it is.
This is the oil. I know some of you may look at me and say oh my goodness I’m
not putting vegetable oil in my hair but let me tell you something if you look at
the ingredient on the back of vegetable oil, it is soybean oil. I
want you to go to your closet and look at the ingredients in most of your hair
products that you spend a lot of money for. The main ingredient, maybe the first
or second ingredient is soy bean oil. This is soybean oil. This is vegetable
oil. A lot of the products that you use has a lot of vegetable oil in it. This is what we’re going to use. In order to make this conditioner, you need 8
ounces or 1 cup of vegetable oil to 1 egg yolk. You cannot do more because this
is an emulsion. If you use any more than 8 ounces for 1 egg yolk, you’re going to break the yolk. We are not going to break
the yolk. We’re going to measure out 8 ounces of the vegetable oil. Slowly
drizzle in some of the oil. That’s probably a little bit too much. You want to slowly drizzle it in. Then we want to slowly beat the egg. As you can see, the consistency of the egg yolk As you can see I have been
putting in some elbow grease literally!!! Oh my goodness!!! My elbow hurts, but as you
can see this is what our conditioner has turned out to be. This is
Miss Alice and she has had the pre-poo on for a little over an hour. Shalena: how does it
feel on your hair Ms.Alice? Alice: It feels fine. It feels so smooth and
silky. Shalena: We’re actually going to rinse this out with
warm water. Then we’re going to use a shampoo. Normally she just grabs anything
that’s available, right? to Normally she
does that, but I’m going to have her use Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile soap.
This is the hemp and peppermint. This is what we will be using for her. The Pure Castile soap. It’s about $4.99. But most importantly I want you
guys to get in the habit of using sulfate-free shampoo. You can use
KeraCare hydrating detangling sulfate free. You want to use shampoos that
don’t have a lot of sulfates in them that strip your hair of the oils. The
oils keep your elastic and they keep them nice and soft. I already applied the conditioner to
one side of her head. I want you to be very liberal
with it. Just section your hair and apply it. Don’t just do a quick run-through. Take your time.
Section your hair and apply the conditioner. We have just
rinsed out Sandy the home made conditioner. We’re going to
blow dry her hair to see how Sandy stacks up to the perm. I’m going to blow
dry this side out so you will realize that I’m not doing anything
extra to her hair. I didn’t add anything. The oil
from the conditioner is what’s keeping her hair so shiny. You don’t
even have to add anything extra after you apply this conditioner to your
hair. This is just a blow-dry. It’s still very
shiny. I didn’t flat iron or anything. So you have it! I believe the
verdict is in. My natural homemade conditioner called Sandy has beat out
the perm. The next time you think that you need a perm or that you
want to get your hair extra straight, please consider a homemade remedy. Check
out my channel. Remember
everything has beauty including you it just takes a true D.I.V.A. to see it. Until
the next time we will be in the kitchen and we will be creating some natural
products for our hair. Remember, love your hair,
learn your hair and grow your hair.

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