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Natural Home Pharmacy: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Natural Remedies that Heal

December 17, 2019

And it all began when
my dad was diagnosed with nasal cancer about 20 years ago. At that point of time, there was not much information about how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and what are the foods that
can support a cancer patient. So I trained in Australia
and became a naturopath and have been practicing
natural medicine since 2008. I’m a practitioner member of Naturopaths and Herbalists
Association of Australia. This program offers you the most effective natural remedies that I have been using to treat myself, my family and my clients. And now you can manage your
conditions the natural way, without having to worry
about nasty side effects. At one point my kid used to get flus. And then from the nose,
it goes down to the chest, and then they’ll end up wheezing. And then I didn’t like them
getting nebulisers too often. So I looked for other natural remedies and I tried the honey-onion, and I found that it helped
to clear the mucus out. And then they never got
to the wheezing stage. So it is very effective. Yeah, I completely believe
in natural remedies, and all the home remedies, and that’s what I use on my kids. I’ve used them on them when they
were babies until now. – Babies. – Yes. And I think everyone should do it. As someone who used
to get colds very often, I’m always looking for effective remedies. I was blown away by Amanda’s Astralagus Chai Latte. Every time I think I
could be getting sick, I make a big batch, and just drink that throughout the day. And nine times out of ten,
I don’t even get sick. So thank you Amanda.

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