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Nat’l Assembly passes 3 bills to help tackle COVID-19 outbreak

February 26, 2020

lawmakers passed a set of bills to beef
up the nation’s response to contagious disease as South Korea strives to rein
in the fast reading kovat 19 in accordance with the revised infectious
diseases quarantine Act denying entry to foreigners coming from regions affected
by or at risk of epidemic would be a viable option Kim bo-gyung explains
further following a 36-hour shutdown over concerns of Karuna virus infection
the National Assembly reopened on Wednesday and went right back to
business to rein in the fast spreading epidemic the Parliament swiftly passed 3
revision bills that allow the country to better fight Kovach 19 most of them
wearing masks lawmakers voted to pass a so-called Karuna three bills which are
made up of the revised infectious disease control and prevention act the
quarantine act and the Medical Service Act the bill is mainly focused on
permitting the government to ban the export of face masks and sanitizers when
the country’s contagious disease alert level is higher than caution and
distribute the items to people who are vulnerable to infections the amendments
also lay up punishments for those who refuse orders from health authorities
cable suspected of having Kovach 19 can be fined up to two thousand seven
hundred forty US dollars for refusing to be tested and those who refuse
quarantine or hospitalization can receive up to eight thousand two hundred
US dollars or at least a year in prison authorities will be allowed to impose an
entry ban on people from countries where the epidemic is serious also passed was
a bill that involves enhanced monitoring of inpatients families and medical
workers at hospitals by establishing surveillance and record storage systems
alongside the bills the National Assembly also passed a motion to form a
special Parliamentary Committee on the coronavirus crisis this agenda seeks to
come up with measures to halt the corona virus outbreak in South Korea and to
discuss ways to fundamentally manage infectious diseases at the parliamentary
level the committee will be made up of 18 lawmakers from ruling and opposition
parties and will come up with legislation and counter measures to
contain kovat 19 it will run until May 29th when the 20th National Assembly
ends Kim Morgan Arirang news


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    God bless and protect SK
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    Well there happens to be Sporting Good GPS is that go on your wrist that monitor your heart rate and your temperature you can monitor them with that through their cell phone

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    This agenda is to fundamentally make money faster then normally

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    US Stocks market record high economy is booming on coronavirus epidemic.

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    Lol 3 bills huh….. can the virus read ? Does the virus care ? And Does the Virus Take Visa Or Mastercard??? Can any you Fucks Do Anything Right ?

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    Is Japan alive! I am not getting any updates from Japan.

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