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Natural home remedies for fungal infection on skin | Natural home remedies for skin fungus

August 20, 2019

natural home remedies for fungal
infection on skin skin fungus is a highly contagious
infection which could be transmitted to another individual on contact it is
crucial to treat the affected area because it might spread on the whole
body and leads to other complications and natural home remedies for skin fungus yogurt fresh natural yogurt has a lot of
lactobacillus which is the strong antifungal that can kill a fungi
according to the University of Michigan consuming 1 cup of yogurt every day that
was beneficial live culture is known as friendly bacteria could help in killing
and prevent some fungus infections naturally take the steps below
get cotton ball and the plain yogurt apply it over your affected area wait
for 30 minutes and wash it off with warm water then pat dry applied the method
twice per day till the infection disappears pierce apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar
is one of the strongest natural antibiotics many studies have confirmed
that this ingredient might kill different microbes along with viruses
bacteria or protozoa apple cider vinegar might also kill fungi and stop its
growth take the steps below dilute one parts of
raw apple cider vinegar with four parts of water to dilute the ingredient apply
the mixture over your affected skin and wait for 30 minutes to rinse it off dry
the area carefully with a dryer or towel olive leaf this is a powerful herbal
remedy with effective antifungal not mentioned to anti-parasitic antiviral
properties olive leaf contains antioxidant properties that are more
powerful than vitamin C II green tea or grapeseed extract olive leaf can
stimulate the response of our immune system to unwelcome invaders such as
Candida it can give our body a natural energy boost as well well take the steps below
take a few olive leaves to grind into a paste apply the paste over your infected
skin and wait for 30 minutes to rinse it off follow this treatment one two times
per day till the infection disappears peers

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